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Richard Dawkins Foundation Plan to Supply Atheist Literature to Schools


According to journalist Steven Swinford, writing in the Sunday Times, the Richard Dawkins Foundation is planning to raise money to send anti-religious books and pamphlets to state schools in the UK. This plan has already angered such groups as the Church of England and Christian Aid.

Dawkins says “The enlightenment is under threat. So is reason.” This is from a man whose new book, The God Delusion, is positively riddled with logical fallacies, including straw men, ad hominem attacks, and circular reasoning.

Answers in Genesis is not in favour of attempting to coerce teachers into teaching something that they don’t believe.

Paul Taylor, Head of Media and Publications at AiG-UK, said today:

It is counter-productive for any organisation to send unsolicited biased material to schools. Professor Dawkins has strongly objected when religious groups have sent their materials to schools. However, his attitude is that of “One rule for you; one rule for me.” Having argued against sending what he sees as “biased literature,” it is incredible that he now wants to do the same thing himself. There is an element of double standards here.

It is not the policy of Answers in Genesis to attempt to force any teachers to teach anything in which they do not believe. To do so would be counter-productive. It is for this reason that AiG-UK does not send unsolicited literature to schools. However, Dawkins’ anti-religion propaganda is even more unwelcome, relying as it does on severely flawed logic.

Dawkins views are presuppositional. He presupposes that the theory of evolution is true, and then uses his presupposition to ‘prove’ his conclusion. It will be of concern for every parent that the fundamentalist atheists want to force our children to consider their education without any reference to God.

[Ed. note: By the way, Paul has read and reviewed Dawkins' God Delusion and we will be publishing it next week on this website. Please check back.]


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