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I recently had the amazing opportunity to meet with Christians in the People’s Republic of China.

Friend, regardless of what you may perceive as openness to Western freedoms (related to the upcoming Olympic games to be played there), I assure you from direct contacts that China remains dangerously closed to Christianity.

Dale Mason at the Great Wall of China The Great Wall of China

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Answers publisher Dale Mason at the Great Wall of China, with a geological reminder of Noah’s Flood behind him. The Wall is a 3,700 mile “viewing platform” of remnants of the Flood. If only the people of this huge country knew ...

These “secret service” Christians are quietly evangelizing and equipping Chinese at all levels with the truth of Scripture, beginning in Genesis! As evangelists and teachers among people with no Christian heritage whatsoever, they are intensely aware of the need to “begin at the beginning.”

The communist worldview is solidly founded on the atheistic idea of naturalistic evolution. We are committed to combating this worldview by translating and distributing strategic AiG creation books, DVDs, booklets, and perhaps even this magazine. We anticipate this material will better equip underground churches and pastors (whose average Bible training, I was told, equals about two weeks of Bible college).

As I stood atop the Great Wall of China, a fortification over 3,700 miles (6,000 km) long constructed over a 2,000 year period, I saw amidst the beautiful mountains an outcropping of tilted strata. The mountain of rock had been turned on its side. Also, I realized that the wall, built to keep enemies out, is now a “viewing platform” to the obvious geological evidences of Noah’s Flood and the worldwide cataclysm of his day. Sadly, most are not aware of the Genesis connection to these mountains, because they lack a thoroughly biblical worldview. We hope to see that change in every nation!

All for Him,

Dale Mason,
Publisher/Executive Editor

PS. We’ve included 16 extra pages in this issue in order to fit our entire Special Section about Noah’s Flood. I trust these articles will reaffirm your faith. After reading them, please pass this issue along to inform others of the reality of the Flood and the God to whom all are accountable!

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April – June 2007


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