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God has charged parents with educating their children. In many situations, including Sunday school, parents choose to delegate some of that authority to others. As you transfer authority to another teacher, you are tacitly endorsing the ideas he or she is teaching. This should lead you to some self-examination—do you really know what is being taught in your child’s Sunday school classroom?

A parent should never hesitate to talk to the Sunday school director or teacher to clarify the big picture of what is being taught. It’s also wise to seek ways to become involved and support the mission of the training program. At a minimum, parents should make time after church to review and reinforce what kids have learned—the parent might just learn something too!

Not taking the time to monitor, encourage, and reinforce kids’ learning communicates that what they are hearing is not important. On the other hand, attacking or discounting what the teacher says could also have a devastating impact on your children’s view of the Bible and its authority. If you can’t support a teacher, consider making a change. Begin by discussing your differences with the teacher, then the pastor if necessary (and ultimately consider a new church, if you must).

Working alongside those instructing our children is an important part of educating our kids. We must be intentional about reinforcing the ideas they learn about the Bible and how to defend it. More than just a quick conversation on the ride home, we should take the time to help children truly understand why they should believe what they are being taught. Parents should be diligent to talk with their children when they rise, when they lie down, and even after Sunday school (Deuteronomy 11:19).

—Roger Patterson, educational resource writer and developer

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