Missing the Point


Originally published in Creation 20, no 2 (March 1998): 19.

Unless people are looking for evidence that nothing is millions of years old, they will overlook the obvious under their noses.

‘One of the things that we have is a part of the hip bone or pelvis. Now this specimen actually looks like it had come from an animal that looks like it died two or three hundred years ago. All dry, chalky, this sort of thing. Doesn't actually mean it died two or three hundred years ago. In Montana, I've seen dinosaur bones that look like they've come from animals that died two or three hundred years ago, and I know very well that they died much longer than that. It gives the suggestion that Megalania may have been alive fairly recently.’

Dr. Ralph Molnar—Paleontologist for the Queensland Museum, speaking about the large extinct lizard, Megalania, on the program ‘Into the Unknown’, aired Tuesday, 21 October 1997 on the Discovery Channel.


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