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by T. J. Trudgen on April 15, 1998
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I am a young Christian and biologist, currently studying zoology and microbiology, who has been closely watching the Creation\Evolution debate with ever widening eyes for the last few years now

Date: Sun, 02 Mar 1997

From: “T.J. Trudgen”

Subject: creation vs evolution

I am a young Christian and biologist, currently studying zoology and microbiology, who has been closely watching the Creation\Evolution debate with ever widening eyes for the last few years now. I find myself trapped between my scientific interpretation and the peer pressures of my faith. You see, I stand in the middle of this argument, which is ever widening the canyon between the scientific intellectualism and the Christian faith. There is a significant group of people from the world Christian community who are being thrashed by those on both sides of the Evolution/Creation debate. Let me enlighten you from my own experience what this group is feeling.

As a biologist I can see no evidence which discredits the theory of Evolution. I have come to know the ideas behind its mechanics clearly and in detail, by my own intuition and exploration. As a Christian I believe in the Almighty Creator. The Idea of Evolution does not in my eye discredit this faith. I see Evolution as simply the physical explanation of the process by which God created the wonders and complexity of the natural world. For this reason I receive prejudices from both sides of the argument. I am told by Creationists that, Christianity is inseparable from Creation! (Creation Outreach net site) or Any one who believes in Evolution is not a Christian. (a friend of the author) Yet, I am a Christian! I am told by Evolutionist and Creationist that Evolution disproves God. Yet, for me it can show his existence.

It seems that neither the Evolutionist or the Creationist can be wholly in the right. Is not each is arguing in response to the others accusations? Neither side is capable of true science as long as they continue to focus on this debate. Although, there are great and true scientists on both sides each responses to the other as if they are not. There is hypocrisy everywhere regarding this argument.

With great concern I am writing this to Creationist because I know that you are Christians and are open to the will of God. I wish to stop the debate as soon as possible for it is damaging the intellectual community and Christianity’s reputation. I have seen Christians viciously attack students for their support of the evolutionary theory. And I have seen people turned from Christianity because of the division caused by this argument. Creationist and this magazine especially has the ability to stop this debate. Do not abandon your ideas about creation, but stop and listen to the evolutionists and say, “You have reason to accept this theory as I have reason to see creation through my own insights”, lets go about our business with an open mind. And most importantly lets be prepared to admit that evolution cannot disprove God just as Creationism cannot prove him. Christ is proven by love not theoretical Debate.

Please, help me to stem the fire that was lit years ago. Let us show people that Christians, in Christ, have the humility, courage and love to step back from this fire and remove the logs that continue to feed this debate.

My views are open to be scrutinize by all. Feel free to release this letter to others. I would be pleased to receive a response from others. Write back ask me about my stance or to tell me where I have gone wrong, if that be the case.

Sincerely T. J. Trudgen

[Editor’s note: See our response here: Theistic Evolution]


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