A Christian Equips Atheists to Debate Christians

by Ken Ham
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A rather sad article appeared recently in the publication Skeptical Inquirer, published by the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry. This article was titled “Twenty-One Reasons Noah’s Worldwide Flood Never Happened.” In it, the author, Lorence G. Collins, a geologist, critiques the idea of a global Flood, claiming the evidence simply doesn’t support such an idea. The sad thing about the article is that Dr. Collins is a professing Christian.

He begins his article by saying,

I realize that readers of Skeptical Inquirer accept modern scientific views on this subject [the formation of the rock layers], but this examination of the creationist claims might be useful when communicating with others less imbued with scientific thinking.

Apparently Dr. Collins must think that if someone disagrees with the naturalistic model that rejects God’s Word and is an interpretation imposed on the evidence, the person is “less imbued with scientific thinking” than those who do accept this framework.

Many creationists love science, of course, and are quite knowledgeable.

Many creationists love science, of course, and are quite knowledgeable. Indeed, many hold degrees—even PhDs—in their field, including several who work here, such as Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson who holds a PhD from Harvard; Dr. Andrew Snelling who earned a PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia; Dr. Georgia Purdom who holds a PhD from The Ohio State University; Dr. Tommy Mitchell with an MD from Vanderbilt; Dr. David Menton with a PhD in biology from Brown University; and Dr. Danny Faulkner who received a PhD from Indiana University. To round out this group, we also have a historian of science, Dr. Terry Mortenson with a PhD from Coventry University.

Now, we’re used to hearing false claims like that. What made me sad was that Dr. Collins was specifically writing this article to give Skeptical Inquirer magazine readers counter-arguments to use against Christians. And who are the readers of this magazine? Most are skeptics and atheists! A professing believer (who claims on his website that he has “sought to bring people to Christ”) is trying to equip unbelievers to tear down the faith of believers! Ultimately, he is helping atheists attack God’s Word and the Christian faith. I would not want to be in his shoes standing before our holy God—he will give an account one day!

As believers, we are commanded to tear down arguments that are against the knowledge of Christ and make our thoughts obedient to him (2 Corinthians 10:5). Dr. Collins certainly isn’t doing that when it comes to origins. Instead, he’s taking man’s ideas and reinterpreting God’s Word in light of them. No longer is God the authority—instead Dr. Collins has made evolution-believing scientists and their interpretation of the evidence (and thus, even himself) the authority.

Get More Answers on Answers News

Dr. Andrew Snelling, a geologist and the head of our research department, joined us on Answers News today to discuss Dr. Collins’ article. We were also joined by regular co-host Dr. Georgia Purdom. I encourage you to watch this episode and hear what Dr. Snelling has to say in defense of a global Flood and the authority of Scripture.

Answers News is our twice-weekly news program filmed before a live studio audience here at the Creation Museum and broadcast on my Facebook page. We also discussed the following topics:

  • In Indiana, it’s double homicide to kill a pregnant woman.
  • Did a man in a rocket prove the earth is flat?
  • Did a megaflood-powered, mile-high waterfall refill the Mediterranean?
  • And more!

Be sure to join us each Monday and Thursday at 2 p.m. (EDT) on my Facebook page for Answers News. You won’t want to miss this unique news program that gives science and culture news from a distinctly biblical and Christian perspective.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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