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  • November Specials
  • Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Book and DVD Gift Pack
    Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Book and DVD Gift Pack

    Take a tour through the massive re-creation of Noah’s ark, or the Creation Museum anytime! These resources will guide you step-by-step through both of these faith-affirming, and awe-inspiring world-class attractions. Inspire or relive a visit with this gift pack.

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  • 2024 Calendar: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made
    2024 Calendar: Fearfully & Wonderfully Made

    Featuring all-new artwork, this beautiful 2024 calendar is a celebration of God’s wonderful design and the sanctity of life. Incorporates teaching videos that expand on each month’s topic.

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  • Ark Encounter Ornament
    Ark Encounter Ornament

    Sparkly blue glass ornament from the Ark Encounter that features a favorite Christmas passage (Matthew 2:10). Includes silver ribbon and a silver star charm.

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