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  • November Specials
  • One Race, One Blood DVD Curriculum
    One Race, One Blood DVD Curriculum

    In a world where racial tensions are extremely high, it is imperative that the church address the issue from a biblical perspective. Equip your group to experience the barrier-shattering power of the gospel message, beginning in Genesis with this 12-session, DVD-based small group Bible curriculum.

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  • Unplanned

    Mature theme content (see details). What happened when a Planned Parenthood clinic director, abortion advocate, and deeply pro-choice woman observed an abortion? Well, it changed her life. (From the co-producers of "God's Not Dead.")

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  • 2020 Calendar
    2020 Calendar

    Creation overflows with evidence that points toward the Creator God. The design and complexity of life loudly declare, “There is a God!” From the infinite logic of mathematics to the added beauty of the peacock’s tail, the complexity found in our universe could never have occurred by chance. 14-Month Calendar

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