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Ark Encounter and Creation Museum Book and DVD Gift Pack

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Take a tour through the massive re-creation of Noah’s ark, or the Creation Museum anytime! These resources will guide you step-by-step through both of these faith-affirming, and awe-inspiring world-class attractions. Inspire or relive a visit with this gift pack.

What’s Included $131 value

  • Journey Through the Ark Encounter

    Experience the 510-foot-long reconstruction of Noah’s ark with filmmaker Peter Schriemer. Relive your visit, or come for the first time from your living room, with this fascinating tour of the world’s largest timber-frame structure.

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  • Journey Through the Creation Museum

    See the one-of-a-kind Creation Museum exhibits over and over! Opening with a welcome from founder Ken Ham, this video overflows with faith-strengthening images and commentary!

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  • Creation Museum Signs

    This beautifully illustrated publication goes room by room through the entire museum, giving you all of the fantastic teaching material.

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  • Journey Through the Creation Museum

    Journey Through the Creation Museum captures some of the awe-inspiring experience of touring the Creation Museum and its powerful exhibits.

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  • Ark Signs

    Read through the extraordinary teaching signs displayed in the Ark Encounter! Ark Signs is a beautiful memento of your trip to the Ark and a great tool to strengthen and share your faith.

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  • Journey Through the Ark Encounter

    This massive re-creation of Noah's Ark built in Kentucky is an architectural and engineering marvel that contains three decks of amazing world class exhibits. This book will guide you step-by-step through this faith affirming wonder.

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