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Mother's Day Specials

Godly mothers are a precious gift to this world, and with Mother’s Day on May 14, we wanted to offer you, our subscribers, a free gift in celebration! At our recent Answers for Women Conference at the Ark Encounter, Dr. Georgia Purdom gave this excellent presentation: “Hope Amid Despair: Abiding in God’s Promises.” As you view this video, we hope you will be blessed and encouraged to hold on to hope as you abide in the promises of our gracious God!

Register for the 2024 Answers For Women conference

Register for the 2024 Answers For Women conference

Learn how to reclaim God’s good design for women and overcome the war on women that threatens to overtake us. Engaging, passionate speakers who love God and his Word will equip you with biblical and practical answers to live confidently and courageously as women. Speakers include Ruth Chou Simons of GraceLaced Co. and its podcast; Jinger Vuolo, author of Becoming Free Indeed; Laura Perry, author of Transgender to Transformed; Louisiana congressman Mike Johnson and his wife, Kelly; Monica Cline, former comprehensive sex educator; Mary Kassian, author of many books, including The Feminist Mistake; pastor and author Costi Hinn; Australian lawyer and social commentator Martyn Iles; musician Michael O’Brien and his wife, Heidi; and Ken Ham and Dr. Georgia Purdom of Answers in Genesis.

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