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Sacred Complete Set

Embracing God's Design For Sexuality

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  • Format: DVD Set
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  • Length: 553 minutes
  • Technicality: Layman
  • Ages: Teens – Adults
  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2020
  • SKU: 40-1-530
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God designed our sexuality to be sacred and beautiful. Our culture is battling this reality and hurting countless women. Learn how can we point people to God’s Word and the gospel.

What’s Included $117 value

  • Defined by Grace

    Hear Emily Thomes story, and how Christians can effectively reach out to the LGBTQ community with the only true message of freedom, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • How to Rise Above Abuse

    Discover compassionate and profoundly helpful insights from God’s Word to heal from abuse, expose abuse, and prevent abuse.

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  • How to Talk to Our Children & Teens About the Sexual Revolution

    With humor and passion, popular author & podcaster Heidi St. John reminds us that bold lies must be countered with bold truth.

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  • Marriage, Complementarity & the Gospel

    Today, words like “headship” and “submission,” “leader” and “helper” are imbued with negative connotations. Are these biblical truths and directives old-fashioned, antiquated notions of patriarchy? Or are they still truths we are called to cling to, even in our modern context?

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  • Redeeming Broken Sexuality

    Our sexuality is beautiful, and there’s freedom from shame by the cross of Christ. Discover practical application for this profound truth in Phylicia’s presentation filmed at an Answers for Women Conference.

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  • The Lie of Pornography

    Is it possible for a woman caught in the grip of pornography to return to God’s sacred design for sexuality? Find practical teaching and application in this presentation.

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  • Transgender Transition

    Are we male and female? Is gender on a spectrum? Can a man become a woman or a woman a man? What does God’s Word have to say about the gender revolution of our day? God knows all and His Word is not silent!

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  • Why Genesis Matters for a Biblical Worldview of Sexuality

    Sexuality is grounded in God’s original design of male and female and the unique one-flesh union of marriage between one man and one woman. Without the foundation of a literal Genesis, we’re lost.

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  • Are People Born Gay?

    We need to lovingly show that, regardless of feelings, the choice to embrace any sexual lifestyle other than God’s design for marriage is sin, and as with any sin, the only hope for deliverance is the redeeming work of God’s grace offered through his Son Jesus Christ.

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Transgender. Homosexuality. Pornography addiction. Sexual abuse.

These are issues raging in our homes, churches, neighborhoods, and workplaces. It's vital our thinking is deeply rooted in God's life-giving Word and that we're equipped to provide practical help and gospel-centered answers to others. Discover God's sacred design and how to share it with others with answers from nine experts. Study guides included!

This series covers many difficult issues such as:

  • Worldview: Why Genesis Matters for a Biblical Worldview of Sexuality
  • Parenting: How to Talk to Our Children and Teens About the Sexual Revolution
  • Sexual Abuse: How to Rise Above Abuse
  • Homosexuality: Are People Born Gay?
  • Sexuality: Redeeming Broken Sexuality
  • Marriage: Marriage, Complementarity, and the Gospel
  • Homosexuality: Defined by Grace
  • Transgender: Transgender Transition
  • Pornography: The Lie of Pornography and the Truth That Sets Women Free

Sacred is an acclaimed conference for women, sponsored by Answers in Genesis. This conference was hosted at the world-class facilities of the Ark Encounter, located in Williamstown, Northern Kentucky. AnswersForWomen.org

Due to the subject matter of some topics, parental guidance is suggested.

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