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  • After Christmas Specials
  • Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: Safari! DVD
    Buddy Davis' Amazing Adventures: Safari! DVD

    Buddy’s off on his most far-flung adventure yet! Walk with lions (if you dare!), ride an elephant, and search for other exciting wildlife alongside your favorite adventurer.

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  • Creation to Babel
    Creation to Babel

    There has never been a commentary like this one! It's unique in the world! Ken Ham has been asked many questions about Genesis—and he answers them in this commentary on Genesis 1–11!
    Note: Order your Creation to Babel print book today and receive a free ebook. Because of high demand, we are waiting for the next printing of these to arrive in early February.

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  • 2022 Calendar
    2022 Calendar

    The Creation Museum and Ark Encounter invite you to discover some of God’s most amazing creatures at our growing zoos in our Animal Encounters wall calendar. Each month features a beautiful photo of our animal ambassadors with interesting facts, Bible verses, and QR codes to watch free mini-shows about each amazing animal!

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December Specials

Find something to share with someone you love! Specials expire January 31, 2022.

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