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Prepare to read through the Bible in 2020! Order soon and save at least 30% on all these Bibles, devotionals and chronological reading plan bookmarks.

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Don't miss this devotional overview of the Bible with an apologetics emphasis! 52 beautifully illustrated accounts reveal the chronological, Jesus-centered storyline of Scripture's most strategic events. Perfect for busy families. Includes fold-out timeline. Also available in audiobook formats.

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Listen to this unabridged audiobook as you drive, exercise, or work around the house. You’ll be amazed at how much easier it is to truly understand the Bible’s big gospel-focused picture! 5 hours on MP3 disc.

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This special bookmark turns any Bible into a chronological Bible! Order plenty of extra copies to share with your entire church, Sunday school, Bible study group, neighbors, and family. Watch the excitement grow as readers start with the 10 Minute Bible Journey, and then launch a chronological read-through—and finally grasp the big picture of Scripture!

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Get engaged with the Word of God in a refreshing new way! Memorize verses, chapters, and even whole books of the New Testament by using the powerful techniques of the “Bible Memory Man,” Professor Tom Meyer.

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The Evidence Bible, features a great evangelism-focused commentary from Ray Comfort geared towards sharing the Gospel. Prepare yourself to share God's Word!

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In this day of specialized Bibles, The MacArthur Study Bible is a breath of fresh air, because it doesn’t just fit your lifestyle. It transforms your life.

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