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  • April Specials
  • Gospel Reset
    Gospel Reset

    Christian values, traditions, and terminologies that were once common knowledge have become a thing of the past. Gospel Reset will help you understand how to effectively reach the lost with a message of salvation that actually makes sense.

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  • The 10 Minute Bible Journey Audiobook
    The 10 Minute Bible Journey Audiobook

    Listen to this audiobook as you drive, exercise, or work around the house and be amazed at how much easier it is to truly understand the Bible’s big gospel-focused picture! Requires a player that plays audio MP3 discs.

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  • The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set
    The Answers Book for Kids Complete Set

    Focused on answering questions from children related to the Bible, these books will help create a powerful foundation of faith. The entire 8-book set comes in a sturdy, collector-quality shelf case.

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