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  • April Specials
  • Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Kit
    Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Kit

    While the Fearfully & Wonderfully Made Creation Museum exhibit truly is something to see in person, with this kit, you can easily share its vital message with others. Like the exhibit, the kit is perfect for families, church groups, and mothers-to-be at all stages of pregnancy.

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  • Earth Battles: How Old Is It?
    Earth Battles: How Old Is It?

    Is earth 4.3 billions years old as many claim? Earth Battles reviews geologic evidence from the Grand Canyon and finds the evidence unambiguous, pointing to a young earth. Dr. Andrew Snelling explains the biblical flood model while it is illustrated with beautiful 3D animation.

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  • The Wild Brothers: Islands of the Four Kings
    The Wild Brothers: Islands of the Four Kings

    The brothers face a mystery more challenging than anything they have encountered before in Raja Ampat––the alluring Islands of the Four Kings.

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April Specials

Featuring new Fearfully & Wonderfully Made gifts and apparel, The Wild Brothers DVDs, new Earth Battles DVD, and more resources to equip you to encourage others to trust God's Word. Most special prices expire May 31, 2021.

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