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Astronomy 3 Book & DVD Combo

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You’ll be amazed by God’s heavenly handiwork and men’s somewhat crazy ideas. Go deeper

What’s Included $75 value

  • Answering Atheists: Does Science Support a Flat Earth?

    Many individuals, including some Christians, are falling for flat earth ideas. Does science support such an idea? Does the Bible teach a flat earth? Discover the truth about this increasingly contentious topic from a world-class astronomer.

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  • Falling Flat

    There are people in the world today who believe the world is flat. And they are working very hard to convince everyone else that it’s flat – even if it means distorting the truth to do it. Read this book and get the facts regarding the flat earth fallacy.

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  • The Expanse of Heaven

    In this unique book, Dr. Danny Faulkner gives an application of the biblical model of creation to the science of astronomy.

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  • The Created Cosmos

    This cutting-edge book investigates what the Bible has to say about astronomical objects and phenomena.

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