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Answering Atheists: Are Humans Related to Chimps?

Featuring Dr. Georgia Purdom
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  • Length: 60 minutes
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  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2020
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One of the biggest debates in evangelical Christianity today is whether Adam and Eve were real people. Sadly, many believe that genetics has proven that humans and chimps share a common ancestor disproving the existence of an original couple specially created by God. As a consequence, many have begun to redefine sin and salvation.



Are Humans Related to Chimps?

This presentation looks at two central evidences that are commonly used to support shared ancestry. Dr. Purdom shows that human and chimp DNA sequences are in fact quite different and that human chromosome 2 is not the result of a fusion of two ancestral chromosomes. All humans have descended from an original couple specially created by God as described in Genesis.

Discover answers and a strategy for sharing the gospel in an increasingly secular culture. Recorded at the Ark Encounter during our popular Answering Atheists 2019 Easter conference.

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