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Already Compromised - Part 1

Christian Colleges took a test on the state of their faith and the final exam is in!

Featuring Ken Ham
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  • Length: 71 minutes
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  • Publisher: Answers in Genesis
  • Published: 2011
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Part 1 of a revealing series, recorded live at the “Apologetics Mega Conference,” Ken Ham lets Christian college and seminary academic leaders speak for themselves, via video!


What do America’s most-popular Christian colleges and seminaries actually teach about Genesis today?

Part 1 of a revealing series, recorded live at the “Apologetics Mega Conference,” Ken Ham lets their academic leaders speak for themselves, via video!

Also available in a 3 DVD boxed set

Videos 1 and 2 feature: J.P. Moreland of Biola, John Walton of Wheaton, Karl Giberson of Eastern Nazarene, Deborah Haarsma of Calvin, William Dembski of Southwestern Baptist Seminary, Tremper Longman III of Westmont, Bruce Waltke of Knox Seminary, plus Peter Enns of BioLogos, pastors Tim Keller and Greg Boyd, and more!

Video 3 looks at the need for Creation-based evangelism in light of the deep-rooted compromise that permeates so many of today’s churches and Christian colleges. It’s time to call the Church and culture back to the authority of God’s Word!

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