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Proclaiming the Faith Conference Downloads

on August 1, 2012
Proclaiming the Faith Conference

Proclaiming the Faith, a family conference held in Branson, Missouri in 2012, influenced and touched hundreds of people of all ages. Explore the conference now through these audio downloads and listen to informative sessions from the event! Speakers included Ken Ham, Todd Friel, Voddie Baucham, and many more.

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Session Speaker Time Price
Grand Canyon: Testimony to the Biblical Account of Earth’s History Dr. Andrew Snelling 60 mins $4.99
Minerals and Rocks: By God’s Design Dr. Andrew Snelling 62 mins $4.99
Dinosaurs, Dragons, and the Bible Bodie Hodge 57 mins $4.99
Exegesis: Genesis 1:1 Ken Ham 57 mins $4.99
Exegesis: Genesis 1:2-5, Stop Trusting in Man Ken Ham 65 mins $4.99
The Person God Uses Mark Spence 58 mins $4.99
Creative Ways to Share Your Faith Mark Spence 59 mins $4.99
Exegesis: 1 John 1:1-4 The Identity of God, The Authentic Jesus Christ, and Gnostic Thinking Steve Ham 57 mins $4.99
Ape-men, Adam, and the Gospel Dr. Terry Mortenson 61 mins $4.99
Joy in the Home: Marriage Todd Friel 52 mins $4.99
Joy in the Home: Parenting Todd Friel 59 mins $4.99
Good Without God? Dr. Tommy Mitchell 60 mins $4.99
Stem Cells and Cloning Dr. Tommy Mitchell 40 mins $4.99
The Culture War; Genesis 41 Dr. Voddie Baucham 44 mins $4.99
Why I Choose to Believe the Bible (2 Peter 1) Dr. Voddie Baucham 49 mins $4.99


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