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  • A Special Door
    A Special Door

    This fun book for kids teaches how the Ark had only one door that Noah's family and the animals could enter in to be saved from the flood. Our personal salvation is found through a single door as well, which is Jesus.

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  • Answers Books for Kids
    Answers Books for Kids

    Finally—answer books suitable for kids! Here are answers to over 100 of their most difficult questions regarding the Bible, God, sin, dinosaurs, the Flood of Noah, salvation, astronomy, and more!

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  • N is for Noah Coloring Book
    N is for Noah Coloring Book

    Color a book about the Gospel from Genesis! A proven resource that makes learning the Bible fun! Based on the classic book series by Ken Ham!

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  • Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers
    Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers

    In contrast to self-centered theology and watered-down Bible storybooks, this series offers simple and precise teaching and a strong foundation for the Christian faith. Colorful illustrations complement every page, creating an enjoyable learning experience for each child.

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