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Jurassic Park

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After a decade of rewrites, the fourth installment in the Jurassic Park movie series will hit theater screens in June. In Jurassic World, the dinosaurs that once ran amok and terrorized visitors in the original, stunningly imaginative 1993 film are now largely under control. But the “tamed” dinosaurs don’t bring enough visitors to the park, so officials decide to add some new thrills. And things go terribly wrong once again.

No doubt Jurassic World will be chockfull of evolutionary content like its predecessors, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Christians should avoid the film. If, like its predecessors, this movie sparks an upsurge of interest in dinosaurs, it should offer many opportunities to discuss what really happened to them. Although the film’s theme of dinosaurs coexisting with people is meant as science fiction, Christians may point out that it isn’t far from the truth. Humans and dinosaurs probably lived mainly in different places, but they were created at the same time (Day Six of Creation Week) and so were not separated by millions of years in evolution’s imaginary timeline.

Further, the most important lesson to be learned from the extinction of the dinosaurs is that sin has terrible consequences. Every human being is under God’s judgment and in need of a Redeemer lest we “likewise perish.”

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