Book Reviews

  • Magazine Article
    The Darwinian Earthquake
    Sept. 1, 1994, pp. 30–31

    In the following review of his book Confirmation Notebook (fifth edition), many will be aghast to see what happens when clergy accept evolution and mythologize Genesis.

  • Magazine Article
    Book Review: Stones and Bones
    June 1, 1994, pp. 47–48

    Stones and Bones is the ideal booklet for someone who wants to know the basic reasons why Christians (and some non-Christians) reject evolution in favour of creation.

  • Magazine Article
    The Sufficiency of Scripture
    March 1, 1990, pp. 35–36

    I was delighted when Dr Noel Weeks book came into my hands. Weeks believes that the debate about the Bible has shifted its centre of gravity in recent years.

  • Magazine Article
    The Neck of the Giraffe
    Aug. 1, 1984, pp. 22–23

    With the subtitle ‘Where Darwin Went Wrong’, it is likely that this book will attract the attention of a wide audience in the present atmosphere of debate over creation/evolution.


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