“Races” Message Impacts the UK

Since joining Answers in Genesis, I’ve been giving my own version of this message, titled, “The Origin of the so-called Races,” across the UK.

When I first heard AiG’s message of “One Blood,” I thought, “Now here’s a talk that not only can help put an end to racism, but can also answer questions that people have about the origin of the so-called races.” Since joining Answers in Genesis, I’ve been giving my own version of this message, titled, “The Origin of the so-called Races,” across the UK. It’s been a thrill to see the powerful impact this message has had. Let me share some of that with you.

After one such talk, three young boys (all under 10) came up to me and took the unusual step of asking if they could shake my hand. As each did so, he thanked me very much for my talk. I later learned that two of them were brothers, even though they did not look it, as one was pale and the other was dark (although you could tell they were related). One parent was “white” and the other was “coloured.” This had caused a lot of raised eyebrows and unfortunate comments from people they met. It also meant that they had been teased and bullied at school about not being “true brothers.”

One Blood Illustration

Following my talk, the boys and their parents could now understand why their sons could be different shades. Not only were their parents happier, but the boys are no longer bullied in school because they have been able to stand up to their tormentors with answers. The (“white”) boy who had accompanied them was also excited because he now knew that he was related to his friends—they were all descended from Adam and Eve!

At another church, I met a lady who had a son and a daughter. Although she and her husband are both your average “Anglo” in appearance, one of their children looks like a “half-caste.” This had caused real problems in the marriage. The husband could not believe that his wife had been faithful to him and he used to regularly accuse her of infidelity and physically abuse her. Even after becoming a Christian, he still harboured doubts about his wife’s fidelity. But as a result of the talk, he now accepts that genes from generations back can cause one of his children to be much darker than the other and he and his wife are totally reconciled.

A particularly sad story is that one “coloured” woman in her seventies told my wife that, when she was young, her brother had told her that people like her were the result of Eve’s union with a monkey. This is what he had been taught in church! She had been brought up to believe this. However, when she became a Christian, she began to doubt this because she knew that Jesus had saved her—a human being—but she still had doubts about her people’s ancestry until she heard my talk. That night, she was overjoyed to understand, for the first time, that all people were descended from the first human pair that God had created—Adam and Eve.

On another occasion, a man came up to me and said that he was the result of many “races” intermarrying (Chinese, Arab, Afro-Caribbean and Indian) and that until he had heard my talk, he had no idea what race he was. He then threw his arms around me and thanked God that he was a member of the human race!

Praise God that the Bible not only has the answer to the problem of racism, but also to other problems associated with interracial marriage and the origin of the so-called races. Until I was “out there” speaking about this subject, I could not understand some of the deep-seated emotional problems that some people have as a result of race issues. Thank God that we are all members of the one human race and that the Lord Jesus Christ died to bring to people—of all shades—salvation through His sacrificial death.

This is really where the “rubber hits the road,” demonstrating that AiG ministry can make a real life-changing difference in people’s lives—bringing not only understanding, but healing to hurts caused by false evolutionary teaching.

With your continued support, we will continue to make a difference.

[Editor’s note: Monty will be giving his races talk at a multinational church in Handsworth, Birmingham on February 18 at 7:30 pm and again at the Elim Church in Leicester on 18 April in the morning. AiG–UK is also looking forward to hosting an International Conference in April 2006, where we hope that the “One Blood” message will help light an “anti-race” fire that spreads across Europe.]


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