“One Blood” Impacts South Africa!


People were stunned and thrilled to hear of the way in which science confirms the Bible’s teaching that we are all astonishingly closely related.

In this beautiful land, scarred by the legacy of “racial” division, AiG’s Dr Carl Wieland recently spoke to more than 3,500 students, teachers and parishioners in Cape Town and Johannesburg/Pretoria. People were stunned and thrilled to hear of the way in which science confirms the Bible’s teaching that we are all astonishingly closely related. One young Afrikaaner lady said, “You’ve changed my paradigm—forever. The melanin and all that—I can’t believe how different the world looks.”

The church there is reeling under the impact of evolution teaching. Humanists are cynically pushing it as an antidote for racism(!). People from every spectrum of ethnicity were thrilled to see how the pain of the past was not caused by the Bible, but by compromising the Bible’s true history.The apartheid government had not openly promoted evolution, so most were amazed to find out that one of their famous prime ministers actually wrote a book mixing God and evolution, and that Verwoerd, the architect of apartheid, had studied in prewar Germany, where he embraced the evolution-derived racial theories of the Nazis.

To learn more on how science confirms the Bible's teaching that we are all closely related, take a moment to view our Q&A section on racism.

The CEO of South Africa’s fledgling AiG ministry, zoologist Dr Johan Kruger, says, “The hunger for the message was overwhelming—almost everywhere, overflow crowds exceeded expectations. We heard from existing magazine subscribers how they had already been using Creation to see people won to Christ. So it was fantastic to see hundreds more subscriptions and other materials that are now going to be used by God’s people as a result of this tour. Through radio interviews, the powerful AiG message would have reached about another two million South Africans as well.”

In the university town of Stellenbosch, the venue had 300 seats. A local “arch-anticreationist” lecturer said he had “come to laugh”, but he left dejected when 470 people, many of them students, turned out and became excitedly enthusiastic. Not long after a University of Cape Town student meeting (attended by 170), the organisers excitedly told us that the campus was still “buzzing” days later.Many students had just finished an introductory module on evolution, which was still using as “evidence” the peppered moths and Haeckel’s embryos. The AiG talk featured an exposé of these alleged evidence by other evolutionists as fraud! (Sadly, one of the lecturers, a staunch evolutionist, is actually active in Campus Crusade for Christ.)

A zoology honours student at the University of Cape Town was excited to see many of his fellow students alerted to the fraudulent “science” used to bolster evolution: “I believe that by showing these students that they are being indoctrinated by the evolutionary teaching and many of the experiments and examples used are in fact false, it gives them the opportunity to question what they've been taught instead of just believing it blindly.”

Confusion about gap theories, progressive creation, pre-Adamic “races”, etc. abounded, even among pastors and Christian teachers, but the message of the straightforward truth of God’s Word was overwhelmingly and joyfully received. One husband and wife said, “We’ve been in Christian education for years and years, but I can’t believe when I now see how we’ve been brainwashed”.

Another wife sent Carl a thrilling report that “the chains have been broken” for her lost husband:

“My husband has been battling with creation/evolution for about a year and a half now (the time that I have been saved) … .

“You mentioned that you had never been to South Africa before. Well, God knew you needed to come for my husband, and because of your lecture the chains have been broken, my husband is now defending the Bible and he is now being gently ushered into The Kingdom. I know that it is only a matter of time until one more lost sheep joins the rest of the flock.

“My thanks to you for being His faithful servant in getting the facts of the Bible across as something other than fairy tales, and to God be all the praise and glory.”

Again and again, we’ve seen that the missing link in people’s salvation is the message that the Bible is true—beginning with the foundational history in Genesis 1–11.


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