No Pigment of the Imagination


on July 1, 2015
Featured in Answers Magazine

Eighteen-year-old Lucy and Maria Aylmer encounter disbelief when they tell people they’re twins—or even that they’re sisters. Lucy has pale skin and straight, ginger hair, while Maria has the coffee skin and rich black curls of their half-Jamaican mother. The twins became an Internet sensation in March when a British newspaper carried their story.

The Bible teaches that all humans are of one race, starting with Adam and Eve (Genesis 1 and Acts 17:26). The dispersion of humans after the Tower of Babel led to distinct people groups, with different skin shades and eye shapes. But we are all still related, as twins like Lucy and Maria demonstrate.

Answers Magazine

July–September 2015

This issue focuses on five powerful evidences that confirm creation and leave unbelievers without excuse.

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