No Illusions About Race

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The concept of human “races” is an illusion, and the racism that's tearing apart our world is based on a lie.

Thursday, 24 April 2003, PBS-TV (USA) will be premiering a three-part series on “Race—the power of an illusion.” It appears that popular TV is finally catching up with reality. The concept of human “races” is an illusion, and the racism that’s tearing apart our world is based on a lie.

“Biological arguments for racism may have been common before 1859, but they increased by orders of magnitude following the acceptance of evolutionary theory.”
–Stephen Jay Gould, Harvard professor, science historian, and outspoken evolutionist

Unfortunately, PBS is not willing to point its finger at the real catalyst, which dramatically boosted that lie in the modern period—evolutionary belief. Nor does it have any real answers.

Since its release in 1999, AiG’s groundbreaking book One Blood—the Biblical Answer to Racismhas exposed the roots of this lie, as well as the simple solution found in the first book of God’s Word, Genesis.

This powerful message has been a central concern of Answers in Genesis from its beginning (see Confronting the Culture in Cincinnati). Christians must confront the evolutionary assumptions that inflame racism, boldly proclaiming God’s message of hope from Genesis: there is no such thing as “races” but we are all one blood. We’re all the descendants of the first Adam who, no matter what the color of our skin, are able to have our sins removed because Jesus Christ—the “last Adam”—shed His blood.

“There is a solution to the problem of racism. As you read One Blood, I hope you will carefully check the Scriptures that are revealed and the scientific evidence that is presented. … Racism is morally, socially, scientifically, and biblically wrong. It is an ugly blot on our society, and One Blood clearly explains why we really are all one blood. … I strongly encourage you to get extra copies of this book and give them to friends, family, and associates.”
–Zig Ziglar, author/speaker

Through popular messages and videotapes, widely distributed booklets (Where Did the Races Come From?), and a Web site called, this exciting message is having an impact on lives worldwide.

One “white” couple sent AiG an amazing letter explaining about how—after hearing Ken Ham speak on “one blood’—the Lord changed their hearts and opened the door for them to adopt a precious “black” baby daughter. Their daughter’s life has been an unbelievable blessing to them and a wonderful opportunity for them to share God’s message of hope with many others (see “Adopting” a New Attitude!).

People are looking for answers, especially at this time of world turmoil. The answers are readily available. Are you prepared to help? Have you prayed about what you can do to help bring about healing in this area, among the people whose lives you touch?

For additional reading, see also: One Blood at Remote Island Outpost!.


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