A Racist Graveyard in Georgia, USA

Ken Ham, president of AiG–US, was sobered by what he saw in a church graveyard near where he was speaking recently

Ken Ham, president of AiG-US, was sobered by what he saw in a church graveyard near where he was speaking recently:

“I spoke at a number of different places in the State of Georgia (USA), but I can’t get off my mind a very sobering experience at one of the country churches.

“A number of churches had combined to hear me speak on ‘The Origin of Races.’ This was a real eye-opener for many of these people. (I don’t think there was a dark-skinned person in the audience.)

“I asked about the graveyard beside the church, and was told that many black slaves were buried there. You could easily recognize their graves because they were marked only with stones-the slaves weren’t allowed to have gravestones or monuments like the ‘white’ people they had worked for.

“I must admit, I have always found it so hard to understand how such racism and prejudice permeated a land that has probably been the greatest Christian nation on Earth. I wondered what the people who were buried in the graveyard would have thought of my talk about the fact there is only one race of people biologically, only one color of skin, and that the only ‘interracial marriage’ the Bible speaks against is when someone from the ‘saved race’ knowingly marries someone from the ‘unsaved race.’ [See Inter-Racial Marriage: Is It Biblical?]

“After my lecture, many came up to me to thank me for putting them straight on the right way to think about the ‘race’ issue from God’s Word. [See Q&A: Racism.] The people I spoke to saw my heart and realized that this ministry is one upholding the authority of the Word of God. I want people to see how man’s evolutionary ideas of ‘races" have been used to justify racism and prejudice, despite what the Bible clearly teaches concerning human origins.

“The authority of God’s Word has been undermined greatly in this great land. That is why I believe God is using Answers in Genesis-to help reestablish the authority of the Word of God from the very beginning, so people will understand and believe the correct history concerning the Fall of man, so they will understand and believe the correct history concerning Christ coming to Earth to be a man so we can be saved.

“Increasingly it seems that there is a famine in this land, a famine of teaching that accepts the inerrancy of the only Book that God has written for us, which offers answers to problems like racism.”

Ken Ham’s “relevance of Genesis” message reaches record numbers

One of the highlights of Ken’s speaking tour in Georgia was his opportunity to share his message at the Georgia Baptist Conference Center, which had a record attendance. Over 1,000 people-including many leading figures in the Toccoa Baptist Association-crowded into the auditorium to hear Ken speak on the topic “Genesis-Key to reclaiming America.”

One of the organizers left the meeting saying how much it had affected her:

“My husband and I were greatly impacted by Ken’s message. The whole ‘millions of years’ topic brought back the truth of the Bible and the importance of its foundations in Genesis. My mother and I had just been discussing this topic two months ago, and, at the time, I failed to see the importance of believing Genesis.

“I grew up with the Bible, and my family was not ‘racist,’ but they were not really open to other races. This is a major problem here in the South. Ken’s message put a whole new light on it for me.”

Afterwards many people told Ken how much the Lord had used his message to change their hearts. “He reaches people on all levels.” said one of the attendees. She noted that she normally tuned out speakers who mention “genetics,” but she said that Ken really made sense and helped her to see the relevance of science to the Bible and everyday life.

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