Should I Only Attend a College That Teaches Biblical Creation?

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Choosing the right college can be scary. In addition to the usual money concerns, Christian teens and parents are wary of professors’ influences on students’ worldviews. Ideally a Christian student would attend a college or university whose administrators and professors love God’s Word and teach it as true from the very first verse (for a helpful list of such schools, visit However, this isn’t an ideal world, and there are a few reasons that attending a college that teaches biblical creation may not be possible or even the best choice.

As every parent knows, college is expensive. Not only do tuition, books, and room and board strain the bank account, travel expenses to and from the school can add up quickly. Maybe no colleges near you teach biblical creation, or maybe you just don’t have the funds to attend a private college. If that is the case, it’s especially important to equip yourself to answer the false ideas you will encounter before you begin classes. Answers in Genesis, the parent ministry of this magazine, offers excellent resources to prepare you for the challenge (for example, the New Answers Book series). While it may not be wise to debate with professors publicly (or at all), you will need to discern in your own mind whether their claims are consistent with the Word of God.

Another major consideration is your field of study. For example, until a few years ago no Christian college had a geology program taught from the perspective of biblical creation. Cedarville University now offers such a degree, but a similar program may not be available for your specialty. An undergraduate education must be sufficient to prepare you for work or graduate school. If no school that teaches biblical creation offers your degree program, remember God is faithful, and He will enable you to do what He has called you to do even in a place that doesn’t faithfully teach His Word.

If attending a college that teaches biblical creation is really important to you but finances are an issue, don’t forget to investigate all your options. You might be surprised how many scholarships are available. Apply for as many as you can. You could also consider attending a community college for the first couple of years to complete general courses and then transferring to your chosen school for courses in your specialty. In today’s technological era, distance learning is another option if the school is too far away.

No matter where you decide to study, trust God to be faithful, as Paul did, “For I know whom I have believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep what I have committed to Him until that Day” (2 Timothy 1:12).

Dr. Georgia Purdom is a speaker and researcher for Answers in Genesis. She earned her doctorate from Ohio State University in molecular genetics and spent six years as a professor of biology at Mt. Vernon Nazarene University.

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