Just Add Energy?

by Prof. Andy McIntosh
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We received this critical email concerning the article “Just add energy …”, authored by Dr. Andy McIntosh.

We received this critical email concerning the article "Just add energy…", authored by <Prof. Andy McIntosh. Below the email is Dr. McIntosh's response.

This week's newsletter is a treasure chest! I was short on time this week and didn't read much, and the newsletter helped me to catch up on some interesting topics. First, I had never realized that it is not well understood how insects fly! Shame on me, but thanks for helping in fixing that gap. I also appreciate the links to you daily messages this week. Reading up on the Jesus tomb documentary (thanks for the great analysis!), the Tiktaalik story (almost funny to see how scientists try to desparately craft an explanation for their thinking models) and the fascists book (boy, the author reads to much about the New World Order!) were informative and a pleasure to read. Thank you so much for all the work that you are putting forward to help us busy people to stay on top!

– G.V., USA

Re: “McIntosh argues that the sunlight flooding the earth is no help at all unless machines are present which can harness the energy.”

Ever heard of photosynthesis? Let's see you argue that's not a “machine.”

Better stick to thermodynamics as biology and Natural Selection seems to be beyond your limited comprehension.I cannot believe that a scientist could be peddling such utter rubbish.

–P. K., Australia

This correspondent has not understood the thermodynamic principles which apply to all systems including biological ones. The answer that he gives of photosynthesis is of course the very machine that one needs, so rather than negating, it proves the point that was made in the article! Natural selection will never build such a machine unless it is there already—;in this case the machinery of photosynthesis. And this is falsifiable. If the correspondent could show that such a device could arrive from simpler components left to themselves in a controlled experiment, we can all go home. It has never been done since random energy never produces machines which are not there already. I would recommend the correspondent read Wilder-Smith’s The Natural Sciences Know Nothing of Evolution.

—A.C. McIntosh


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