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I’d like to let you folks at AiG know that I really appreciate this site. I’ll be leaving for college in about twenty days, majoring in biology, and this place is like an oasis in a hot desert. Being a Christian and studying biology in high school, I was sort of confused; some of our evolution studies made sense, and some of it didn't make sense, and I couldn’t find a convincing Christian source that could answer my questions scientifically or logically. I don’t know why it took so long to find you guys out, but I’m glad I did. Thanks for the service you do for fellow Christians, and the way you bring glory to God by sharing this testimony in nature. God bless you guys.
—C., U.S.

This Labor Day weekend, I had a chance to catch up on some of the articles & videos on your website, & I just want to express how wonderful it is that AiG has so many terrific lecturers & writers: Ken Ham, who sees the big picture of Evolution's impact on the culture; Dr. Purdom, who communicates ID & genetics so well; Dr. Jason Lisle, who communicates astronomy & physics so well; & Dr. Menton, who communicates biology & anatomy so well! Thank you so much to these & everyone else at AiG for disseminating information about God so effectively!
—G.G., U.S.

I struggled for years as a Christian because I was taught to accept evolution and billions of years. I was bitter deep down at God because I thought he was capricious and arbitrary as a result of creating such a mess for us to live in. I felt like He “owed” me eternal life for creating me and putting me on this messed up planet. It wasn’t until I learned what the Bible actually has to say on the subject—that when God created everything, He said, “It is good.” Thus, He did not create the chaos we now live in, but rather we bought this upon ourselves when Adam and Eve chose to sin and allow death to enter our perfect world.
—L.P., U.S.

That is the danger in believing in long ages or that God somehow “used” evolution to create. When Christians compromise the Word of God, they are often left angry, confused, or worse. We praise the Lord that you have come to believe what He said.

Thanks for your many years or service. Your materials have been invaluable in keeping me informed and solid in my defense of Genesis.
I recently enrolled in my final college course: BIO 101. Fortunately, the lab manual is broken up into three very relevant sections: Evolution, Ecology, Human Health. After reading the grossly politicized material, I was thinking perhaps three other grossly politicized sections would be just as appropriate: Global Warming, Gay Marriage, Stem Cell Research. Heck, why not a section on the benefits of Cannabis (since a quite sizable number of the staff use it regularly) while we're at it.
Anyways, in answering the many highly biased questions, I have relied heavily on ICR and AIG to provide accurate and intellectually honest biblical answers. Of course, the TA teaching the class (Evolutionary Bio major) is probably going to throw a fit.
Good news for me, however, is that I don't need the grade. I much more have a need a be completely honest before God.
—G.G., U.S.

We hope that you will use this opportunity to give accurate and relevant answers to those in the class who may never have met a young-earth creationist. We pray that God will help you witness to those who don’t know Christ.

Thanks for the site, a pastor recommended it & I like your balanced approach. I've been a Christian for a number of years (& yes I believe God created us cos He said so). I do get a bit dissapointed however with the superior (& sometimes dishonest) attitude of some creationists. It's almost as if they want to win the argument & that's it. Nothing should divert us from sharing the love of Christ. I've won lots of arguments and very few hearts in my time but I'm impressed with the info available via AIG - well done!
—M.R., U.K.

Incredible website, great information, incredibly trustworthy. I so appreciate the AiG Ministry. Ken Ham has become one of my most trusted sources for not only Genesis-related matters, but for all things Scripture. Keep doing what you do and never give in to the pressures of the world. It's quite obvious that God's blessings are on your ministry and I thank Him for you. Getting a daily RSS feed from AiG is the perfect way to start each morning and I suggest that everyone does the same. God Bless you!
—A.J., U.S.

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