AiG-USA to Launch New Magazine!

on February 16, 2006

For many years, AiG-USA has felt the increasing need to publish a magazine which is more applicable to its USA subscriber base. We are pleased to announce ANSWERS magazine.

For many years, AiG–USA (exclusive distributor of Creation magazine in the United States since the mid-1990s) has felt the increasing need to publish a magazine which is more applicable to its USA subscriber base, flexible enough to include continent-specific content and that would have a stronger biblical worldview emphasis. A demand for such a magazine has been communicated to our various speakers and other staff members time and time again by Creation subscribers.

The desire for a publication that more directly meets the needs of readers in America is underscored by the fact that over 50% of first-year American subscribers to the Creation magazine (published in Australia) do not renew, even after repeated attempts to get subscribers to do so.

Recently, a detailed, web-based survey of hundreds of randomly selected USA subscribers was conducted. The results bore evidence of some trends that were already obvious to us, as well as surprising data … plus specific comments and concerns. We appreciated the candid feedback.

Among the strongest and most frequent opinions made by subscribers dealt with a desire for a publication that would have more of a worldviewemphasis (while retaining the important creation/evolution issue).

Because the AiG–USA staff learned so much from its subscribers through this survey, AiG’s writers, editors and designers are now prepared to address the needs and concerns of its subscribers.

Upon compilation of the data from this survey, AiG–USA began the mammoth task of creating a new magazine—tentatively entitled ANSWERS—which was to have been distributed in addition to Creation (to which our speakers have contributed articles and editorial input as they have helped grow the worldwide subscription base for many years). See the image at the right for a sample of what the new publication will look like.

We trust that the launch of this new magazine (details of the magazine will be provided to USA subscribers with the March issue of our monthly newsletter, Answers Update) will be warmly received by current Creation readers. Although future issues of Creation magazine will no longer be available from AiG–USA, back issues will continue to be available from until sold out. (For a full listing of magazine back issues, go to and search on the term “back issue.”)

We are very pleased to announce that all current AiG–USA subscribers who have been receiving Creation magazine will be automatically upgraded to the new Answers magazine (with more pages, more articles, a children’s mini-magazine, a detachable chart, a greater worldview emphasis, excellent layman and semi-technical creation evidence articles, a special new magazine website with bonus content, etc.) at no additional charge.

ANSWERS will be the new flagship creation/worldview publication of Answers in Genesis–USA, and will include many of the most-requested authors and elements of Creation, while adding new expert authors from around the globe. Also, it will feature special sections and topics, and the kind of worldview integration that survey respondents clearly indicated they strongly desire.

ANSWERS will include several exciting features that we’re going to keep “secret” for the time being. But get ready for a beautiful, colorful, thorough, accurate and inspiring publication that will appeal to both men and women, young and “not so young.” The new magazine will even include elements that are sure to captivate children and youth. We’re sure you’ll love it!

Please know that articles for ANSWERS will be reviewed by experts in their fields to ensure we maintain the highest of accuracy and integrity. Not only do we have a number of full-time staff with scientific and theological expertise (e.g., PhDs like Dr. Terry Mortenson, Dr. Jason Lisle, Dr. Georgia Purdom [soon to join the team], Dr. David Menton, Dr. David Crandall, and others), but we have a long list of adjunct scientists/theologians who will help with the editorial assistance needed to ensure biblical and scientific accuracy.

Please pray for the AiG–USA team of staff authors, associate authors, designers, editors, marketing staff and circulation specialists, etc. And check back soon for full subscription information at


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