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It is sad how our standards of value are often different from those of God.

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It is sad how our standards of value are often different from those of God. Think about Jeremiah 9:23-24:

Thus saith the Lord, “Let not the wise man glory in his wisdom, neither let not the mighty man glory in his might, let not the rich man glory in his riches: But let him who glorieth glory in this, that he understandeth and knoweth me, that I am the LORD, which exercise lovingkindness, judgment, and righteousness in the Earth: for in these I delight,” saith the LORD.

Consider that phrase: “Let not the rich man glory in his riches.” Have you ever considered that having wealth can be even more of a test of Christian character than poverty?

What are real riches? They are to know God and have a personal relationship with Him, and to base all your decisions on the Biblical world-view. That’s security!

Matthew 16:26 states: “For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” Let’s agree to pray that we glory in the riches of Jesus Christ and get excited about sharing the truth about our origin and destination! If you are going to get excited about something, then get excited about the Lord!

Paul Laude, CFP, ext. 302

Creation books are called “dangerous!”

by AiG President Ken Ham

On a TV program aired across America a few weeks ago on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), our book, D is for Dinosaur, was declared to be “dangerous” and “silly!”

The Firing Line program (hosted by William F. Buckley, Jr.) featured eight debaters on the creation/evolution issue.

At one stage in this debate, Barry Lynn (Executive Director for Americans United for the Separation of Church and State, and a lawyer and a minister in the United Church of Christ) held up my book D is for Dinosaur. He turned to Phillip Johnson (Professor of Law at the University of California at Berkeley, and a well-known speaker and writer on philosophical issues relating to origins) and said:

This book (D is for Dinosaur) is widely distributed in creationist circles and used in schools, home schools, and religious schools…Here’s a little picture. Man and dinosaur. Adam wasn’t scared to watch dinosaurs eat because all the creatures ate plants and not meat.

Now do you think that’s good biology?…I want you to tell us if you think that this is not so silly and dangerous kind of ideas to plant in the hands of high school students that in fact the Flintstones are some kind of documentary. That’s pretty dangerous.

Well, Johnson replied, The kind of thing you’re encouraging certainly is silly, just almost as silly as the work of [evolutionist] Richard Dawkins.

It was also sad to hear “creationist” Johnson remark in the midst of this discussion: And in fact I have said on many occasions and have urged persons of the conservative Christian community to put aside the whole Bible issues and let us ask the question: What is actually known from scientific evidence as opposed to materialist philosophy about the claims of evolution?

Now, where in the Bible does it ever say that Christians should put aside “Bible issues?” In fact, Christianity is a whole way of thinking based on the foundation of God’s revealed Word!

Answers in Genesis stands on the foundation that we should NOT put aside the Bible in what we say and write: For the word of God is quick and powerful, and sharper than any twoedged sword, piercing even to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit, and of the joints and marrow, and is a discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart. (Hebrews 4:12)

We are also told: So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it. (Isaiah 55:11)

In fact, Lynn is right in one sense: our resources (books, videos, audio tapes, etc.) really are “dangerous” (in his mind). Why? Consider the following quotes (representative of thousands of such letters we’ve received):

Changed lives: I was an atheist/evolutionist, “big-banging” biology major…A man on campus gave me several of Ken Ham’s lectures on cassette tapes…These lectures caused me to question my beliefs and they started the spark that truly changed my life.

Could you please send me a copy of the booklet about where Cain got his wife? I am teaching Genesis in Sunday school (I’ve used some of your newsletter information several times) and EVERYONE wants to know [the answer to] this one!

Answering questions: I recently received your Dinosaurs and the Bible [booklet]—it not only answered many questions but sparked my interest in learning more…I would like to receive your catalog.

Influencing teachers: I have been a subscriber to Creation magazine…I gave an issue to my son’s 6th-grade science teacher…I also sent a recent issue to my former high-school science teacher.

Reaching seminary students: The tapes have been very helpful here in Singapore…We also will be ordering a number of books for our school [seminary] library from your catalog.

You see, our materials are “dangerous”: “dangerous” to the evolutionists and humanists that is, because they enthuse Christians to spread the message of the authority of the Word of God. As a result, many of them will also preach the Gospel, just as one couple recognized when they sent their donation to our ministry: We wanted to give to a ministry that is really reaching the unsaved and opening their eyes to our Creator.

Part of the mission statement for Answers in Genesis reads: To provide answers from Genesis to make Jesus Christ, our Creator and Redeemer, relevant to the Church and world today.

We are THRILLED to enclose with this newsletter our latest catalog of “dangerous” materials that honor our Creator and Savior—and defend the Bible from the very first verse.

We ask that you help us in spreading these “dangerous” books, tapes, and videos as far and wide as possible so people will hear the truth concerning God’s Holy Word and the message of His salvation.

Isn’t it interesting? The secular world has many times more books and resources promoting evolution and humanism, and yet they consider our materials “dangerous!” Just shows you how powerful the truth is: if only we can get it into more people’s hands!


Ken Ham

AIG radio heard around the world

In addition to the 250 U.S. stations that carry our radio feature Answers…with Ken Ham, there are now 29 in Australia, 9 in South Africa, and 1 in New Zealand! With AiG’s new recording studio (built last year), we are now able to produce a variety of broadcasts with different program endings, so that listeners overseas can be told how to contact one of our affiliate ministries directly.

And that’s not all the broadcast outlets! Any person around the world with Internet access—and a sound card—can listen to the program when they click onto our popular website.

Here’s the list of the U.S. stations that have been added recently:

Dothan WRJM-FM 93.7 M-F ROS
Selma WAQU-FM 91.1 M-F ROS
Sheffield WAKD-FM 89.9 M-F ROS
Tuscaloosa WALN-FM 89.3 M-F ROS

Fort Smith KAOW-FM 88.9 M-F ROS
Jonesboro KAOG-FM 90.5 M-F ROS
Pine Bluff KANX-FM 91.1 M-F ROS

Quincy KNLF-FM 95.9 M-F ROS

Waycross WASW-FM 91.9 M-F ROS

Mt. Vernon WAPO-FM 90.5 M-F ROS

Terre Haute WAPC-FM 91.9 M-F ROS

Sioux City KAYA-FM 91.3 M-F ROS

Independence KARF-FM 91.9 M-F ROS
Ottawa KRBW-FM 90.5 M-F ROS
Topeka KBUZ-FM 90.3 M-F ROS

Campbellsville WAPD-FM 91.7 M-F ROS

Alexandria KAPM-FM 91.7 M-F ROS
Lafayette KSJY-FM 90.9 M-F ROS
Ruston KAPI-FM 88.3 M-F ROS

Cleveland WDFX-FM 98.3 M-F ROS
Forest WQST-FM 92.5 M-F ROS
Hattiesburg WAII-FM 89.3 M-F ROS
Laurel WATP-FM 90.7 M-F ROS
Sauchier WAOY-FM 91.7 M-F ROS
Tupelo WAFR-FM 88.3 M-F ROS

Kennett KAUF-FM 89.9 M-F ROS
Springfield KAKU-FM 90.1 M-F ROS

Amherst WLMW-FM 90.7 M-F ROS

Clovis KAQF-FM 91.1 M-F ROS

New Bern WAAE-FM 91.9 M-F ROS

Grants Pass KAPK-FM 91.1 M-F ROS

Jackson WAMP-FM 88.1 M-F ROS

Abilene KAQD-FM 91.3 M-F ROS
Amarillo KAVW-FM 90.7 M-F ROS
Borger KQVO-FM 91.5 M-F ROS

Culpeper WARN-FM 91.5 M-F ROS

Sunnyside KAYB-FM 88.1 M-F ROS
Gillette KAXG-FM 89.7 M-F ROS


ROS = Rotating Schedule T = Translator M-F = Monday through Friday SU = Sunday

March Newsletter

Flying high with Creation!

The marvels of bird flight are pondered by Dr. Andy McIntosh in the just-released March-May issue of Creation magazine. Dr. McIntosh is a scientist who recognizes intelligent design when he sees it, especially in birds.

This is one of many articles featured in Creation, which is currently being sent to tens of thousands of readers around the world. This family magazine for March-May also features faith-strengthening articles on:

The foundations of the family found in Genesis (an article by AiG President, Ken Ham) Evidence that birds did not evolve from dinosaurs, no matter what Hollywood movies might say! Stalactites—They don’t take millions of years to form!


Dear AiG:

Thank you for the wonderful (pastors’) breakfast in Colorado Springs.

Hearing Ken Ham speak was both inspiring and challenging. His message is clear and powerful. I really want to build up my Christian foundations upon a solid foundation from the roots of Genesis.

I believe the materials and videos provided at the breakfast will help me to be able to persuade others to see the fallacies of evolutionistic thinking.

—Pastor G.A., Colorado Springs, CO

Dear Ken:

Please accept our gift to Answers in Genesis.

My wife and I have heard you speak a number of times in the Greater Salt Lake City area. Thank you for all you do to get this message to our society in such a powerful way. The message is especially tough to get across to high school students who have already been brainwashed in the other direction.

May you and your work be blessed by God Almighty!

—C.W., Sandy, UT

Dear AiG:

There is an enormous need for AiG’s work for building up the Church, strengthening creation apologetics, and combating apostasy. Apologetics is probably the most neglected field in Christianity.

AiG does excellent work and Creation is an excellent magazine.

—S.D., Albuquerque, NM

Dear Mr. Ham:

We met at the recent Lutherans for Life convention. I’m sure you don’t remember me, but I will never forget you.

Enclosed is a contribution for your work. The creation-based Sunday school curriculum about which you wrote recently is needed very much.

—E.K., Virginia Beach, VA

Thanks so much for the important job you are doing in communicating the truth. My wife and I have sent a number of gift subscriptions to Creation magazine. May the Lord continue to bless AiG!

—S.S., Absecon, NJ

Help wanted for Sunday School Curriculum

Help wanted
As we develop our Sunday school curriculum, it would be very helpful if our supporters would send us copies of current science, history, and geology books from all grade levels (pre-k through 12th grade) whether from public, private or Christian schools. If you cannot send us a copy of the actual book(s), perhaps you could send us photocopies (after obtaining written permission from the publishers) of the various sections from these books which you may consider relevant to the Creation/evolution issue.

In addition, any copies of Scholastic News articles, Classroom Readers, and any other periodicals distributed in schools would also be useful. Also helpful: copies of video and audio tapes, and evolutionary-biased multimedia resources (i.e. CD-ROMs, interactive computerware, etc.).

AiG is requesting these materials so that we may be better able to counter evolutionary indoctrination that our young people are getting at every age level in education (and in the media). This way we will be better equipped to furnish children (and adults) in Sunday school classes with Biblical answers to what they are being (mistakenly) taught in public schools and elsewhere.

We would also appreciate receiving copies of such things as evolutionary-tainted bubble gum cards, which are increasingly being given out by various fast-food restaurants and convenience stores.

Society is bombarding us with evolutionary propaganda in every area of the media and in our educational institutions, and we purpose to counteract it as best as we are able.

Thank you in advance for your contribution!


Did you know that the marriage phrase “till death do us part” has plenty to do with Creation?

This common phrase in marriage vows also has something to do with the Curse and our relationship to Christ. You see, there were no vows in the original marriage, because there was no sin, troubled times, sickness, etc. before the Fall. The first marriage was perfect in every way, there were no struggles whatsoever.

However, when Adam sinned, it not only ruined his relationship with God, but it also damaged his relationship with Eve. As a result, there would now be times of sickness and health, prosperity and poverty, joy and sorrow, all of which could put a strain on marriage.

Thankfully, God has given each man and woman specific instructions on how to conduct themselves in their marriage. If you truly want to have a “Genesis marriage,” it can only be accomplished by loving each other as Christ loves His Church: sacrificially (see Ephesians 5). God understands exactly what sin has done to every aspect of life, and that’s why we need to obey His rules in every area, including marriage.

(Taken from the March 27, 1998 broadcast of the Answers with Ken Ham radio program.)


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