Creation Scientists and Teachers Comment


AiG has received a tremondous outpouring of support for the Creation Museum from scientists and teachers alike.

R.M., Teacher, M.Ed.—I wholeheartedly believe that a creationist can be a scientist. There is no greater authority on science than the Bible. God’s Word has revealed to us everything that modern “science” is trying to prove today. We have the answers and a personal relationship with the Creator. In our classrooms, we need to have a more defined Christian testimony. This is evident in the decline of our educational system. We need to take our schools back. True science does not prove that the Bible is correct, the Bible confirms what true science is out to prove. The bottom line is that God said it; that settles it!

M.C., Retired Physician, Researcher; M.D.—I have found that careful examination of quality scientific data supports a young earth creation model. Therefore, I believe creationists are the better teachers and scientists.

D.L., Environmental Engineer, PE—I could write a book about this subject, but to keep it short and simple, I find that those who really study the science of the world can in no way doubt the amazing presence of God. The amount of evidence of design alone increased my faith as a Christian and also makes me a better engineer. As an environmental engineer who tries to design along with the environment and do what God intended it to do, I am just constantly amazed at how God designed this earth.

A.L., Superintendent: Training Traffic and Law Enforcement—This debate best personifies the war raging between God and the principalities of evil. I believe in creation wholeheartedly and intend to persuade as many people to believe as well.

D.B., Remote Sensing Scientist, B.S. Physics 1981—Creation is inescapable and undeniable. As a scientist, I find that a literal interpretation of scripture and observational science in complete support is straight forward and logical. Anything else is far more difficult and violates logic and reason. I am continually amazed at the creative power of God demonstrated in Genesis. As a physicist, I appreciate the depth and complexity of all that He defined and called into existence simply by speaking a Word. How could man even begin to grasp the sheer vastness of this? What an awesome God we serve. He created the universe in all its depth and yet He knows you and me by name.

C.B., Orthopaedic Surgeon, MD—I see God’s creation every day in the human body. Surgeons can put bones back in their proper position, but only God can make them heal.

F.B., MA Science Education—For years I have critiqued your responses to popular theistic evolutionists: I have been a biologist, environmental educator and biology teacher who held to theistic evolution, thinking there must be a loophole somewhere in the scriptures that would allow for long ages and some kind of evolution. I was constantly proven wrong. Creationism has the best scientists, thinkers, writers and debaters that mankind has to offer. I plan to devote the remainder of my years to promoting the gospel through the creation account.

M.T., Design Engineer, BSEE—I am a scientist/engineer and am completely convinced of creation as well as a young earth. The WHOLE Bible IS truth. I love what you are doing. I completely agree that the Biblical foundation has been destroyed by academia and want to help build it back. There was an attempt 2 years ago to accredit the Masters in Science Education from ICR in my home state (Texas) but it was rejected. What else can I do to help?

H.J., 8th grade science teacher, BA in Biology, MS in Environmental Education—I am a public school science teacher and I am also a believer in Jesus Christ AND creationism. As a teacher, I am forced to teach evolution but no one has told me NOT to teach about creationism. I tell my students that I don’t believe in evolution. I don’t think that our earth and solar system exist because of a big bang. On the contrary, a higher power must have done this. That usually gets them thinking! I just wanted to thank you for this resource. It is full of interesting articles and I will definitely use this as a helpful aid as I plan my lessons. Thank you!

M.B., Biochemist, Lab Manager, MS—I am a scientist and having an organization such as AiG is a blessing!! To be bombarded by all the evolutionary talk on a day to day basis, it’s encouraging to have material by real scientists that believe the Bible. Creationists can do real and good science I think better than the evolutionists.

P.S., MBArch, MA(Applied Linguistics), PGDipSLT, DipTching (Tertiary), BSc —I am a Bible Lecturer and ESOL teacher at Eastwest College of Inter-cultural studies in Hamilton, New Zealand. I am one hundred percent behind you and what you represent. I’m working on my Doctor of Religious Education which includes a paper on creation vs evolution. Please keep up the good work.

D.A., Retired Professor Emeritus, M. A.—My daugher, grandson and wife accompanied me to the Creation Museum the first year it was open. We were pleased with the work that has been done in presenting evidence of the truthfulness of Genesis and a “young earth.”

A.H., Marine Biologist, Fishes Research Specialist, M.S.—Thank you AIG for your ministry in support of a biblical worldview with a focus on Jesus Christ.

T.M., Master Degree in Curriculum and Instruction; pursuing doctorate degree in education at present—As a creationist science teacher, it is interesting to me that scientists use Biblical concepts in their work, yet many of them don’t seem to know it. As Jason Lisle points out, many folks like to use Biblical truths to refute the Bible itself. I am so grateful for the resource that AIG is to so many of us on the “front lines” in the educational field. As long as this country allows us to speak freely, my voice shall declare what a great God He is, and that everyday operational science confirms His gifts to us. My class travels all the way from Minnesota every year to experience your great Creation Museum! Blessings to you all.

H.M., M. Ed. & Ed. D.; Professor of Education at Piedmont Baptist College —I am a former Christian school science teacher and current professor of education. I am glad to count myself among those who accept the literal account of creation as biblical, scientific, and logical. A literal creation is the foundation of Christian education; to understand the Creator is the most reasonable way to introduce the Savior.

A.B., Chemist, Miss, BS, PhD in progress—Hello, I am interested in adding my name to the modern scientists list and in being involved in the peer review process if possible. I have read the “scientist inclusion procedure” and I would like to start the process. In summary, I am a 2nd year doctoral student at University of California, Davis in the Chemistry program. My classwork emphasis is Organic Chemistry and my research emphasis is Inorganic Chemistry. I grew up in a strong Christian home in Virginia and was saved at a young age. My parents and I have been long supporters of AIG and Young Earth Creationism. I was homeschooled up through high school. I attended Liberty University and then transferred to The Master’s College where I received my BS in Biology. AIG has had a tremendous impact on my life and spiritual growth. I am very thankful to the Lord for His blessing on your ministry. I would like to give back in whatever means possible to strengthen the body of Christ and glorify God. Please let me know in what ways I can be of service to your ministry.

R.L., B.S., Chemistry, University of Kansas; M.D., Kansas University Medical School, F.A.C.S, surgeon— It is to our shame and disgrace that the glory of God in His creation is stolen by teachers espousing evolution and theistic evolution. What glory we see just looking across the room at our spouse, or children! What glory in just looking out the window! What glory in pondering the complexity we are finding in cellular biology! No amount of false “scientific” teaching can fool all the people all the time --even us “uneducated” without PhD s! Thank you for the Creation Museum and for adhering to the whole Word of God!

M.F., Master de biologie cellulaire (seven years in university of sciences) —I am a christian teacher in biology. I live in France. In my country evolutionism is a very big problem. We don’t have enough support to teach the truth about evolution and creation. I am very happy to know “Answers in Genesis” and I want to be a member of the minister of creation.

R.G., Chemistry Teacher, Masters in Education, Roberts Weslyan College, BS in Chemistry from Rochester Institute of Technology —First of all I am a Christian who loves our Lord Jesus, and I believe the Bible is His inerrant Word to us. Therefore I do believe in the literal 6-days of creation. I am a teacher in the Rochester NY area. I teach chemistry and forensic science. I was a chemist for 24 years for a large corporation in this area. I have been a teacher now for the past six years. Evidence from chemistry is absolutely devastating to the evolutionary point of view. I share that often with my students. I love your Ministry and website!! I will worship toward thy holy temple, and praise thy name for thy lovingkindness and for thy truth: for thou hast magnified thy word above all thy name. Psalm 138:2

O.A., B.S. Physics—Recently I had a discussion with my scientist friend from UCLA. He challenged my creationist views even though he was a supposed Christian. God taught me that I need to really dive deep into researching creation science to be able to defend my faith. The free information on this site is vital for my research to stand up for the God who made the universe.

M.M., Teacher B.A. in History—The Evolution Theory is so full of holes and getting more porous all the time. No one has one single piece of empirical evidence for evolution. Their belief system is based on opinion and very shaky data. I am very happy to hear that there is a museum telling the real story of creation.

G.W., MD (ret.)/PhD (Pathology)/Hematopathology Fellow—Creationists stand on the firmest of ground both theoretically and practically.

A.H., Master’s Student, BS Biology, MA Secondary Education—I am pursuing my Master’s in Secondary Education to teach Biology. Your site and resources have made a huge impact on the strength and quality of my knowledge. God is putting me in the classrooms for a specific reason. I am a little anxious to see how His plans work out. I know He can open doors no one can shut.

D.C., Horticulturist, B.S. Horticulture—The creationist scientists affiliated with the ICR and Answers In Genesis I’ve heard are logical, balanced and fact oriented. I cannot say the same for my former evolution professors.

M.M., College professor, BS Chemistry & Physics Education, MS Physics Education—I visited the museum during the summer of 2008, and I was greatly impressed. As a christian science teacher, it was very interesting and thought provoking. I will certainly return when my two boys are older. The museum is state of the art and the grounds are beautiful.

A.W., Preserve Manager, Wildlife Mngt, Forestry Mgt—I haven’t yet had a chance to visit the museum but I certainly shall. I have worked in natural resources for the last 4 years. I was educated in a secular college with curricula based on evolution and darwinian theory. Even so knowing for the duration of my studies that evolution had a sizable incongruence in it’s validity, I have been bolstered and refreshed by the message that AIG has disseminated. Great job and keep up the good work.

R.M., Research scientist and lecturer, PhD Astronomy & Astrophysics, BSc Physics & Mathematics —An excellent site, which provides all the evidence and facts needed for anyone to understand the concept of Creationism. Although I only discovered it in the last few days, I shall be advising my students - and anyone else who is interested - to witness the truth and scientific fact behind Creationism. Well done!

J.H., HS Science Teacher, M.S. Educational Leadership—I teach Biology and Environemental science. It’s very difficult to teach students how to think for themselves when the state, and therefore the school district expect you to teach evolution as fact. And the textbooks are all of the assumption that evolution is the only viable explanation.

M.S., Grad Student, BS degree in Biology—I am a Graduate student preparing for a career as a secondary school (high school) Biology teacher. I am completely amazed at how evolutionists attack our very beliefs simply because they counter their own. It takes as much faith to believe in evolution as it does in the Creator, God. To say that anything “proves” evolution to be fact, is to go against the very beliefs of science and biology. Numerous of my undergraduate professors, who were also evolutionists, said that nothing in biology can be proven as a fact, unless it is something so uncontroversial as “I am breathing therefore I live.” You can only say that something supports a given hypothesis (is statistically significant), therefore making it a theory. By their very own specifications, Evolution should remain a hypothesis, and NOT even a theory. Seeing as how not even Biologists can agree on their own theories and scientific hypotheses, why should we be forced to be quiet and agree when even they don’t have to?

V.H., Veterinarian—I lost my faith in college due to the “brainwashing” of evolution. My return to faith was greatly influenced by creationism. I believe we must give students the true facts and not the evolutionary agenda. I have been attacked for defending my position in the American Journal of Veterinary Medicine. I am now a Certified Video Conference Coordinator for the Creation Museum so we can take the message to the world!

M.H., College Professor, Mathematics; MA in Math and English as a Second Language; BA in Computer Science; High School Teaching Credential in Chemistry, Physics, and General Science —The Bible-believing, six-day Creationist viewpoint is the only logical view to have and is the only scientifically (and theologically) tenable position to hold. Any position on evolution, whether atheistic or theistic, cannot be supported either scientifically or Biblically. It is my feeling that when we look past the rhetoric, ranting, and raving, evolutionists give very little actual science to support their belief in molecules-to-man evolution; I usually hear about the usual bait-and-switch techniques such as bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics (they are and were still the bacteria kind) and this somehow proves that we evolved from slime -- a complete non-sequitur if there ever was one, but this sleight-of-hand is common among the evolutionary community. May I add that I thouroughly enjoyed the Creation Museum when I visited in August 2008 and can only wish there were more such museums throughout the United States (and even the world!) The San Francisco Academy of Sciences here in California is opening up again, and when I visit, I no doubt will get the usual evolutionary stories and then say to myself, “I wish I were at the Creation Museum!”

S.D., Teacher; BA in History, Master’s Degree in Computer Education—I only wish MORE teachers had access to this awesome information! These truths changed my life years ago by helping me realize the holes in my faith. I am a teacher in a public high school (World Geography and World History), and I have had amazing opportunities to simply ask “thinking questions” and present other possiblities - using the information from creation scientists. I am having to teach the unit on early man right now, and just the way a teacher presents the information can make a big difference!! I pray that God will provide MORE creation scientists to help spread the truth.

L.R., Secondary School Geography teacher, BSc (Hons) Environmental Science—It is very difficult to change pupils way of thinking as all the textbooks talk about millions of years and how we have evolved. The resources we have to work with in the first place are not consistent with the Bible. You can’t be seen to be “preaching” to the kids either so it is frustrating sometimes. You have to teach what is on the syllabus but then just say “some believe that...” I love the work you are doing and I am passionate about Creation Evangelism. I would love to work for you if I wasn’t a teacher! May God strengthen and equip you. Laura Rice, Reading, UK

G.H., Myoskeletal Therapist, CMT, OMT, NCTMB— Dear AIG, I praise God for the gifts of you all. Years ago I reached a point in my walk where I was frustrated with all the apparent differences and doctrinal beliefs. As I went to God in my despair I vowed that if God would just lead me to know the truth that I’d teach it to others. Not only has He answered my prayer with your ministry but has made opportunity for me to introduce Intelligent Design in my lectures. He has provided me a platform as a continuing education instructor for the NCBTMB, where I have opportunity monthly to share this truth of God’s Creation. I was delighted to discover that teaching creation science is at the discretion of the teacher and that legally I’m not violating any law. Thank you for the wealth of information that you have made available for us and your steadfastness in maintaining the integrity of God’s Word rightly divided. you will have my continued support and prayers. May you all continue to grow in all wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Thanks again :)

T.R., High School Science Teacher, BS —I am a public high school chemistry and GMO (Geology, Meteorology, Oceanography) teacher. I always tell my students that the evolutionary statements in the books and videos are opinions, not facts. I also tell them that I will never ask them to believe anything which is contrary to their faith. I usually get several sighs of relief and many broad smiles in response. I am a firm believer in a young earth and a literal six-day creation.

S.F., Veterinary Surgeon, Dr, BVSc MRCVS—My husband and I are South African qualified vets who now live and work in the UK. We were thoroughly disappointed in the Natural History Museum in London and grieved by the way in which Evolution is taught as fact. Praise the Lord for the work He is doing through AiG, and especially for the Creation Museum! I can’t wait to see it for myself - I wish for nothing more than to share the Word of God with my children and teach them to walk in the ways of the Lord.

M.H., MS science teacher, BA Christian Education—I firmly believe that an education without creationism is lacking. I just watched a debate in which an engineer said that the Creation Museum was helping us to build a generation of students who believe in creation and that without technology we would not have any of the things we enjoy (t.v., phones, computers) While the latter part of this statement is true, his assertion that these advances were all made by evolutionists really irritated me. The vast majority of early scientists were creationists and those who are not afraid to admit to a higher authority still do.

A.R., teacher, B.A in Psychology—I am so glad your ministry exists! I heard Ken Ham speak at the FACCS convention in Oct. 2007 and I have not been the same. I teach junior high science (earth and space) and I have made it my mission this year to educate the students on the facts and how to defend their faith! I have been using many of the AIG resources to make this possible! Thank you for helping me!

J.L., teacher/minister(ab theo and BS industrial education)—I’m a high school teacher,teaching values and bible class..I am thankful to you that you opened our minds to biblical creation.

B.S., Chemist, M.S.—I have a great respect for fact based science (which your scientists teach). The textbook theories are going too far. My wife, a former teacher, even saw opposition for Creation being taught at a private Christian school. Thank you for standing for the truth and doing all you do with Answers.

R.M., currently a teacher of AP and introductory chemistry—I am a lifetime member of the Museum, a recent addition to the museum volunteer core, a longtime supporter of the ministry, holder of a master’s degree, finalist in one of NASA’s more recent search efforts for teacher candidates, and a National Board Certified Adolescent and Young Adult science teacher of 17 years experience. The things I have read over the years from AIG and ICR have made me a better, more informed teacher, of both science and critical thinking. I have not used this information to push a certain religion within the public school system (unlike what is done by humanists), but rather only to teach in an open and ethical manner. The writing on the site is excellent. I am prompted to comment today by the excellent feedback response given by Georgia Purdom today (Feb 1, 2008). I remain surprised that it would be necessary to make the same points that have been made numerous times on this site (and yet to be rebutted). However, please express to Dr. Purdom that I think her answer was especially well written. I hope God might give me opportunity some day to show other Christian teachers how to successfully educate themselves and to teach more effectively and ethically while obeying the laws of our nation as they stand.

S.Z., Dentist-researcher PhD regenerative Medicine and tissue engineering by stem cells—I believe that Answers organization has proved to be a qualified debater against macro-evolution, rising the authority of the word of God. Without your faithfulness I think the world would have been lost in an irrecuperable darkness. Keep going and thank you.

W.S., Engineering Project Manager, Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.BS IE—I believe that the greatest teachers and scientists are God believing creationists. My wife is an amazing science teacher teaching 7th and 8th Grade Science with one student that now works for NASA and an incredible number of students placing and winning at local and regional science fairs. I have seen as her beliefs has grown over the years, her students have benefited from her passion of teaching, logic and understanding. All Glory and Honor to God in Heaven and Jesus through who everything was created.

K.B., Corporate Executive, CEO, MBA, BS-Marketing—I believe that our children have to learn both arguements so that they will see the diffenrence between Creationist and the evolutionist position, so they can see the evidence for creation and the lack of evidence for evolution.

D.K., Retired, Training Specialist, Th.M.—Creationists as teachers and scientists are long overdue. Research, fresh insights into the mechanisms of the Genesis Flood, removing misconceptions of processes (biological, geological, etc.) are just a few of the needy areas they can contribute to our better understanding of God’s record of what happened in our 6,000 year history.

T.H., Science Educator/Ecologist (A.A.S. Forest Technology, B.S. Natural Resource Management, M.S. Education, M.P.S. Ecology)—As a product of the public schools and universities and as a science educator/ecologist in public education, I have found that students are not generally taught to think critically. The reigning philosophical paradigm is materialistic naturalism which assumes that the origin of the universe, world and creatures can be explained by chance, random events. What students don’t realize is that this is just as much a faith statement, as assuming that there is a Great Designer, even though it is cloaked as “science”. Many creationist teachers and scientists have come from these secular institutions and remember that the “facts” they were taught were really interpretations of the facts and they have wrestled with these world view issues and the limitations of science. They are often in a much better position to provide the learning environment students need to wrestle and debate the issues together and avoid the herd mentality. In the end, my students understand what science can and cannot do. They understand the assumptions that researchers make before they interpret data and they understand that the assumptions are determined by the philosophical world view of the scientist. This way, all the cards are on the table and students can think for themselves instead of being told what to think. In the process, they are better able to pose key questions in their pursuit of knowledge.

T.B., Teacher, B. Sc., B. Ed.—Dear Answers in Genesis, I want to start off by telling you how first class your ministry is. I don’t think there is anything more important than upholding the authority of the Word of God. Your resources (and I think I own them all) have literally changed my life. Allow me to explain. I grew up not having any answers to my skeptic friends questions. I didn’t know what to do with dinosaurs and the “proven” millions of years for the age of the earth. This was very discouraging and almost proved fatal to my Christian walk. And then I came across “The Lie: Evolution” by Ken Ham and my eyes were opened. All of the sudden I was armed with the answers I was disparately searching for and I had a solid defense for my belief in God and His infallible Word. Two years later, I am 24 years old with a degree in Physics and a degree in Education. As a creationist teacher, I feel it is of the utmost importance to teach students about presuppositions and how a scientists starting assumptions will influence their interpretation of the evidence. In addition, students need to be informed of what real science is and what it isn’t. Moreover, the difference between in-the-present operational science and origin science which encompass both creation and evolution. I definitely agree that creation and evolution should not be taught in the public schools. Let’s face it, I would not want my evolutionist colleague to be teaching creation down the hall. This would probably do more harm than good. Likewise, if (or most likely when) I teach evolution to my students they will be shown how it is a very data poor idea which is unsupported by the observable world. If this level of honesty costs me my job then so be it. I am proud to be called a creationist and a teacher. Keep up the amazing work and God Bless everyone at Answers in Genesis.

B.W., DMD ( dentist )—I trust the word of God for my understanding of creation and thank Him for telling us what He did for us .

M.M., MBBCh Medical Practitioner—There is no contradiction between creationism and science. Creation is a far more likely account for the origin of life than is a series of evolutionary accidents.

S.W., MS, MPAS, PA-C—It is so important for us as scientist and also believers in Creation as the Genesis account explains clearly. The museum is just another step in the process of “getting the WORD out” and debunking the evolutionary garbage that was taught to myself and is being taught to our children as the Gospel.

P.N., Managing Director of a foundation MSc and PhD in Pest and Disease Management —I am a Scientist from Cameroon Africa I would like to join the group to have more argument to support creationism .Christianity is strong in my country but the new generation is threaten by the corrupted theory of evolution. I am preaching on the 4th of january 2008 in a church of 1500 people .I will be talking creationism.Please help me.

K.P., Special Education Teacher, M.A. Special Education, Pupil Personnel Services—Thank you for your ministry! I have taught in special education for 17 years. Though I have worked K - 12, the majority of my time has been spent at the high school level teaching core curriculum and coaching. The bias in the public schools for evolution is very frustrating (A key reason for our decision to homeschool our 5 kids). It is amazing how heavily the religion of evolution is promoted and relied upon. Teachers will often make comments to degrade students, parents or staff who are not as “intelligent or informed” as they are. Thus, our intellectual standing can be put into question. I have found that there is very little searching for the truth when it comes to this topic. I have worked and continue to work in the areas of biology and discovery science. My job is to present content and facilitate learning. The logical and educated answers you provide help me shed light in some dark places and at times I’m able to “make a defense for the hope that is inside me.” Please pray for all Christian teachers in the public schools as we attempt to be used by the Lord as He wills, not as man commands.

S.F., Scientist, A.S. (Biology Education), B.S. (Biology), M.S. (Biology), MBA—I want you all to know that you all are doing great work at AiG! As a scientist, I enjoy the technical discussions and professional articles that you all print and/or publish. As a believer, I appreciate you all spreading the good news as you reach out to folks with the gospel. I work with many scientists who are creationists and their knowledge bases are at least as good as their evolutionist collegues. Again, thank you for the work that you all do and may God bless all of you at AiG.

N.K., Engineer- BS in mechanical design; MS in multidisciplin engineering—From a statistical and scientific perspective none of the theories other than creation can explain the formation of just the human eye let alone an entire human. When looking at the design of humans, how they fit with each other and with the rest of nature, you should be considered a lunatic to suggest that this happened as random chance. Many of the morals under attack today can easily be reaffirmed by merely analyzing the design of the human body and deriving if it was meant to do that. The world does not have to become Christian to endorse Christian values; God created a logically world that can be used to defend the Christian perspective without ever having to use “because the Bible says so.”

E.N.S., Retired, Ph.D.—I have long been interested in animals and electronics as well as Creation. In high school I had an amateur (ham) radio license and my novice call sign was prophetic of things to come. It was KN5PHD. I had a Ph.D. from the FCC. While attending college at Southwestern Oklahoma State University, I designed a radio telemetry system for tracking rattlesnakes making a major NSF study possible. The professor found out I was a creationist and tried to keep me from graduate school. At Baylor, I designed and used a multichannel telemetry system to study thermoregulation of free ranging alligators in south Texas. Again, my advisor found out I was a Creationist after publishing another paper in CRSQ and told me if he had known, he would NOT have accepted me for graduate studies at Baylor. A week after earning my Ph.D. in Zoology from Texas Tech University I again had a paper published in CRSQ and my major professor was so angry he formed a committee to annul my doctorate, but was unsuccessful. I was invited as keynote speaker to a major international telemetry meeting in Oxford and took two research students. Even though I had over 50 technical publications, excellent student reviews and many research students giving papers at national scientific meetings, I was denied tenure at Northeastern Oklahoma State University for doubting Saint Darwin and ended up driving 18-wheelers until my retirement two years ago. I am enjoying retirement and recently had my ninth book accepted for publication including a series of children’s books about Al-the-Gator and his friends in a farm pond in south Texas. I now have over 150 published papers and had one recently in CRSQ and another is in press. I also lead an online small group dealing with science and the Bible issues for New Life Church in Colorado Spring. Our battle is real; the Enemy unscrupulous.

D.F., Jr High math teacher, B.A elementary education —I grew up and was educated as an evolutionist. I am a school teacher with two college degrees (secular schools) and I have been to 13 countries around the world. I am a creationist and proud of it. It is not my reading of the Bible that has led to me becoming a creationist but simple mathematics, college textbooks and common sense.

B.M., Science teacher, Master of Science—We need people that believe in creation to speak up for their convictions. It seems that the right theories have always met a lot of opposition from the “scientific community”, so we need not despair.

R.T., Associate Professor, Agricultural Education, Ph.D. in Agricultural Education & Experimental Statistics —As an Associate Professor in Agricultural Education, I teach research design. It is clear to me that supporters of liberal evolution do not follow the standard rules of research design. By inferring causation from correlation, facts are stated which are not supported by the literature/evidence. We should be able to reason together using the rules set forth by true scientist searching for the truth.

T.K., Atmospheric Scientist, Senior Scientist, MS in Atmospheric Science —God said it and that settles it! The Bible is correct in every dimension of human knowledge and that includes science. God bless the powerful ministry of telling the truth through AiG and the Creation Museum.

J.Z., molecular biologist, Research Officer, Ph.D. —As a scientist that works with and looks at mammalian cells almost everyday I cannot comprehend how other scientists can believe in evolution. Viewed under the microscope the majesty of the universe is seen within the cell in the microscale. The complexity of organelles and molecules and their interactions in time and space defies human explanation. The evidence for a mighty, omniscient God is unmistakable. Truly, scientists are without excuse. It is most expedient that a creationist museum exists to proclaim God’s handiwork and speak against the blindness of dogmatic, evolutionary thought that has enshrouded both young and old.

M.C., Software Developer, MA Mathematics, BS Education (Secondary Math) —Our country was founded on the principles of freedom of thought, freedom of speech and freedom of religion. Moreover, the greatest advances in science have come from those who were willing to think outside the box of commonly accepted theories. The “marketplace of ideas” welcomes a host of unpopular and unlikely theories on every conceivable subject, and it is disingenuous to single out Creationist arguments for censorship simply because they outrage the politically correct crowd, or because they do not agree with the current most popular theories of origins. Creationism should be allowed a voice in the spectrum of ideas, and, if it is wrong, let the scientific evidence prove it so. However, I think a vast number of Creationists would agree with me in saying that we came to believe in Creationism simply because the evidence was overwhelmingly compelling in favor of it. For many of us, scientific evidence abundantly confirms the Bible’s claim to being the infallible Word of the omnipotent Creator.

H.R., At Risk Youth Program Director / Artist —“Answers in Genesis” is an indespensable asset to both my students as well as my family. The unbiased and focused opinions as well as detailed clear referenced research proposed by this organization, is both sound and future-minded in scope. In terms of the preservation and support of our nations youth, AiG is not only supplying solid answers of the biological past, but also responsible sound perspectives for this generation’s future. My students are all ward-of-the-court recipients, children with a tough histories and backgrounds. I have serviced thousands throughout these last thirteen years as a teacher and program director. The most incredible phase of contact is not when we finally circumvent all the initial filters and relationship problems to get to the basic respect level needed for creative studies, rather, it is when they are first made aware of their origins, design, purpose and possibilities in life as a “God imaged wonderful human being” and NOT an “accidental animalistic purposeless dispensable variable composite”. Their eyes take on a whole new glimmer. Thank you AiG for your established biblical principles, vision and scope of endurance* Best wishes, don’t stop!

L.H., I’m a P.G. licensed professional geologist in KY, I hold a BS majoring in geology with a chemistry minor —I fully believe they are true scientists and teachers. I use to be an atheist, and became a geologist in part because of that. When I converted powerfully the Christianity, I began the long mental battle of assessing what I thought I knew, not as an “layman” but as a scientist myself. I adhere firmly to the young earth and creation per Scripture and would affirm with Martin Luther that the bible speaks plainly about creation. I’m greatly appreciative first as a believer and second as a scientist for the work Christian scientist and teachers are doing. My children will be taught Scripture and I always worried about the science, even though I am one, I hardly had all the anwers to refute what I once learned. You have no idea how greatful I am to this ministry. Of course the prevailing scientific paradigm of epicurianism, which is a religion itself, will scoff and persecute all such scientist holding Scripture highest. But this is nothing new. Laughter and mocking as John Calvin and Martin Luther point out are the worst type of persecution assaulting the mind of the believer, for it makes him/her doubt the Word of God, namely the Gospel for them. Evolution and modern “science” do just that.

R.Z., Doctor of Pharmacy—I totally support the creation view of the bible “IN the Beginning- God” end of story. As a clinical pharmacist/pharmacologist, I am amazed how detailed our neurotransmitter systems and neurophysiology is, especially when it comes to how new drugs expose the complexitity of these systems.

T.C., RT (R) CVT—I believe that Creationists make excellent teachers and scientists..They also make great Medical Doctors and Medical professionals. Thanks for the great job with the creation web page. I hope to see the Creation museum in the near future. I really don’t understand how some one can see the awe inspiring workings of the human body and not beleive in a Creator God who is exactely who He said He is. I work in the Cardiac Catherization Lab. Assisting with Cardiac artery ballooning, stenting, ect. And I see Gods handy work everyday.

C.W., M.D., Family Physician—To exclude creationists as teachers and scientists would exclude the founding scientists of most of the existing scientific disciplines. Belief in God who created the universe and instituted all the natural laws should be a plus. Christians are to seek to know more about their creator. Certainly then, christians should be eager to learn more about God by studying the details of His creation.

K.K., Master of Science —I’m a creationist teacher. Well, I have taken a new job as a grade six home room teacher. Looking through the grade six science book (Houghton Mifflin) I noticed that there was a unit which included evolution. I’m praying about how to deliver the classes when time comes to cover that unti. I plan to teach the basics on evolution but give the children both sides of the story. Your website is giving me a lot of help and encouragement. Please keep it up and pray for me as I head into this challenge.

J.D., Retired, Ph.D. CE & Environmental Science —Everyone has a world view and it may not be definable or fit into a nice category of some kind. However, all world views start from one of two premises; e.g God is (and He has revealed us through general revelation in what He has created - and special revelation (God’s Word); and God is not (which leads to nihilism). There is no in between. Attempts to mix these starting points end up in chaos and irrational confusion. A creationist starts with God is. An atheist (evolutionist) starts with God is not. God says God is truth (reality). An evolutionist says only science can reveal truth. A person who is a teacher or scientist conducts his business from one of these world views. Certainly the creationist can teach truth. So can an atheist - sometimes, to a certain degree. But their teachings are a mixture of partial truth and partial falsehoods. The basis for judging truth is truth Himself, Jesus. The inspired, inerrant word of God does not need science to prove itself to be true. Good science will always affirm the truth of scripture. If scripture and science are apparently incompatible, something is wrong with the science. This is an impossible pill for the naturalist to swallow. Their view is that naturalism will explain everything - except, of course, the question, why?. If I were in school once again, I would welcome a creationist (young earth) as a teacher and/or scientist because in their efforts, the very first step in addressing some aspect of their work is to see what scripture says about the subject. That is the proper starting point. If one starts with naturalism, error will follow. So, in my opinion, being a creationist is a prerequisite to proper teaching and proper science. Right now the paradigm is naturalism and this has led to where we are now - calling good evil, and evil good. Naturalism draws people away from the Kingdom of God. Creationism draws people to Jesus. That is the way to go.

S.M., IT systems analyst, MBA,. BA—Creationists are the only scientists (evolutionists being their counterparts) who do not violate laws of information science as no codes can ever be generated from matter and energy without a designer. This fact of science is not only ignored by evolutionists but their entire belief system depends on a contrary belief that the complex codes of every living thing spontaneously appeared through chance, thus the PRESTO belief system of information. Life is complex information systems with many complex codes and the fact of science demands a creator. Young people can easily understand this universal rule if given a chance to hear from Creation teachers and scientists.

J.K., Territory Business Manager, BS Industrial Engineering—It is absolutely ludicrous that creationism is being banned in public schools, yet the religion of evolution is considered perfectly acceptable. I myself was taught in both high school and college that evolution was a scientific fact. After studying for myself, I now know that to be a complete farce. Fight the good fight!

M.O., Environmental Scientist—Hello, I am a Environmental Scientist working in [place of employment removed]. When I was young I always wanted to follow God’s commandment in Genesis of being good stewards of the earth. I spent five years in college getting my Environemtal Science degree. I sat through biology, geology, and ecology classes listening to the lies of evolution knowing that it was all deception. Geology professors used the rock layers and plate tectonics to “prove” the old earth theory. I would just listen, learn enough to pass the tests, and forget it. I thank the good Lord in heaven every day I grew up in a good Christian home and a good church that taught me creation and gave me the concrete foundation to go out into the world and stand on the principles of the Bible. That foundation has allowed me to opened some eyes of my fellow class mates and co-workers to the false teachings of evolution and that there are facts and truths in creation. Creation is not a fairytale. If you look at the science without preconceived concepts from evolution, there are facts indicating a young earth, proof of a global flood, and many other sound evidences for creation. Thank you for the Answers in Genesis ministry and keep up the good work!! There are troops on the ground in this battle and your materials along with the Holy Word are our sword and shield in this battle to overcome the lies of evolution.

C.H., BA in Psychology, BA in Education, MREd, MA in Educational Technology -- Educator —I attended the new Creation Museum this past Friday and found it to be very well done. The Biblical explanation for a 7 day creation time frame was done well. This museum is more than just a place to learn about science from a Biblical viewpoint - it is enjoyable and has a real sense of outreach and mission. I brought people ranging from 8 to 58 and all concurred that it was enjoyable and informative. Thanks for the great job you have done while keeping it scientific and professional.

S.J., Middle School Science Teacher, BS in Science Education—DefCon states that creation is an attack to science education. How is confronting the problems of evolution anti-education?

A.H., Bacholors in Secondary Biology Education—I think that creationists as teachers and scientists are valuable people. They have a Biblical world view and can actually explain the things we see around us.

T.B., Non-Profit Operations Manager, Bachelor of Science, Master of Arts —I studied and taught Biology in Kansas during the controversial school board decisions on science education. Through all of my college education at Kansas State University, while receiving top grades in my upper level classes, the professors were never able to convince me that evolution answered any questions about science. In fact, they more detailed the classes were (microbiology, molecular embriology) I was more convinced that evolution was not the right answer. It had to be God. As I taught high school I made a point to never give evolution stand-alone credit. I always pointed out that something had to begin the process, or something had to design the organism. It really is easy to poke holes in the theory of evolution if people are willing to listen to science and actually follow scientific law.

R.K., Teacher, Researcher...MS Biological Science—I am both a scientist and a teacher of science. My expertise is in Biology, and I love the subject matter because of its direct relevance to the teachings of the Bible. I believe that a scientist must take the Bible as fact, and science as support for that fact. This is what I feel seperates secular science from the true science that is all around us in this world. God has created this world wonderfully, and it is an honor for us all to explore its interworkings and to see how great God truly is!

D.G., Instructor, Mr, BA, BSc, MA—Evolutionary ideas held sway in my thinking until scientific creationism convinced me otherwise. The lack of transitional forms and the many instances of fraudulant and fabricated evidence in the supposed development of man persuaded me to research the claims of Biblical creationism. Presently I teach Algebra, Calculus and Physics at the high school level. Students are introduced to both worldviews and asked to examine the data for themselves. The student consensus is that the data supports the predictions made by the creation model. If the hypothesis of evolution is correct then the majority of the world’s population would have little difficulty embracing this ideology. They do not. And, if evolution is true, where are the convincing arguments to courteously change the thinking of “misguided” creationists? Over the years I have noticed that people who are unable to back up their claims tend to be easily provoked when questioned. The rhetoric of many evolutionists tends to reflect that tendency.

K., engineer w/ a BSME & MBA—I think this whole Creation movement is awesome blessing from God. I’m an engineer by education and trade, thus I’ve studied plenty of science. The fact that we get these laws of science and nature from God doesn’t have anything to do with depending upon the evolutionary lie. Ask Sir Isaac Newton if he depended upon the laws of evolution to derive his many equations and theories? Since evolution didn’t exist in his time and since he’s acknowledged God as the creator in his writings should stop any modern day scientist dead in their “evolutionary” tracks. My kids will learn science and math - that’s a fact, but they’ll learn that these laws have been created by God and not some random chance which by logic is nonsense.

K.T., BA, education, Science exploration teacher for homeschoolers—What a wonderful idea. I viewed much of the information from the DEFCON website as well as the other sights. I am grieved that these people are shouting about their concern of children being “dumbed down” by the creation museum. I would think that all scientists would encourage all children to explore ALL options to find the truth. If they are so very certain of their viewpoint, why, then, are they so afraid of one museum in the middle of the country that many children may never have the opportunity to visit. As a science teacher, I am planning to gather as many children as possible to bring on a field trip. We will begin with a trip of our family of 5 from California this September. Fear, and the perpetuation of fear, seems to be the purpose of DEFCON. Truth and science exploration seems to be the purpose of the Creation Museum. All should be able to view for themselves without the angry people inhibiting our children’s ability to seek and learn ALL aspects of science. Thank you for creating a place for our views to be spoken.

M.H., Pediatrician; MD (Medical College of Georgia); BS Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, (University of Georgia); Diplomate, American Board of Pediatrics; Fellow, American Academy of Pediatrics —I love your work and dedication to the cause of defending the Bible as God’s Word from beginning to end. I see the degenerative effects of secularism on our nation’s children every day in my practice. May God bless you and protect you, as you are continually attacked by a secular world.

D.P., Design Engineer, BS and MS in Mechanical Engineering —I can’t wait to see the museum. I’ve had friends at Mississippi State (where I got both degrees) who were also proud to stand for the SCIENCE and reasoning within creation, but more importantly, for the love and grace of the Redeemer who is responsible for the creation.

T.S., Chemistry instructor, Ph. D. (candidate)—The creationist teachers and scientists are deep thinkers who are not afraid to speak the truth before a hostile academic crowd. The creationists are scholars in their respective scientific fields and are students the Bible. Evolutionist teachers and scientists unfortunately know only half the story. Some years ago I was in a meeting with mostly evolutionist scientists and someone during the conversation mentioned the name of John the Baptist from the Bible . I was surprised to learn that only two scientists out of eleven in the meeting knew about John the Baptist. There is an apparent lack of Biblical knowledge among the American university intellectuals. If you do not know a book how can you be familiar with its contents?. The evolutionist scientists and teachers are simply too proud to become students of the Bible. Therefore, they do not know the rest of the story. Much of their opposition to the creation scientists and teachers is rooted in human pride and vanity. It is only a matter of short time and they will begin to see the light of truth taking over this dark corner of the academic world. Congratulations on your beautiful museum!

T.W., Electrical Engineer—Being a Christian since age 9 and having studied the sciences in pursuit of my engineering degree as well as over 30 years of practice in the field, I find it impossible to believe anything but the Biblical account of the created universe. We, as engineers, have studied God’s design of nature in order to understand the principals and laws involved and have used them quiet successfully in our trade. I am delighted to see and hear about the growing number of scientists in all technical fields that proclaim God as creator and publically acknowledge the Biblical account as given in Genesis. The Creation Museum is a public testimony of the true world history and will serve a substantial part in legitimizing this view to the secular world as well as to many Christians who have been misled by generations of evolutionary teaching.
J.M., Lead High School Teacher, BS Religion, working on M.Div—I am 100% behind the creation museum!! I am a high school science and math teacher in a Christian School and I plan to bring a group of students to the museum as soon as I can arrange it. As a former engeer and evolutionist, I believe teaching the science of creation is the only way to give strength to our young people to defend their position on creation. I make a point of once a week in every class having a creation day to teach the science of Scripture.
J.M., BSAE & BSME, University of Michigan—It was while attending a secular engineering school that I “happened upon” your website. While I had been a Christian for a few years, it wasn’t until then that I realized just how important it is for believers to recognize that the Bible is true from the very first verse. What an encouragement it was (and is) to my faith, knowing that I can fully believe God’s Word! I have seen the effects of belief in evolution, and how Satan uses “science” to lead people away from God. It is ESSENTIAL that Christians understand the complete authority of the scripture. Thank you, men and women of AIG, for your love of Truth and your dedication to your mission.
R.S., Middle and high school science teacher, Bachelor’s degree in Physics.—While I have not yet had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum, I have enthusiastically supported it financially. It is crucial to the creation ministry to have a “brick and mortar” facility for people to visit, to supplement the print, video and Internet media we have used in the past. I am thrilled to have Answers in Genesis resources available to me for supplementing my science curriculum and integrating Biblical truth with my daily lesson plans.
G.C., public school teacher, Masters in Ed.—I am a public school teacher. My husband and I have supported the museum from the beginning. We visited in June and were amazed at the professional design and accuracy of the exhibits. It was far more than anything we could have imagined.We went home and got a group together from our church. We returned just this past week with 19 adults and teens from our church. Our pastor has really gotten on board. I have purchased several books to put in my public school classroom library for my students self selected reading time. This is perfectly legal since the students are able to choose the books they read. My church teens were also excited to have the book Evolution Exposed. I purchased enough earlier in the year for each one to have a copy but their visit to the museum motivated them to actually take a copy to read. Thanks for all you do. You are always in our prayers.
J.E., Computer Scientist, MS (Johns Hopkins), BS—It is because of AiG that I’ve been involved in a fruitfull dialogue (over the past years) with a biology professor from college who once said something like this (in regards to the creationst view of vestigial organs) “good luck trying to explain [the pelvic bone] in whales.” A couple of years after taking his class and finding out about AiG, I’ve been able to respond to his scepticism with AiG articles that provide strong answers. The Creation Museum is a testament to the world that God rewards those who “tremble at his word” while beliving, defending and proclaiming it from the very first verse. I love how this Ministry calls others in the public eye to account who would compromise with evolutionary principles in order to “fit in.” finally, it’s not a matter of mirco vs. macro evolution, it’s a matter of the “information” increase that is needed to “evolve” from one species to another that is absent in both types of evolution.
M.T., BEng (hons) Mechanical Engineering—Aethiests say “don’t mix religion and politics” - why shouldn’t we? they do it all the time and prevent us from teaching true science in the classroom to our children!
P.G., instructor, Northwest MS Comm. College, Masters degree in Biology from Miss. State Univ.—I teach community college science courses and labs and wholeheartedly believe in the accuracy of the Bible in every respect. Evolution has no bearing on my student’s ability to grasp the topics covered in Biology or Anatomy. No concept in science requires a belief in evolution (except, maybe, those fields dedicated to proving it!). As a believer, I love science because it reveals the awesomeness and power of God. I am constantly amazed at what I discover in my field (genetics). The more I discover the more I realize that evolution does not have the answers for what I see, but God does.
R.H., M.D., Partner, Greater Houston Anesthesiology—Christian for 36 years Young earth creationsist for 32 years Practicing Anesthesiologist for 24 years (Too little space in this comments section to tell you my whole story)
C.M., Registered Nurse, Cardiosciences. BScN—After studying human anatomy and physiology and then to declare, “It all came about by chance,” must assuredly be starkly facetious comedy. The astounding complexity inside every human cell, the construction of every organ system, and the dynamic interplay between the different body systems are all feats of engineering far beyond anything today’s best scientists are capable of achieving. How anyone could study human anatomy and physiology and come away with naturalistic explanations about the origin of life intact is beyond me. If an anatomy and physiology professor were to seriously posit that life arose by chance and diversified via random mutations, she would be engaged in an intellectual fraud that is plain for all her students to see.
M.S., Senior Manager in computer science; BS Phys (high honors, from Ga Tech); MS CS (South Carolina)—Can anyone who feels the need to resort to ad hominem argumentation honestly say they’re being scientific? The ill informed and unscientifically minded might be convinced by such tactics, but anyone who loves science and does not have an a priori commitment to naturalism will realize that the rise of information alone argues extremely strongly against evolution and in favor of Biblical Creationism. However, such attacks are not new to the scientific world. The establishment will always be vehemently opposed to a paradigm shift, because their belief system, their reputation and not least of all, their funding might be at stake.
D.H., Chemist, Lab Manager—I am a chemist who develops polymer based and polymer modified systems in support of the coatings and building products markets. Recently, I had the opportunity to visit the Creation Museum with my family. Starting with the entrance, moving through the exhibits and presentations and finally, interacting with staff, we were impressed with the professionalism and courtesy we experienced. The Creation Museum is a testament to God’s work and a witness of His glory and love for mankind.
N.T., Software developer, MS degree in Computer Science—I live in a small far away country in Europe - Serbia, and I finally have a big reason to visit USA. That is, of course, your amazing Creation Museum.
S.C., Pastor, BS InfoSystems, 1/2 of a Master in Religion from Liberty Univ.—My family(8 of us)had been waiting for nearly two years to attend the Creation Museam. We were concerned our expectations had grown to a level that would almost guarantee disappointment. At the first opportunity we planned our “Creation Vacation” with AIG as our prime destination. We were absolutly blown away. The exibits were beyond anything we could have imagined and its overall design and message we extraordinary. Our favorite exibit was the Adam and Eve, Garden scene. It was the first time I believe I realized just how much we lost. I am not usually that emotional but I cried when I saw the picture of them walking away in the mist holding hands, amazing! We spent two days at the museaum and on the way home the kids were already asking when we could return. The biggest dissappointment my family had was they didn’t get to see Ken Ham. I thought it funny, while most kids would get excited about music stars or TV personalities my children have put Ken Ham at the top of their must see list. I can only thank my God in Heaven for that miricle. Continued Blessings, Pastor Scott Cosper & Family Charter Members Creation Museam I am the pastor of FBC of Shelby, Al and our family has an apologetics ministry we just started called, “Eyes Wide Open.” We will be teaching some of the AIG curriculum this fall and I plan on speaking of some of the local churches in Sept. Numbers 24:16
N.H., Physics, Aerospace Engineering—I believe without a doubt that God created the universe. In science and math we deal with the concept of infinity in many different fields and problems. Our universe is infinite. Our God is infinite. If I were to ask any scientist or mathematician what the odds of two balls colliding in an infinite space given random trajectories just in a 2D space they would say none. Now add another plane to it? Everything we see is so complex, there is no way that it was an accident. But what we need to realize is that what we learn as scientists only confirms this amazing thing we call our universe. We might be able to clone, cure some diseases but we will never be able to touch the perfection of creation that our God has made.
J.L., Math Specialist BA Mathematics, BA math, BASB, MAT—Many of the best teachers I know are creationists, including many post secondary teachers and professors.
E.L., Teacher, retired— I am a retired teacher. I taught Science/Biology/Chemistry in public schools for 30 years. The more I learned about Science, the more I believed in God. I accepted Christ 52 years ago, and my faith is stronger than it has ever been!
J.T., Science, Bible teacher, Indiana Academy, MA Religion, MS Biology—Science as we know it is a human institution. It is constantly changing as it learns and corrects its mistakes. It is basically a good system for learning, but it is limited by its restricted view of truth. True science in its most pure sense is the absolute truth that includes the Creator, Originator, and Author of all non-living and living things in the universe. As a Creation scientist one may still make mistakes in not knowing the entire truth, but will have a guidebook and guiding philosophy that will help keep his discoveries on track to truth. The best Creationists are not necessarily those who attack evolution, but those who show the positive plausibility, through scientific data and experiments, of the creation model. In reality it is not possible for science, which requires repeatable experiments, to prove scientifically the question of origins. As Josh McDowell noted, for some things that only happened once, we must rely on the legal method that relies on evidence and testimony. Science is not totally objective, but relies heavily on interpretation of data. Two scientists see the same data and interpret them in totally different ways depending many times on their training and bias. The Christian has a much better opportunity of arriving at the truth of the data because he accepts the truth of the Originator of all.
K.A., High School Teacher, Pure Mathematics—I taught high school math before I had kids. My degree is in math and I believe that both science and mathematics clearly point to a Creator. To add to that, there are too many flaws in the theory of evolution to even consider it plausible.
J.B.B., teacher, Assistant Professor, BSME, MSME—I am an assistant professor at a community college in Indiana, and my belief in Scripture has never hindered my ability to teach. In fact, the logical argument that each one of us views the same evidence but interprets it in light of personal worldview has helped me immensely in my professional and personal life. A thoughtful, Biblical worldview should guide all that I think, say, and do. The horrific condition of the world today is evidence enough of the result of believing, following, and implementing any other worldview, including evolution.
S.H., physician MD—I visited the Creation Museum with five of my children this past Saturday and was very impressed with the entire museum. Thank you for standing strong for an eternal truth: In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth!
K.A., Teacher of Mathematics (B.Sc.)—Belief in Creation is the only SCIENTIFICALLY tenable position for any RATIONAL thinker. Life by CHANCE is in total opposition to the principle of biogenesis, and the obvious order in the Universe is in opposition to the Law that says entropy INCREASES unless some “guiding force” is present. As a rational thinker, I have very little faith in non-creationist teachers - but I acknowledge their right to hold their views (no matter how illogical they may be). The very fact that we are able to reason is PROOF that reason exists - and, therefore, PURPOSE. My personal conviction is that those scientists (and others) who accept Evolution do so out of PRIDE - they cannot bear to think that they should “bow” before the great Law-giver, and live by His rules.
C.Y., Teacher, BS - Elementary Education—Creation science has helped further my faith and I love how creation scientists and teachers are using the same facts presented to everyone and using the Bible to interupt and understand our world.
L.M., B.S. in Chemical Engineering—I am a creationist, a teacher, and a scientist. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and left a very successful career to become a homeschool teacher of two, and I believe that God created the world in 6 literal days. It is definitely possible for a creationist to be a good engineer, a good scientist, and a good teacher. But those creationists who have no rational understanding or explanation of why they believe what they believe frustrate me. 1 Peter 3:15
D.G., Teacher, Secondary Science, B.A. Science Education University of Detroit-Mercy, 3/4 of way to completion of MAT from Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA —As a secondary science educator, and particularly in the State wherein I reside, I am seeing a continual hatred towards those in my profession, like myself, that hold to a literal short-day creation persuasion. I teach science from a premiss that the creation account as noted in Genesis is a correct historical narrative and as such should be so interpreted. I appreciate your strong stand for truth in this vital area of science.
I.C.R., Civil Engineer / Quantity Surveyor, Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineering Surveyors (FInstCES), Member of the Institution of Highways and Transportation (MIHT). —Dear Sirs I was a lecturer in various Construction subjects at Inverness College (Scotland) for some years. I found that students are largely ignorant of Creation as described in Scripture, but they definitely did show interest when the subject was discussed and debated with them. In describing various ground conditions (some very difficult in Scotland when water is present)that Builders and Civil Engineers encounter, inter alia - organic layers, rock, boulders, cobbles, gravels, sands, silts, and clays; glacial deposits like kames and eskers, I always took the opportunity to bring the Creator and His Creation into the lecture, and always refused to give any credence to evolution. Accordingly, I applaud the efforts by Answers in Genesis to take the truth to a world-wide audience, and I support wholeheartedley the Creation Museum. My prayer is that many similar esdtablishments with the Creation theme will spring up in every country now that Answers in Genesis has shown the way. I bless the day I was introduced to website by a Christian friend.
G.C., Seismic Surveyor to the oil industry, Mr. HND Minerals Engineering, BA Hons Theology—The Creation Museum is helping to combat the constant barage of anti-God philosophy found in secular museums and the media. It is an invaluable resource for the Church and a tremendous witness to the world that will help win back our secular, humanistic Western culture for the Lord.
J.R., MSEE, electrical engineer—Thank you for taking the stand that science doesn’t disprove God’s Word, it proves His trustworthiness. God is the God of science! Keep doing what you are doing! God is with you!
G.W., teacher B Sc A , MSc (partial) —with them . I thank God for men like Ken Ham and his team who with dogged determination have laboured many years to bring the Museum into being. I have always believed the Biblical authority and have shared in my Science classes , where the curicullum placed it, ( we were to encouraged to present both sides of the debate and let the student choose ...most chose the creation theory. (I taught science in secondary School for 24 years )
B.F., Mathematics Professor, Southwest Virginia Community College, BS, MA in Mathematics —I laud and strongly support the effort made by Answers in Genesis (and the Creation Museum) to proclaim the Biblical record in Genesis. I give and have given your literature to hundreds (perhaps thousands) of students on my campus.
W.F., Teacher, MA Math-Physics—All things, small and big - from the smallest atom to the entire universe, behave following a natural law and they appear to have been engineered by an intellegent being. Science , as of late has confirmed the fact that all things in this world, whether living or non-living, have been engineed by a creator.
D.W., teacher, B.A., M.A., M. Div., M.S. Ed. Admin. —Having taken a doctoral level course with Dr. Ham, the distinction must be made between operational science, which can be repeated, and origin science which can not be repeated. The claims that “science has proved evolution” are not delineated along these lines specifying what kind of science has so-called proved evolution, thereby the claims are not valid. Operational science will never be able to prove evolution, and the evidence that exists will confirm creation not evolution.

L.G., English Teacher—Greetings from Peru!!!! I want to let you know that we keep praying that you keep firm in God’s Word, it’s the way that everything makes sense. I’m an English teacher, and a way to share the gospel with my students is by making them do different kinds of research to debate in class, which as an example is “Creations vs evolution” and wow, as one cartoon I read from your site once about a kid saying about the big bang (very funny by the way) that’s what happens, you question the so called “facts” of evolution and “bam!” people who believe in that start trying to convince you, with no success since they don’t have reliable evidences. I once read a nice famous phrase from Leonardo Da Vinci “He who knows what he is talking about won’t try to find an excuse to raise his voice” which is something I share with them to let them know I’m not deaf when they start screaming LOL! It’s pretty encouraging what you’re doing with the articles and resources you have on your website. Congratu! lations everyone at Answers in Genesis and Praise the Lord!!!! Psalm 19:7

H.J., Business Owner. President. a) BA Business / Economics, (b) MBA —As a businessman I have to come to understand a little about the power of corporate branding. Evolution has done an incredible job of branding itself as science. In reality, the theory of evolution is nothing more than packaged man-made religion, a bit like a poor product masked in savvy and interesting wrapping, yet highly disappointing when opened and discovered for what it really is. In contrast, the Creation Museum and the teachers and scientists who support it, are sharing timeless and unchangeable truths as revealed in God’s Word. Evolution has a shelf-life and is in a state of decay. The Word of God is forever and pure. The 7C’s of History theme at the Creation Museum takes the Holy Bible and faithfully proclaims that which is eternal and true, thus redeeming real science and jointly proclaiming the gospel of the risen Christ, the two being inseparable to the gracious Creator and His Creation. Creationists, many of whom are highly educated and experienced teac! hers and scientists with a reverence and saving knowledge of God, are those whom we can look to for answers because, by God’s grace in their lives, they know where the answers originate. Such answers have never been found in the slick wrapping of man-induced theory, but always from the Creator of science and life itself.

T.Z., Biology teacher, B.S., MEd. —In our day, science has been redefined to exclude the existence of a Creator regardless of the evidence. Forgotten is the historical reality that many significant contributions were made by real scientists who really believed in an infinitely wise Creator. But not only that, today all fields of scientific endeavor reveal evidences that confound any purely naturalistic paradigm, and reinforce the belief in a Creator. While I respect my naturalistic colleagues, there IS plenty of room in the real scientific world for discussion and debate. I commend your organization for upholding the Bible as the supreme source of all truth and light. Those that reject it walk in darkness.

C.H., Forester now seahorse/fish breeder (Bsc (Forestry) and MSc (botany) —As a forester for 15 years I worked closely with scientists in many disciplines. Evolution, while regularly mentioned, was completely irrelevant to the daily application of science and research in the field of forest management. It is a tack-on, a less-than-satisfactory way of attempting to explain some of the underlying processes operating in the natural world. Now as a seahorse breeder for the ornamental fish trade, I work with one of God’s most amazing creatures. I see that domestic selection reduces genetic diversity and reflects that (contrary to Darwin’s concludion) natural selection can onbly specialise and reduce genetic diversity not lead to evolution.

S.K., CFO, with Master of Accounting degree. 2 years attendance at MIT. —I am a part-time chemistry teacher in a Christian cottage school (a tutorial school for homeschoolers). The rest of the time I am CFO of a medium sized manufacturing firm. I make it a priority to take time to teach the next generation, especially about science. 1) There is no reason why atheists and agnostics should be allowed to award themselves an exclusive patent on “Science.” This is simply a rhetorical position designed to avoid serious debate on the issues. There are many great creationist scientists of the past and present. 2) Science is all about investigation of reality. Our students deserve to learn about ALL sides of scientific issues, not just the proclaimed orthodoxy. The age of the earth and the origin of life are prime examples. Controlling access to information and censoring opponents ideas are simply methods of indoctrination, not worthy of American education. 3)Science originated as a study of physical phenomena in the PRESENT. That is it’s true forte. Science cannot directly investigate the past. However, since the days of Lyell and Darwin, atheist scientists have attempted to use the prestige of “Science” to control what is believed about the past. Creationist scientists rightly recognize that our knowledge of the past comes primarily from history, not from the laboratory.

R.S., Pastor, MDiv—I am so happy that the truth of the creation/evolution debate is now exposed. Evolution (monkey to man) is a faith statement with no basis in scientific fact. There is change within a species, but not into another species. In fact, science supports a Biblical view of the true origin of the species. Thank you for making the truth known.

J.R., BBiomedSc-HURD—I am an undergraduate scientist majoring in human reproduction and development. I don’t see any reason that creationists cannot be teachers and scientists, as long as all scientific research is carried out with the least bias possible. Most evolutionists that I know are incredibly biased - and hardly objective at all. Unless they are willing to front up with hard evidence for once, they cannot say that people that disagree with them aren’t scientists.

E.C., Dod, Lead weapons integrator, Mechanical Engineer—It isn’t a question of “creationists” teachers or scientists. The concern, of these people, is anyone who won’t tow the evolutionary line. If that tower crumbles, then so does a lot more - for them. The FACTS are that no real science supports the Darwinian evolutionary model - even after more than 100 years of “modern” scientific study.

C.J., EdD Sci Ed, UnivVa 1994; MS Enviro Bio, 1990; MEd Sci Ed, 1989; BS Bio, 1980, GeoMasUniv —Rare is the evolutionist that is as good a speaker or teacher, as even the average creation speaker! As a doctor of education, I ought to know. The museum is awesome, state of the art, and top drawer all the way. There is nothing else like it in the world. It is a vast achievement for the Creation movement, as is witnessed by the irrational and vigorously vocal opposition to it. Amen.

D.O., Former Teacher, Mathematics, MAEd (Currently Business Intelligence Analyst)—I applaud and fully support Answers in Genesis with the Creation Museum. I co-taught a Math/Science course in a high school two years ago and when it came time to talk about evolution, the science teacher and I presented our views about evolution (her opinion) and creation. We allowed the students to ask question both at that time and after. I felt it was very rewarding for myself and for the students. Your work and the new museum are supportive of teachers learning what they need to defend a true history of the world and universe. Thank you.

D.W., Nuclear Engineer; Senior Staff Engineer at Arkansas Nuclear One; B.S. in Metallurgical Engineering, Nuclear Option; Juris Doctor —In 34 years as practicing professional nuclear engineer, I have learned to respect those who are willing to consider all evidence regarding a scientific or engineering issue. Those who refuse to consider evidence outside of their frame of reference frequently fail to discover the real solution. It is for this reason that those who refuse to consider the scientific data from the perspective of an earth of an age of 6,000 to 10,000 years fail to discover, much less accept, alternatives to what they have been taught. I find that Creationists, both teachers and scientists and engineers, and there are many out here, are more inclined to be open to all evidence and considerate of all perspectives, even those with which they disagree. As a parent of six children and four grandchildren and the husband of a teacher, this is the type of teacher that I would prefer my children have. As a protector of nuclear safety at a nuclear power plant, this is the type of scientist and engineer that I would prefer to rely on.

D.C., Surgeon, teacher in China, MD, PhD —As a surgeon and teacher I find no difficulty in accepting the Biblical account of origins. No other approach answers the most important questions that life presents to us. The folly of the evolutionists has brought confusion to man’s understanding of origins, reason for life, and destiny.

T., 5th grade teacher, MA —Creation is taught in the Bible and is supported by observable science. Families should visit the creation museum to see that observable science does support the truthful account of creation in the Bible. Historical science can be twisted to prove any theory of origins. Parents need to teach their children the Bible as truth and educate their children to defend 6-day creation using observable science.

J.G., HS Science Teacher, BS Environmental Science, MA Secondary Education—I am often asked by secular school teachers how I can teach in a school that forces me to teach creation. I reply that in my school I am free to teach science - to allow evidence to direct my conclusions - evidence that leads me to a creator whereas in public school I must teach as science limited to naturalistic causes.

J.M., Ph.D.,Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, NIH, Professor Emeritus. —1. The universe is composed entirely of energy. 2. All events require an energy conversion. 3. All energy conversions devolve available energy, i.e. the universe. 4. All events are devolutional, the exact opposite and excluder of evolutional. 5. Evolution is a vitalism religion based on ignorance of growth and development as proven by the experiments, never overturned, of Francesco Redi, M.D., in 1668 amongst others. 6. The Creation Museum documents validated historical science, not the inverted-fantasy vitalism religion called, evolution. 7. For its own good, every culture needs to expunge evolution and create more creation museums.

J.D., Dentist, Doctor of Dental Surgery, B.S. in Chemistry—I would like to express my support for the Creation museum and your ministry. In all of my education in science, it concerns me that evolutionists think of their theory as fact, rather than one interpretation of the available scientific evidence. It also worries me that evolutionists are so intolerant of another theory which interprets the same scientific evidence differently. It is only with open dialogue through which truth can be revealed. I know that the more I learned about the physical and biologic sciences, the more convinced I became that it could not have come from a cosmic accident. May God bless your ministry.

L.S., High School Science Teacher, B.S. Zoology—Everything I have learned and/or know about science only convinces me the God created the world and every living kind just as the Bible states! I majored in Zoology and minored in plant biology. There is nothing to disprove my beliefs or to support macroevolution. It is the same stories over and over....millions of years...etc... I am a firm young earth creatioinists and I can’t wait to get to the museum. I am a science teacher and I am the only one in science with my beliefs at my high school. I pray there will be more of us. Thank you for all you have done to help provide answers

M.W., Pharmacist, BS—We visited the Museum on May,29th. We were so proud of how beautiful and first class the museum was. It was very well explained easy to follow. We trust that God will bring much glory to Him through the museum. Thanks for the vision and all the hard work. God Bless.

O.T., Retired biology teacher, Masters in Zoology from Clemson University—It is very obvious that true science is fully supported and verified by Scripture. It is a sad commentary that the day and age in which we live,the very professions (science and the press) that should be totally unbiased are the most biased. Scripture defines these individuals well “none is so blind as he who will not see.” The Answers Museum will be a key player in the the great work of “earnestly contending for the faith,” and getting the foundational Truth out into society.

D.G., Elementary Teacher—I believe that the Creation Museum is an answered prayer and an excellent response to the pseudo-science that is called evolution. Unfortunately, there are too many teachers, even Christian teachers that give in to the “system” condoning and poisoning the young people we are entrusted with promoting false beliefs of millions of years, even though they know both in their hearts and minds evolution is a false religion and false science. I am an elementary teacher in Port Orange, FLorida who gladly stands with Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum!

K.W., BA Literature—In my public (K-12) and private schooling experiences (BA) I found that my teachers who were creationists were more open to student questions and challenged their students to weigh what they were learning and come to their own conclusions in all subjects rather than just believe anything they were told. In both high school and college, I never once witnessed a creationist teacher discouraging a student who had honestly concluded that evolution was true, whereas my evolutionist teachers consistently used bow-beating tactics and grade-markdowns in an apparent effort to convince students who came to a creationist conclusion to change their minds. The teachers who challenged me the most, those who forced me to learn to think and evaluate, were those who wanted me to learn for myself - in every one of my experiences, those were the creationist teachers. My genuine thanks to them for teaching me to think for myself and come to my own conclusions without their prejudices bearing influence!

V.J., Educator, ED. Sp.—I just wanted to tell you that this July will be Christmas for me. I plan to bring the family to the museum. Meanwhile, know that I am lifting you and the cause up in prayer. I appreciate your courage and confidence in HIS word. I thank God upon my every rememberance of this entire project.

C.W., Retired, BS—I believe that the Bible is factually correct by bibliographical, internal and external tests. From this foundation, Christ states that earth is young and that Adam and Eve were true people. These facts are explained in the museum.

S.E., Biologist, BS-Biology, MA-Education—I was not saved until the end of my undergraduate education at which point I began an intensive yearlong study of the creation - evolution debate. I understood that my salvation was accomplished through Jesus Christ, the last Adam, and that the wages of my sin was not only death, but eternal damnation. Jesus paid every bit of that for me. Underlying this knowledge is the knowledge that sin was brought into the world by Adam #1 (and perpetuated by me), and that evolution prior to man’s creation would make God a monster by attributing death and suffering to his doing. Knowing my career path (biologist and chemist, trained educator) and interest in science, I studied the Scriptures and science to see how these both could be true. Unlike many of the modern day compromisers, I knew that Truth is truth - there could be no contradiction between the Word of God and science. I have not as of yet found one iota of fact that disagrees with a literal 6, 24-hour day creation about ! 6000 yrs ago. Seeing the Creation Museum on Monday was a great encouragement to me, and so I thought I would encourage you in turn. Regarding creationists as scientists and teachers, I stand upon firmly upon the foundation of the Master Teacher, Jesus Christ (the only Christ and begotten Son of God in the flesh) as well as the notable scientists Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday, and many others in declaring my unwavering belief that creationists are the best scientists and teachers. Knowledge is built precept upon precept; building on a false precept only promotes more error, building upon truth, more truth. If we want to “take back” science, I suggest we fill the museum all the more with the scientific arguments that show that God created the universe just as He said. Thank you for your work!!

A.B., Retired university professor. Four degrees including earned doctorate.—I completely advocate and support Creation as described in the Bible as absolute truth. I accept the Lord Jesus Christ as Creator of the universe as well as my personal Savior. I am a retired university professor and published author.

R.Z., retired teacher, BS Education, Master of Science in Teaching, plus 36 graduate credits—Creation and Creation Science are the beliefs that most fit what we observe, ie. The Second Law of Themodynamics

D.M., Pastor, I hold an MA from Tyndale Seminary, a D. Min from Scofield Seminary and am in a Th. D. program currently. —As a pastor and Bible teacher I am THRILLED about the new museum and plan to schedule a bus trip bringing most of my congregation. I am right now teaching a creation science series getting the whole church digging into Genesis!

S.B., Senor Staff Engineer, MS ME—We should not be itimidated by the darwinists. Their position is nonsense and we should be able to demonstrate that the creation model better fits the data than their model.

W.C., BSEE, MSEE; Software Engineer; currently working as a software developer—Creationists can certainly be scientists as I can attest to since I have both BS and MS degrees in electrical engineering, and also confidently believe that God brought the universe into being by His spoken Word over a period of six (6) literal, 24-hour, solar days about 6000 years ago as measured in the earth time frame, as the first chapter of Genesis clearly and unequivocally states, and was verified by the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ.

S.H., BS in Mech Engineering—Good Morning, My family and I are planning on attending during the 4th of July week and we are looking forward to it since my wife teaches science classes at a private school.

D.W., HS teacher, Masters Industrial Technology; retired LTC, USAF—Very well done; hits both views fairly; makes the point that both views come to the same evidence with preconceived ideas that affect our interpretation of the evidence. Since we live in the present and cannot go back to the past, we make assumtions based on faith in our starting point. For me the design element in creation is so evident that it points to a designer as described in the scripures that gives purpose and hope to His total creation.

M.T., Senior Aerospace Engineer, NASA Johnson Space Center, MS 1982 in Physics from Georgia Institute of Technology—I am a creationist Aersopace Engineer with 25 years of experience at the NASA Johnson Space Center. The evidence against Evolution and Big Bang Cosmology is so overwhelming that, in my opinion, the credibility of a scientist or teacher depends on objectively acknowledging the hand of a Creator. In other words, I believe that a scientist or teacher must permit the influence of the Creation arguments, or be liable of gross scientific prejudice.

B.S., Doctoral candidate, Basic Medical Sciences—It often seems that the creationist is the only true supporter of free speech. We know that the truth shall reign, so we are not afraid of naturalism being taught alongside theism. At least the controversy can then be examined fairly and not subjected to academic tyranny.

J.K., BS Mechanical Engineering—I am a charter member of the museum and live in Tomball Texas just north of Houston. I would have loved to come out for the museum grand opening but my daughter graduated from high school this weekend preventing me from coming. I do plan to come this fall when I return to Indiana for my 25-year college reunion at Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. I have been looking forward to the opening for over a year now. I came from a secular background where evolution was all I knew. I was downright mad when I learned all the evidence against evolution that I never heard of. I thank God for your ministry and continue to pray for it and the Museum. It amazes me how many Christians are so uneducated about creation and the importance of Genesis 1-11 as the foundation of our faith. Thanks for giving me the tools to combat this ignorance and ambivalence.

N.V., B.S. Aerospace Engineering from Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University—I can not wait to bring my children to the museum in the future. It is good that God will get the glory for His handywork.

G.C., PhD, Classics with Historical Emphasis, University of North Carolina (Chapel Hill); Associate Professor Emeritus, University of Delaware —It took me a long time to come to the conviction that Genesis should be allowed to mean what it says. The more teachers we have who honor the God who created us, the more opportunity the coming generation will have to combat the delusion of naturalism.

K.K., Homeschool mom - a BS in Fishery Biology—What a wonderful gift you are bringing the people of America, and the world! Thank you for stepping out in faith, and sharing a credible model for a literal 6 day creation. May God bless your ministry, and may He protect your staff, museum, and visitors from physical and spiritual attacks.

K.R., Pastor and Professor, PhD. DRE—[place of employment removed] I am so thrilled at the opening of the Creation Museum. It is time that we as Christians stand up for the truth of God’s Word and the defense of the literal, normal interpretation of it. I believe that AiG has provided at great tool, both modern and high tech, in helping believers to fulfill the command to be prepared to give “an answer to everyone who asks.” We need not be ashamed of the Gospel under pressure of modern pseudo-science and the so-called wisdom of this age. It is time for the world to know that Evolution is founded on non-scientific assumptions that take more faith to believe then, “In the beginning God.” I am so excited to someday bring my own three children to the Creation Museum. Bravo to Ken Ham and his staff on a job well done! With much joy and prayer, K.

J.B, B.S. Computers, B.S. Business, Criminal Justice Professional—I teach creation to a Sunday School class and I challenge unbelievers whenever I get the chance (on a fairly regular basis), on college campuses, at work, etc. I recently discovered that my Dentist is a young-earth creationist. He told me that the mouth/teeth are far too complex to have evolved into existence. I also ran into the head of the Colorado State University research extension in Grand Junction, CO and he also told me that he is a creationist. He is a botanist and he said that there are far too many symbiotic relationships in plants for him to believe in long-age evolution. My point in passing this along is to tell you that there are probably far more creation scientists than any of us realize. I just happened to bump into two of them in my day to day life recently, which was encouraging. Keep up the good work!

B.L., Biology/Chemistry Teacher; B.S. Biology & Secondary Education—I think the museum will fill a void in the culture. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to apply the lesson I taught and the creation museum will help us connect the Bible to the real world in a concrete way. I have been looking forward to today for many years!

M.M., Speech Language Pathologist, M.S.—I just had this very discussion today with a child who had been told in science class various hypothesis about the origin of the moon and none of them included a Biblical world view of God creating the moon (Gen.1:17). I applaud of all those that give information about creation as a viable alternative - of course, I believe it as fact. Additionally, in a recent survey in a mainstream magazine, over 60% of Americans indicate that they do not believe in evolution, so I believe this should also be taken into account.

D.L., BSEE, Sr. Controls Engineer—I have just seen the Creation Museum on 5/24/2007. My brother is a charter member. I believe the AIG Creation Meseum is very scientifically correct and shows a correct view of creation.

K.K., HS Science Teacher (11 yrs), BA (MA pending)—I am a HS Science teacher (Bio. & Chem.) and I am a creationist. I have taught in both Christian and public schools, and I am very grateful to Ken Ham and AIG for putting together this museum to tell the TRUTH -- government schools, generally, do not tell the truth. I am looking forward to being there, with my family, the 2nd week of June!!

P.A., Company manager, Mr., B. Sc (Agric)—Not to consider Creation and to believe one of the many so-called “scientific” theories flies in the face of rational thought. The possibility of an alternative to creation is less likely to-day despite all the efforts of human scientists over more than a hundred years.

C.E., Teacher, BA Botany/Horticulture—I believe that, any intellectually honest scientist/creationist will admit to you that the subject of origins is ultimately a matter of faith. Of course, evolution as a theory, does not deal with origins. Here we begin to look at evidence. I think that there is enough evidence on both sides of this issue to convince an unbiased person in either direction, assuming an intelligent, educated person is doing the teaching. As a creationist and science teacher, I believe it is important to show children both sides of the issue.

B.C., Math instructor(college);Masters degree—My wife, son, daughter and I were there on Monday May 21 as charter members. We were very impressed and have been inviting others in the middle Tennessee area to attend the museum. We thank God for the efforts that have been put forth on this project and plan to attend again.

P.D., H.S. Physics/Math Teacher, B.S.E Engineering Physics—I am a High School Physics/Astronomy/Math teacher with a degree in Engineering Physics from the University of Michigan. In my science classes, I explain the views of the secular text books but warn the students that the “science” behind it is not proven and in many ways is not able to be proven (i.e. Big Bang, Billions of Years, Star/Planet formation, etc.). Many students will then ask me what I believe, since it appears that I disagree with what the book says. It is then that I give the evidence for Intelligent Design and a Creator. I tell them that in my opinion, there is more evidence for ID than for the Big Bang and Evolution. Furthermore, it takes more “blind faith” to believe in these secular views than in the “religious” views. Few students have heard this point of view. Some have been somewhat upset with the public school system because they have been led to believe in the inerrancy of the “science” they have been taught for so many years. I then tell them to! not simply believe in what I tell them either, since that would be no different than putting blind trust in the secular theories. I encourage them to investigate the topics and come to their own conclusions. Many have thanked me for presenting the other viewpoints and are conflicted enough to consider them. Overall, I think that secular “science” can still be taught, but with emphases on the fallacies in the theories and the illogical leaps that they require. Inquisitive students will usually prompt my opinion on the subject which is when I can present the opposing side of the issue. In my opinion, this will encourage students to discover for themselves which of the views stands up under scientific scrutiny. This will bring about a more meaningful and diverse understanding of the subjects than merely accepting the information presented in the text books.

P.C., Minister of Youth/Education, B.A. in Business and English—To AIG Staff, I visited the museum on a visit for pastors. I am a youth pastor and am planning a trip to get my youth group up to the museum. I firmly believe that creationist teachers and scientists are far more open minded than those who simply dismiss the Creation as a “fairy tale.” I would much rather be taught or have my child taught by someone who teaches “observational” science.

V.M., State Corrections Chaplain, B.S. Art Ed.; M.Div. 7 units of CPE (2 Advanced)—I am a creationist who was a die-hard evolutionist. I have been teaching a course that examines the Creationism/Intelligent Design vs Darwinism/Evolution debate in state prison settings for 10 years. Inmates have the opportunity to voluntarily participate. More power to Answers in Genesis and the Creation Museum. Long gone are the days when creationists could be accused of being uneducated blind relgionists without scientific expertise. The evidence is in. Darwinism is a false theory in total collapse. The atheistic alternatives are grossly insufficient in explanitory meaning. The “theistic evolutionary” theories are likewise wholly insufficient attempts at nonsensical compromise. The creationists are competent, fully educated, and truely scientific. “We hold these truths to be self-evident. All men were created...” The deeper we plumb the depths of the universe, the more self-evident is the signature of Divinity. The time has come for the scientific community to cease and desist in its thoroughly unscientific attempt to censure all legitimate dissent.

R.H., Mechatronics Instructor, BSEE—Creationist are the only scientists in the position to correctly understand nature, as they begin with the correct paradigm of an intelligent designer. Humanist may contribute, but reading their claims of “new” discoveries is very telling. How often do their sound bites contain: “...this comes as a total surprise...” Not so with the creationists. Thanks for your great mission work. We will keep you all in our prayers.

M.E., English Teacher, BA in philosophy—Our public school desperately need more creationists teachers. I am an teacher and am saddened by my colleges disrespect of the truth of scripture.

R.G., Doctor of Optometry, graduated with honors, B.S. Biochemistry, graduated cum laude—I am an optometrist with an undergraduate degree in biochemisty and a six day young earth creationist. I keep the AIG Answers magazine in my office and have had a few negative reactions that have opened an opportunity for more discussion. Some people cannot believe that someone with my credentials would believe in something so “unscientific.” AIG has prepared me to give credible answers to common questions that skeptics or serious enquirers would ask. I especially enjoy using the eye as an example of one of God’s most marvelous creations.

R.L., Engineer - 3D modeling & simulation, BSEE Virginia Military Institute—Science should be based upon an unbiased analysis of the facts. The problem is that the secular school system builds in a bias based on evolution. This bias shades all subsequent research that scientists perform. A scientist who does not legitimately study creation (meaning without bias) is not truly a scientist; all smoke with no fire. Before becoming a Christian I was a typical student who believed in evolution not because I had actually studied it, but because it was presented as fact when I was a grade school student. I have since studied the Bible, Darwin’s writings, the writings of legitimate scientists (most scientists today pale in comparison to the likes of Newton, Maxwell, Planck, etc.), and the debates on both sides of the argument. My conclusion is that creation, not evolution, provides answers. I have seen the comments concerning the Creation Museum from a group that states it will poison our young students minds. That is exactly what evolution has been doing for decades. The Creation Museum is doing our students a tremendous service and I applaud the team for their efforts and ability to maintain a solid defense for it.

R.J., Master of Science, PA-C—I am a Physician Assistant in Neurosurgery and I fully support the creation museum. The evolutionist are just upset that they have to defend their ideas.

B.L., M.T. (American Society of Clinical Pathology)—Ken Ham, et. al. : Congratulations !! We are making plans to travel to the museum from our home here in North Carolina with our four sons. It is both laughable and sad that so-called scientists are mad that we may question science and want to “think” for ourselves ! I thought that was the basis of science in the first place: thinking, investigating, experimenting, etc... What they all fear is the reality that the WORD is true and that others will realize it as well ! Keep up the good fight of spreading the TRUTH ! As a laboratory scientist I can tell you with confidence, having done my own research and concluding the same, that we all know the real truth - and soon many others will as well !!

D.B, DMD, Mdiv—Thank you for your stand on Creation and our Creator. All of us should give glory to God for giving us such a wonderful world to live in and a universe that is specially “tuned” for human beings. There are many teachers and scientists who have given their time and talents toward discovering the wonders of God’s remarkable Universe. These are people who truly do honor God through their mission, ministry, and work. May we honor them for standing up for their faith.

S.B., BDS, LDS, RCS Lond Uk— Dental Surgeon. Took a creationist view when taught evolution at junior school 13, through BBC Schools Programme “How things began” 1959! My science training made no difference whether I believed in evolution or not. Infact, the developement of the tooth germ is a case if irreducable complexity if ever there was one. I am also ordanied in the Church of England and am regarded as an oddity, even some members of my church find my creationist view unacceptable or unecessary.

J.D, Public school teacher, MSEd—I’m public school teacher (lifetime charter member) who visited on 5/25 with two of my students and a mother of one of them. It was so fantastic that the mother signed up for charter membership. No wonder the evolutionists are afraid!

C.H., Elementary teacher, B.S., B.A., M.S.—Creationists as scientists and teachers tend to be just the opposite of what’s propagandized about them. While the popular news media and secular scientists can be quite adamant (read obnoxious) about the “truth and certainty” of their claims, creationists tend to be more careful and scientific about the issue of origins. Since origins is historical science, not operational science, neither side can “prove” that their claims are fact. Origins science is really more like crime science, using evidence to build a case, but there is always a shadow of a doubt, since there were no human witnesses to the events being debated. Creationists are more honest and open about this inherent fact of historical science, while evolutionists want to stretch out their claims to the beginning of time, stating that anything they do now proves what happened then. The Creation Museum is not a threat to the constitution or science, quite the opposite. How can being informed about both sides of a debate be unconstitutional? The restriction of information always surrounds devious motives. So rather, it’s the opposition groups that are being unconstitutional by trying to eliminate competing ideas. Creationists never coerce anyone into believing Creation Science. Creation Science proposes an alternate theory to explain the life and physical universe around us, and it is up to each person to decide which theory best matches the evidence. The difference is that Creation Scientists allow people to make that decision on their own, and evolutionists insist upon making that decision for everyone else.

K.R., teacher; Masters and Specialists degrees in elementary curriculum —I am a Christian who has been teaching public school elementary and middle school students for 25 years. When I first became familiar with AIG, I was shocked to learn how many things about evolution had been taught to me as fact but were based on no evidence at all. I have always tried to teach my students to think. In the classroom, I discuss all sorts of issues with the students and talk about evidence and facts. My fourth graders last fall were way ahead of me--someone had already impressed on them what theories were, and that evolution was only a theory! Sometimes I refer students to things I learned through AIG, and I have articles to share with parents, but the idea has never come up. I can’t wait for the museum to open and proclaim facts, not just theories!

L.N., Construction Inspector, B.S. Civil & Environmental Engineering —I’m excited for the opening and will be visiting on June 8th with my wife. I look forward to seeing all that God has allowed you to put together to testify about His awesome Creation.

L.V., Certified Secondary Social Studies Teacher; B.A, M.A. —I spent 13 years teaching High School History and Geography, and my courses were always taught from a Creationist worldview. In fact, I don’t believe you can teach the facts of history without the Bible’s story of creation.

D.L., BS Chemical Engineering (with Honors) —classes for homeschool groups, and I also tutor public school students in science and math. I am completely overawed by the excellence of the Creation Science Museum which I was privileged to visit the first day of the “preview week” on May 21. Praise God for His hand in this phenomenal museum!! Creation science materials fundamentally challenged everything I believed as a young engineering graduate who came to faith in Christ on a secular campus after being raised in an atheistic and liberal home. I devoured everything I could find in print that compared and contrasted the evidences for and against evolution. I came to the conclusion evolution science is just as faith-based as creation science, and ironically all hardcore scientific evidence actually supports a young age of the earth. The mathematical improbability of DNA formation by evolution, and the simple impossibility of chemical evolution, and many other evidences convinced me that God did indeed speak the world into existence exactly as stated in Genesis. My goal in teaching young people science is to think critically. They must be able to recognize poor arguments, and theories labeled as facts. Evolution teaching is simply brainwashing. There is no other explanation why five and six years old are told over and over about millions of years ago long before they can comprehend the magnitude of such quantities. Drilling this mantra before they can understand what is being said is only to prevent them from later questioning the absurd idea of random processes producing chemicals, stars, or life. I am convinced the reason science teachers are so challenged by those who teach creation science is that they are afraid the children may actually think, and come to a different conclusion than evolution teaches.

K.B., Retired College Professor—I was in awe at what I saw; inside the museum and outside. All was GOD-honoring. An effective witness to the TRUTH of the Bible from Genesis on. May God coninue to Bless your ministry.

D.M., M.A. in written communications, former high school teacher turned homeschooling mother—As a homeschooling mother who supports all of what Answers in Genesis is doing, this museum has brought a great amount of excitement to my kindergartener and my husband and myself. We will uphold all of you in prayer and plan to visit you soon. God bless you for your work.
A.R., Software Enigeener, Princial Technical Specialist, B.S. (Computer Science); M.A. (Theological Studies) —I am a computer scientist and attended the Creation Museum. By definition evolution is a theory, therefore it has no evidence to support it. However, I am truly amazed how scared evolutionist are of any view other than their own. They are discounting the clear scientific evidence presented at the Creation Museum based on their faith in humanism and presubpositions. It is not very scientific of them. The Creation Museum excellently presents the mountains of scientific evidence that supports a young earth creation in a fun, easy to understand and enjoyable way. As scientists we are taught to follow the evidence not faith. The Creation Museum presents the evidence for the participate to conclude their own options. With the thousands of museums dedicate to the theory of evolution the evolutionist should not be afraid of one museum dedicated to creation, unless they have no evidence for their view.

D.G., Bachelor of Music, MS in Occupational Therapy,Alcholism Counselor,Mom—I am so excited that the Creation Museum is opening! Hope we can visit one day. Praying for you all...for the encouragement of Christians,, and salvation of those who do not yet know the Truth, Jesus..Thank you for your ministry! Learned so much and had so much fun at the Binghamton Conference. Keep up the good work! All glory and praise to God our Creator and Savior...

D.O., learning support and reading specialist with a masters in reading—I think it is wonderful that the creation museum exists and is challenging the theory of evolution in a way that children can visualize and grasp.

S.B., Primary School Teacher BA (Hons) QTS (Qualified Teacher Status). —Since reading your webpages and reading Creation magazines, this has further confirmed my faith as a Christian. I am one of those sorry characters who, for some time, thought that God could have used evolutionary processes to creat the universe and mankind but now I can see how ridiculous that was. Thanks for helping me to see more clearly. May God bless the wonderful work that you are doing and I pray that the museum will make HUGE inroads into the darkness that clouds so many people’s understanding and ight. AMEN. P.S.I have no problems about you reproducing my comments below in your publications, both online and offline.

F.P., Lincoln Presenter, Masters in Education —My daughter and I were there Tuesday. It was fabulous! The planetarium was terrific but, the Last Adam Theater separates the stone hearts from the flesh and blood hearts. That production is absolutely outstanding! A side note: my daughter was ill and on the verge of saying, “let’s go home.” When we went into the Planetarium she prayed to God asking if she was supposed to be there or not because she would not be able to go on if the cramping did not subside. She said that when the show began, the cramps went away and did not return all day. Praise God!

E.A., B.A. Interdisciplinary Studies (Grade 5-8 endorsment) and Psychology, Teacher in 5th, 6th, and 7th grades for 6 years, homeschool mom for 4 years, Pastor’s wife for 9 years —I just watched the clip of the Good Morning America interview for the opening of the Creation Museum. I thought Ken Ham and the other speakers did a wonderful job of presenting the truth in humility! I am so thrilled about the museum. I am praying for you daily! I know that there are many organizations that want to stop this, but there are many families like mine who are thrilled about this wonderful new step in your greatly needed ministry! When I was teaching in public school, I always maintained that evolution was a theory I had to teach and that there were other theories I was not allowed to teach. I have also been teaching the science of creation to my children’s class at church. We have discuss the fallacies of the evolution theory so they will not be duped by these, and we have discussed how to humbly share our beliefs when we are able. As a homeschool educator, I am thankful that I am only teaching the Truth to my own children! We look forward to coming up to see the museum when we can afford the trip. Until then, you are in our prayers and we will be promoting the museum to everyone we can! God bless you! For God’s Glory,

E.C., Unmanned Aircraft Systems Instructor, U.S. Army—I am a creationist and a charter member of the museum. I just want to let you know that during my family devotions my wife and I pray for God to place a hedge around you as Satan will surely attempt his attacks. Additionally we pray that the museum would be a mighty tool that would impact the culture globally for the glory of God. I have personally been blessed through my academic ventures in that this ministry has given solid resources in order that I can stand in the truth of Jesus Christ. I have truly been blessed to have this ministry in my life, I have on multiple occassions used material from your excellent research and knowledge of the Word of God to better witness to the lost. Thank you and God bless. I wish I could be there to see the museum and join in the celebration of God’s providence.

M.M., Science Editor, BSc in Chemistry with Biochemistry—I am a Science Editor for a science information provider, and a Creationist. I find my Creationist worldview actually helps my scientific investigative skills because I understand how science works and I can recognise pseudoscientific arguments. The Creationist worldview is the foundation for real science. If we did not make assumptions about the natural world from a Creationist perspective, we would have no justification for expecting the scientific method to be a reliable investigative procedure for discovering knowledge. Why expect water to boil at 100 degrees centigrade today, and then again at the same temperature tomorrow? We must assume natural laws are ordered and reliable. The only basis for assuming this is that there is an ordered and reliable sustainer of natural law. Believing “natural law just happens to be so” darkens the understanding. Creation science is vital for the advancement of knowledge.

S.Z., Regenerative Medicine and tissue engineering PhD student-University of Genova-Italy —The truth of the Creator and Father is revealed to whom seeks Him. The creation museum would be an oasis of truth letting people-including the ones who believe being a coincidence of Natural Selection - reflect about the One by whom they live, move and exist.

J.B., Secondary School Teacher, M.S. —Hello, I am a creationist teacher. My B.S. and M.S. are from secular universities. I have been teaching in public schools for 30 years. My teaching areas are Math, Physics, Science, and Computer Science. The creationist teacher is the only educator that can teach in an unbiased manner. Our minds have been set free by Jesus Christ and the Power of the Holy Spirit. We know that real science always agrees with the Bible. Thanks,

N.B., B.S. pharmacy—As a former evolutionist who has thoroughly studied both sides of the issues of origins I am convinced the scientific evidence supports a young earth and the creation model.Science should be a search for truth and that’s what AIG has done and the Creation Museum bears witness of that truth.

K.F., B.App.Sc (Geology) Grad Dip Ed. Former Geologist and now Science and Math Teacher —Creationists as teachers and scientists can be more objective because they are usually aware of the bias that pervades human thought on the origins issue. They are able to use empirical science to validate theories and explore new ideas, and also know that origins science is not scientifically verifiable using laboratory techniques. Most importantly they trust the Word of God, their Creator, who has revealed the truth about this world in His book - the Bible.

M.P., Teacher, B.A. Chemistry—I am a high school Physics/Chemistry/Earth Science teacher and a creationist. I find it ridiculous that someone would suggest that I am incapable of comprehending scientific principles because I do not accept evolution. My ability to teach my physics students about Newton’s Laws of Motion or my earth science students about the phases of the moon has absolutely nothing to do with where I stand on the creation/evolution issue.

J.B., science educator, MS in science education with emphases in biology, chemistry, and earth science —I am a creationist science teacher in upstate NY. Based on the world around me, to say nothing of the galaxy and universe we belong to, one would have to be intellectually dishonest to not see the hand of the Creator in creation. Thanks for your continued support in the information you make available and the curricula I have used in my adult men’s group and adult education classes. Keep up the great work.

D.P., Communication Specialist, B.A., Paralegal with Certificate, and Biblical Counselor, pending M.A. —In support of the Creation Museum I write to state that it is the most fabulous thing to be built in all of mankind’s history! Bringing the Bible, and therefore God’s Creation to life, is an extremely educational production of the creationist’s scientific perspective. May the praise be given to God, and an overflow of thanks to the many hard working and dedicated individuals who participated in this major endeavor. “Long live” the Creation Museum!

J.S., Doctor of Veterinary Medicine—God bless AiG and I pray that many hearts and minds are changed by the creation museum. While earning a degree in wildlife biology back in the late 1970’s I took a graduate level course in evolution. While not yet a Christian, even then I was surprised at the absence of empirical evidence for evolution. AiG has been a tremendous resource for educating and spreding the truth about creation.

C.C., Associate professor of science—I feel that the Creation Museum wiill be a tremendous asset to true science education. People need to be made aware of all of the true scientific facts that museums and science text books hide. When my students get exposed to what real science has to say they all exclaim that “it makes sense now.” Looking at science from an evolutionist point of view is very confusing and obviously requires a tremendous amount of faith to accept. I will be there for the opening of this museum and will bring as many people with me as I can. I will tell everyone I know that they should see it also.The world is afraid of this because they know that what they are standing on as “science” can not overcome the truth of what this museum has to offer.

K.C., physician, Doctor, BA, MRE, MD,—Teachers and scientists develop critical reasoning skills. We look at evidence and make deductions based on our area of expertise. Then we try to research or experiment to “prove” our hypothesis. This is good science. Hiding behind one theory or refusal to admit that there could be more than one explanation is not true science at all. Creationists can and do objectively look at the evidence. A different conclusion does not mean it’s not science.

C.D., high school science teacher—I am a creationist in a high school setting where I teach science. I have the privilege of teaching both sides of the debate to my students and letting them decide. I feel that these young minds need to be exposed to both sides so that they can make an informed decision.

D.D., Revenue Planning Analyst, Bachelor of Aviation Management, Master of Commerce in Business Strategy (anticipated completion in 2007) —I thought science was supposed to be objective, rational and questioning. It seems strange that when a “new” theory is put forward supported by real evidence that it be attacked so vigerously. It seems that Christian scientists and teachers must bear the brunt of un-scientific attacks on their credibility based on nothing other then a dislike for their paradigm. Imagine the headline in the secular news if a christian school banned teaching evolution. I use your website frequently and thank God that the team in Answers in Genesis have the courage, dedication and fortitude to defend the Christian position even the line of fire

M.C., Professor and Teacher B.Ed. M.A. —I too believe in creation scientist. Nevertheless, I feel that the whole subject of origins should be avoided in our public schools simply because it is so controversial and has little to do with “good” science. As a matter of fact, almost every “Father of Science” was a creationist and this proves its weak link to doing good science. However, this is not to say that good science becomes better science when the practitioner understands and accepts a young earth and the truth of creation. All the data supports this conclusion if scientists are honest about it. Otherwise they will increasingly have to live with many anomolies. Interestingly, Richard Dawkins finds questions about the universe’s origins and the origin of physical matter as “non-sensical” questions that he will not answer. Yet it these non-sensical questions that drive all of us to search and conduct scientific inquiry.

G.J., Math/Science Instructor, BSEE, M. Ed. —As a creationist and science teacher in a U.S. public school science academy, I confront evolution almost daily in my lessons and in my dealings with colleagues in our science department. My administrator, colleagues, and students are very aware of my “bias.” Even so, they recognize that I am devoted to the study of science. I think creationists make the best science teachers because they are painfully aware of how one’s presuppositions color interpretation of evidence. That is a lesson that all science students should be taught. It is more likely that a creationist educator will freely admit that his or her interpretation is affected by a creationist belief than that an evolutionist will admit such a thing about their own presuppositions. Why not a “truth in science teaching” law analogous to the “truth in lending” law? Isn’t it about time that all science teachers be required to make absolutely clear the presuppositions that underlie all the laws, theories, and stories the! y are teaching in the name of science?

M.J., Medical Pathologist—Creationist scientists separate fact from interpretation, and know the difference between operational science and origins science. They are not afraid of the truth, in spite of the fact that “mainstream” science journals may refuse to publish their scientfic data.

J.O., Associate Professor(Biology) Ph.D. in Molecular Biology— have a Ph.D. in molecular biology from the University of Kentucky and nowhere, throughout the entirety of my education and training, have I encountered any sort of “scientific” refutation for the Creation story as related, by God, in Genesis. Those liberal academes with their elitist “peer review” and scholarly publications are nothing but a- knowing or unknowing, tool of Satan and, when one is such a tool, I don’t suppose it matters one whit what one’s motives are. Dr. Ham, I am simply exhilarated that God has both chosen you for this veritable Ark of a project and that you’ve proven yourself up to the task as THE tool of Our Lord. I am in the process right now of freeing myself up from a few work-related duties so that I may join you and yours this coming Monday for the Joyous Event. Should I not be able to disengage, you may count on me to be there with bells on before the bloom is off the rose. God Bless!

M.G., Science teacher: BS. Biology Iowa State University), M.Ed Curriculum and Instruction —I am a public school teacher and a creationist. I also teach AiG type classes in my church and am a charter member of the museum. I applaude the efforts of AiG and can’t wait to bring people to the museum. The ministry of AiG has deepened my faith and made me a bolder Christian and a better science teacher. I now teach that there are two types of science and my students understand science better for it. In education, we are in the business of teaching the next generation how to think critically about the world. If an incorrect view is the only one being shown, then how can they think critically at all? Are we not then just programing robots? Then we wonder why they can’t think? Thanks AiG, you have been a blessing to my family, church, public school students and myself!

G.S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry, Ph.D. —I am not surprised at the attacks the Creation Museum is undergoing. Anyone who takes the Bible seriously must come to the conclusion that the creation took place in six days. All scientific pursuits, as pursued by christians, should take that into account before accepting any scientific explanations regarding origins. After all, can anyone point to a scientific text or article and describe it as the inerrant and infallible Word of God? One might say that the Bible answers the question of why we are here but science answers the question of how. However, these questions of how or why are not mutually exclusive. Associated with any event there are questions of Who or what, where, when, why and how. The Bible may not answer the question of how, but it sure does answer the questions of who, where, when and why. Any scientific answer to the question of how must take into account all the questions the Bible does answer! Evolutionism and an old age to the earth are just simply not Biblical and should be rejected by all christians no matter what secular science states otherwise!

D.W., Biology Teacher (Master’s Degree in School Administration) —Irony of all ironies, it was studying the works of scientists from AIG that finally enabled me to put aside a sad stronghold in my life--the belief that dinosaurs were a cartoon fairytale. The empirical evidence and the thorough communication in laymen’s (and more technical) terms helped me to grasp a reality that secular texts could not.

C.S., Dentist (DDS) —Creationist teachers and scientists must be willing to stand up to the culture’s vehement opposition to the Truth of God’s Word. The battle is raging and millions of young people must hear the Truth! Our public education system is indoctrinating students into the the bankrupt philosophies of naturalism and secular humanism without offering any alternative viewpoints. It is now more critical than ever for for us to give a logical defense of God’s Word, and encourage students to understand the presuppositions involved on both sides of the creation/evolution debate. God bless everyone at AIG for for your thorough and passionate defense of the Word of God from the very first verse!

J.W., Author of science texts, Ph.D. in Nuclear Chemistry —I have a Ph.D. in nuclear chemistry from the University of Rochester. I have published 30 articles in the peer-reviewed journals of my field and have administered more than $200,000 in research grants from the National Science Foundation. I am also a young-earth creationist.

S.E., Physics, Calculus Teacher Math Major with Physics Minor —I am thrilled about the opening of the Museum. I believe that it help many questioning Christians come to a realization that the Bible is Truth and can be trusted in all things.

D.M., BSE, Reading tutor, Assistnt Reading Assessment Specialist —Thank you for standing firm upon the only sure foundation. I have taught in various schools in various countries as a military wife, but have found that it is generally in the Christian school that is commmitted to the inerrancy of the Word of God that true education taking place. It is there that all sides may be presented, analyzed and debated without fear, but approached with great excitement in the knowledge of God’s complete creativity and sovereignty over His creation. Our students must be taught to recognize the indoctrination surrounding them through every avenue (the movie Ice Age comes to mind), and they must be given the tools to recognize and rebut it accurately. Thank you for making those tools accessible by publishing scientifically and biblically accurate information.

M.S., Software Engineer, BSEE MSEE MSCompE PhDEE—What a year!!! Richard Dawkins (of the God Delusion) declared the author of the year in England. It seems fitting that the creation museum should open this year. The diligence, depth and care that the people of Answers In Genesis stands for as they defend the Bible from the first verse, help help me stand in awe of the God who made and upholds all things. I greatly appreciate the wide range of experts and look forward to seeing the results of the hard work the many behind the scenes workers did as I hope to see the creation museum this year right after I go to the musical “In the Beginning” in Lancaster! A notable year for creation indeed!

S.W., Profesor, Reverend—God bless you guys. I teach Apologetics at a Bible school and all I have to say is that if your musuem is protested against because it is not “scientific”, then every museum that promotes macro-evolution should also be closed because there is nothing, I repeat, absolutely nothing scientific about it. I think that many people seem to conveniently forget what science is: Facts and conclusions that are proven beyond a shadow of a doubt through continued observation. Of course, we know that our view as creationists has much more scientific evidence than the evolutionistic view. You have my support and prayers!

M.D., carpenter, Mr., B.B.S, M.B.S.—I believe that creationist make the best teachers and scientist because they teach and study on a foundation of truth not theories.

F.W., Computer Performance specialist, Sr. Systems Engineer, Ph.D.- Physics—I’m looking forward to visiting the Creation Museum. From the preliminary information shown on the AIG website, it looks to be very interesting. If these DefCon (maybe DEFinitely CON-artists would be more appropriate) folk want to prove that the museum is full of lies, they really should check it out first so they can be specific.

M.O., high school teacher—I fully support AiG’s mission and the efforts of the Creation Museum

D.L.Pharmacist; Doctor of Pharmacy—How long will it be before the general public realizes the difference between operational and historical science? The former can be tested while the latter can only be believed by faith depending on one’s worldview. As for me, the heavens declare the glory of the Lord! The evidence clearly fits the Biblical model best.

B.F., Assistant Professor of Mathematics at [place of employment removed]. I have a BS and MA degrees in Mathematics —I am a mathematician who has taught mathematics on the college level on secular campuses for over 30 years. I believe in the 6 literal days of creation as taught in Genesis 1-2 and have consistently shared that with my students. In fact, for years I have had a booktable outside of my office with Answers in Genesis booklets [like “Where Did Cain Get His Wife”, “What REALLY Happened to the Dinosaurs?” etc.]

J.G., Engineer, Spacecraft Design, B.S. Mechanical and Aeronautical/Mechanical Engineering (UC Davis), M.S. Aeronautics and Astronautics (Stanford University) —I am a trained scientist in Aeronautics and Astronautics having received my Masters Degree from Stanford University in March of 2005. I currently work at Northrop Grumman Space Technology in Southern California on the James Webb Space Telescope. As an engineer, I have been trained to use science, mainly physics and mechanics, to design elegant solutions to various types of mechanical design challenges. Take for example, the James Webb Space Telescope I am currently working on, a 5 billion dollar program funded by NASA to explore the earliest galaxies ever formed. There are over 1500 people in over 17 different countries around the world trying to ensure that this telescope will work in space. In order for this to happen, it has to be properly designed, manufactured, assembled, tested, packaged, shipped, and launched, all before it gets to its destination in space to operate. We are constantly pouring time, money, and intelligence into this project to ensure proper function of this telescope on orbit. NASA isn’t willing to leave anything to chance because of all the time and money they are investing into this effort. Even after all this effort, the chances of success are not 100%. But yet, when it comes to the explanation of how we got here, they believe time and chance can perform miracles on their own. It seems pretty obvious to me that if a space telescope can’t come into existence by chance natural processes, then how can the human body, or even the simplest living cell for that matter, which is infinitely more complex than a space telescope. Whether you are a teacher or a scientist, you don’t ever leave anything to chance either in the classroom or in the lab. You use your intelligence combined with operational science based on observable, repeatable events to predict what will happen in the future under given circumstances. This is the type of science and teaching that we have all learned from throughout the years, the same type of science that repeatedly confirms the Biblical account of the origin of all things. In summary, my belief in the historical account of the Bible and a literal Genesis account of Creation is by no means in conflict with the operational science I use every day. Rather, it is foundational to my understanding of the world around me and the things I have learned throughout my college and professional career.

A.F., School Principal, Dip.T, B.Ed, M.Ed —Dear AIG I am a school Principal in [place of employment removed]. I totally support your Museum and your totally brilliant un-biased Web Site. Although we are a State School I talk to my kids in class about creation vs evolution. I just present the facts (both Evolution & Creation) I don’t shove anything down their throats, and they cannot understand why anyone would believe in Evolution when presented the facts. That’s why your museum is important!!! Keep the excellent work going.

S.W., Electronics Engineer—I have a scientific degree. I have worked my way up the corporate ladder for 20 years, based on my scientific merit and based on the affirmation of my colleagues and customers alike. I have a well paid job with a well known German Engineering company called [place of employment removed], and guess what? I’m a creationist (no thanks to the public education system) and always have been (now how is that possible?). The Theory of Evolution is the greatest folly that has ever been foisted upon the minds of men. Stop patronising our kids - teach the science of creation and let them use their brains to draw their own conclusions. Why are Evolutionists so afraid? Surely if the THEORY of Evolution is so watertight and overwhelmingly convincing, it should stand-up to this kind of intelligent scrutiny by our kids! But it’s not - that’s the problem! Keep up the great work AIG!

S.S., Engineer—AIG - I, too, am astounded at the criticism and the apparent fear of an opposing view (and that outcry is unbelievably coming from Americans!!). It is obvious that free speech & free thought are only “free” when you agree with the prevailing wisdom (so-called). Otherwise, your thoughts, words, and private affairs become threats to the “free”-ness of the “free”. In case anyone is wondering... I happen to have two degrees from this world system - teaching and engineering. Nevertheless, I believe with 100% of my being in the indisputable truth of the word of God - from Genesis to Revelation. So, no. It is not the worldly definition of “uninformed”, “uneducated” or “ignorant” who believe in a literal Creation and a young earth. Further, it is not a matter of intelligence and education nor is it a matter of facts and scientific data. This whole issue is a spiritual one. Eyes are blinded because hearts will not believe in the only begotten Son of the Living God and Creator who died for the sins of mankind and rose again the third day. If they will not believe Moses’ words, neither will they believe though one were to rise from the dead.

R.A., 8th grade Science Teacher —I certainly hope that creationists can be science teacher because that is what I am. I have been teaching for thirteen years and until this year I did not have to teach evolution, although it was briefly mentioned. The students have always known my position on evolution and they sometimes want to know how a science teacher can not believe in evolution. This year I had a chapter on evolution. I have the students research evolution and creationism. Then, instead of teaching creationism (which could get me in trouble) I teach about the problems of evolution. My main point to the students is that evolution is the only “science” that has never been supported by experimentation or observation. Evolution is based on assumptions in the evolutionists’ minds made to prove that there is no God.

A.M., public school biology teacher—I am a public school biology teacher in Virginia and fully support the Creation Museum and its mission. The Creation Museum is more needed today than ever. Christians everywhere should be proud of and support the efforts of the Creation Museum to push back the darkness by exposing evolution’s holes and upholding the Bible and its accuracy in scientific matters. I one hundred percent fully support the Creation Museum.

D.E., Chair and Associate Professor of Kinesiology and Exercise Science—I’m with you and I use your materials in my classes to defend the faith and the bible.

D.K., Teacher/Adjuct Professor—I became interested in evolution/ecology as an undergraduate in college. My professors seemed to go out of their way to vast dispersions about the pseudoscience called “creation science.” As a Christian, I wondered what all the controversy was about. As the years past, I learned more and more about the “science” in creationism and the lack of “science” in evolution. It seemed to me that evolution was more of pseudoscience than creationism. I began to introduce these concepts to my biology classes. I was worried about how the topic of teaching two alternative explanations to the question of the origens of species, but found that my students loved the topic. I have taught biology for 15 years in a high school and teach various science courses at local colleges as an adjunct professor. I find my students are intrigued and engaged when critically analyzing both creation science and evolution. Most all ready realize how ridiculous it is to say we started off as a weathered rock and through billions years of mindless and random chance we came into being. But when put into perspective how much assumption is present and how miniscule the factual content is, the students gain a greater appreciation for creation sciences premises. I fully support the Creation Museum as an alternative to the dogmatic biased interpretation of our origens most scientists offer. People need to be educated iin the science behind the theory of creationism. This meuseum will demonstrate that the creationist viewpoint is not just the ramblings of a preacher who took a couple courses in science at the local community college. It is more than a philosopy and can use science and facts to support the model.

T.K., Optometrist —As an Optometrist who deals with the human body on a daily basis diagnosing vision health diseases as well as refractive errors (i.e. nearsightedness)I am constantly amazed that anyone who has had to study anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, biology and other courses cannot see the hand of God in the intricate designs of the human body let alone the rest of the world.

D.S., Systems Engineer—I am an engineer with 20yrs of work experience, and very passionate about AIG’s ministry. I am also a parent of four home school children. Many of my coworkers believe that science has proven evolution to be true. I believe that the Creation Museum is going to accelerate reaching those with wrong thinking about true science and critical thinking skills related to the physical evidence and man’s theories for origins.

R.F., Public School Biology Teacher—As a Biology Teacher in a public school, I try to base my teaching of the Origins issue purely on the scientific method. If the theory of Evolution were as scientifically sound as Evolutionists claim it to be, they would not be afraid of its close examination by the scientific method. Yet they terrified, as evidenced by their incredible opposition to the opening of the Answers In Genesis’ Creation Museum. Like I always tell my students, truth is not afraid of close examination only error. As a Creationist Biology Teacher, I am not afraid of people closely examining my position. I am confident that when they do, God’s Word will cut through their defenses and many will repent of their sins and give their lives to Jesus Christ. Well Done, Answers in Genesis! I praise God for the God glorifying museum you have constructed. Your brother in Christ, R.F.

L.S., teacher —I am a physics/chemistry teacher in Kansas. I fully agree with creation according to Genesis 1-11. I talk about this with my classes. I intend to make it to the museum in the near future. Thanks for all the articles you have as well as the video on-demand. I visit your site at least once a day to see what’s new.

N.B., MBChB MMed FRCPC—1. I fully support the Creation Museum. There are hundreds of Museums supporting the atheistic evolution line. I think it is time for a Creation Museum to challenge the people that there is a God and that we have to take his word seriously. 2. In teaching creationism there is no room for sloppiness and just-so stories. Creationists are being watched very closely for the slightest mistake, like the pharasies watched Jesus, and their logic and arguments are very good. I personally owns many DVD’s and books by creationists all very clear and well presented. 3. Creationists are good scientists because they never say: “this is just a leftover from evolution don’t bother” every organ and chemical reaction was designed by God it must have a function and we are going to research it until we know. In geology due to creationist’s results even the evolutionists are more and more accepting catastrophes as the force shaping the earth rather than slow procecces. I am a pathologist and for a tester I scanned the indeces of the text books in our lab. “Evolution” was not even listed in any of them. If evolution was mentioned it is like this. Describing the wonders of the eg kidney even using words like “designed” and then at the end a lame little reference to “evolution did it” without any explanation of how it did it. For most research and day to day work in the pathology lab you can fuction 100% without even knowing the word evolution!

G.K., Chemist —Dear Sirs, I want you to know (and the rest of the world too) that not all scientists accept evolution as truth, but some of us rely on the Word of God for the true history of this universe. I am a chemist, educated in a secular university of the United States, and thoroughly indoctrinated in evolution during this process. But I also learned to look at experiments and data to distinguish the difference between useful science and poor science. To turn a phrase from the late Dr. Gould, any thinking scientist can look at the chemistry and see the sheer impossibility of life arising from some primordial soup. Even a casual look at other fields of science, such as statistics, astronomy, physics, or information science shows that the deeper we dig, the less likely we find evolution to have been possible. Even biology, the scientific refuge of evolution, cannot support evolution with scientific evidence, as genetics and biochemistry begin to show that a biblical foundation is necessary to und! erstand the real science. No, not all scientists are evolutionists. I am a real scientist, and I hold the truth of God to be the real foundation of understanding His creation. You may use my full name if you desire.

A.M., Forester—As a professional forester, who graduated from the Warnell School of Forestry at the University of Georgia in 1998, the only way I can make sense of the history of the American forests is interpreting the evidence through the Genesis account.

A.H., Analytical Chemist—Everyday I am amazed by the details of God’s creation. As a chemist, I find it difficult to understand how any scientist could not believe in creation as told in the Bible. It is my hope that all of the attention (even the negative) will cause people to question their beliefs in evolution. When people begin to ask the difficult questions, that is when Christian teachers and scientists should step up and help them to understand what the Bible says.

J.H., Educator (college and high school) —I am a public high school and community college math and science teacher. However, I do not consider my boss to be the state department that pays my salary. Instead, I submit to a much higher Authority. When I do my job in line with the fact that God the Father is my boss, and His Son’s death is my prepayment, I am a far better teacher, colleague, mentor, friend, etc.... I believe God at His word. We cannot prove the Bible, but we are equipped and charged (by God’s Word) to demolish every false teaching. Everyone (Christian or not) who asks for evidence for creation seems to be oblivious to the fact that the impossibility of the alternative (evolution) IS the evidence for creation. I will shine the light of Christ by remaining a Bible-believing, unapologetically Christian teacher until God sees fit to change my calling. May the Creation Museum change the lives of millions and lead them to salvation in Christ. However, every person who questions the amount of money spent needs to ask “How much is their own eternal soul worth?” I think $27 million is quite equitable. Yours in Christ, J.H., Mathematics and Science Educator

D.M., IT Training Analyst—I consider myself a scientist and creationist. I have a degree in Biology and Chemistry and still stand behind Creationism.

M.C., Senior Engineer—I have a Masters in Chemical Engineering from Virginia Tech. I work for a fortune 50 company where I have won 5 awards for my scientific/engineering work. I have published papers in peer-reviewed, scientific journals and I have chaired sessions at scientific societies and conferences. I am also a creationist and a charter-member of the Creation Museum. Being a creationist has never hurt my scientific work, indeed, I attribute all my success to the clear, logical thinking that a creation-perspective enables.

D.W., Science teacher—I pray that this museum will be used mightily of God to demolish strongholds to bring many to a knowledge of the truth and be saved, all to the Glory of our great Creator and Savior, Jesus Christ.

L.E., chemistry/math high school teacher—As a creationist teacher, I want my students to critically examine all sides of the creation/evolution issue. Formerly a public school teacher, I now teach biology, chemistry, and physics to groups of homeschoolers. I made sure that my biology students were exposed to teachings from scientists who believe in evolution. Creationists have nothing to fear, as the evidence and truth clearly point to Biblical creation. Apparently evolutionists do fear student exposure to creation, and for good reason, since the case for creation is so much stronger than the case for evolution. I’m so excited about the museum and hope to bring my family in June.

C.G., Teacher —Dear Friends in Christ, I am a biology and earth science teacher at [place of employment removed]. During most of my 28 years of teaching, I have not only taught my students the flaws of the evolution side, but explained how they can use this information (pro-creation too!)as a tool to evangelize in their college/secular ways of the future. I currently offer presentations as a creation speaker for churches in our area. God bless you and I thank you for making your resources available. In Him, C.G.

T.B., English Teacher —I teach 6th grade in a public school in Texas, and my children attend public school. While we teach our children at home that the Bible can be trusted in all things, they are bombarded daily in many classes with evolutionary thought. I am very grateful for AiG and other creationist organizations for keeping good creationist info out there. We hope to one day visit the creation museum. God bless you in the work you do, T.B.

S.K., Biological Fluid Mechanics PhD research student—I’m a PhD mathematics student, and I believe in the biblical creation account. There are many amazing pointers in mathematics to complexity, diversity and unbelievable order only possible through an all-knowing, all-powerful creator God. The biblical account in my opinion is very well supported by many good scientific theories that cannot be simply swept away. I have many peers who also find the concept of a creator very plausible. I think that the general public should be given the opportunity to hear that science is not a united, atheistic discipline based on the “fact” of evolution; and that eliminating a scientific option (i.e. God) because of popular demand is bad science.

M.M., university teacher, doctor —Hello Friends, My name is M.M. I am from Poland and I hold a doctorate in linguistics. My opinion about creationists as teachers an scientists is very high. I wholeheartedly support the Creation Museum and your ministry. As I said, I am from Poland and America used to look to me as an open, full of freedom of speech country. My perception of America changed when I found out about the relationship between freedom of speech, evolution and creationism. God bless you.

C.D., Design Engineer—I am an engineer in the automotive industry. I design electronics and software for controlling modern engines. I believe the Bible completely, from the very first verse. I believe that God created the heavens and the earth in six days, just like he said he did. I believe God gave his only Son Jesus to die in our place, for our sin, and rose from the dead in three days. What an awesome, loving God we have! I have been around design long enough to know that the best of human design is like tinker-toys compared to God’s amazing creation.

G.B., Teacher (Secondary) —I am an educator in an Australian school and am disappointed that a group would lobby against the Creation Museum. The only thing that about the soon to be opened Museum that disappoints me is that there is not a similar place here in Australia. THanks for the wonderful information and helping all beleivers stand firm on the word of God. Yours in Christ GB

M.R., Student, Mr, Bachelor of Arts - Legal Theory & Organisational Psychology; Postgraduate Diploma in Enterprise Management; Postgraduate Certification in Education—I thank God for this website, and for all of the dedicated teachers and scientists that are so steadfast in their convictions about the truth of our creation. I’m deeply passionate about these issues and have been so blessed to have such quality answers so freely available - I’m sure many feel the same way. Creationist teachers and scientists are to be treasured and encouraged! May God bless you all :)

T.N., B.A. in education pre-k-8 —I think this is AWESOME! We need this!! I can’t wait to see it for myself. I am a former christian public school teacher and would love for my students to have taken a field trip there.

C.P. and C.S., Dentist and Opthalmologist—Here in Argentina the situation is quite the same. I follow your news breathless every day. Our sons have always stood up to their teachers, answering their reasoning, using your material ever since we knew about it. We are both profesionals in Medicine (husband opthalmologist and me a dentist) and the book that helped us when we were students was The Genesis Flood. We realized we were not alone, we had not bent our knee so to speak. We never ever found in any of the science classes one piece of evidence to even suggest evolution could have happenned. We had been taught to think at home,Campus Crusade speakers, etc. We pray you people of the United States stand up and hold on for we are counting on you to defend our freedom. It seems to us more open persecution could develop any time now. Our hope is you can stay the tide and help the believers stand for their right and expose deception and manipulation of the truth. May God Bless each of you today and every day, C.P. and C.S.

G.F., Electronics teacher at the high school and college level. My highest degree is a Master of Education. — am an electronics teacher at a local high school and teach part time at a local community college. I also do a part time creation ministry in Michigan. I believe in everything the Creation Museum and Answers In Genesis stands for, because truth is being presented. I believe the Bible is the Word of God and good science supports what the Bible teaches.

N.M., teacher, BS —After teaching Accelerated Christian Education for 5 years, I am now presenting a power point presentation to students, staff and parents on the importance of believing and teaching the special creation of God in order for all of us to accept His salvation. It has been met with tremendous acceptance and I will be presenting it at the ACSI convention in November. Thanks for your tremendous voice! N.M.

V.H., Veterinarian —A true scientist must look at all the evidence and draw a conclusion. They cannot “disallow” some evidence because it has connections to the Bible. I firmly believe that evidence proves the Bible true.

C.A., Service Technician, Bachelor of Education, Diploma of Teaching—Creationism and science make sense. Earth History, biology, geology, etc all make sense when put into a biblical context. Expose the lies of evolution!!!

B.B., Attorney-BS and JD—After reading Henry Morris’s book about the utter lack of substiantial evidence for Evolution, I became convinced that “theistic evolution” had no place in belief system. I have also had the privilege of attending one of the AIG seminars. They are wonderful.

Q.C., Ph.D.—I studied biology and evolution in China. And I was immersed with social evolution theories and practices of Karl Max, Lenin, and Chairman Mao. Biological and social evolution theories are close cousins. They shared the same view that there is no God. False assumptions bring disasters. USSR is gone. China is changing. Social evolution is bankrupt. It’s time for biological evolution to go bankrupt! Human kind needs to regain its sanity by exposing evolution myth! Creation Museum is doing just that. Thank you! Q.C. Ph.D. (from Univerity of Miami)

R.T., Chemist, Lab Supervisor, MS Chemistry—I have worked in a University for 20+ years as a chemist. I have never found anything to prove the existence of evolution and I have never found anything that disproves creationism. Carbon has always been carbon it did not “evolve” from Boron by adding an electron.

C.H., High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher B.S. Physical Science Sec. Ed.—I am a creationist and High School Physics and Chemistry Teacher. I will always provoke my students to THINK about TRUTH and point out problems with any theory. When I teach the history of atomic theory it becomes self-evident the man’s theories change over time and this is the perfect opportunity to mention one source of truth that doesn’t change.

C.J., Computer Engineer, Linux Systems Administrator, Bachelor of Technology in Electronics & Communitcation Engineering (B.Tech.) —Hi, I’m not sure if I can post.. I am an Engineer working as Linux Systems admin, and was an evolutionist one time.. Scientific facts & evidences about creationism is what became an eye opener for me.. I believe since Evolution is just a guess work based on assumptions, its necessary to teach Creationism also in schools.. Else people like me will get brainwashed to evolutionists’ beliefs! I think most people are not evolutionists, but they just believe it without thinking just coz they were taught so in schools.. Creationism museum is a real blessing and opportunity to educate ourselves about the real evidences, and what it suggests..

S.D, Orthopaedic Surgeon—As a physician and surgeon, I see every day the awesome complexity that is inherent in our physical bodies and in creation as a whole. As a thinking person, how can we look at the design and neglect to acknowledge the designer? How can a “scientist” call themselves one when they presuppose to neglect an explanation just because of their own personal bias? Let the theory stand on its own two feet, not being protected by the present system of politics. Let students examine, compare, question, measure, and think. What are they afraid of? Perhaps they should be afraid.

S.Z., Teacher-BS degree—I am a science teacher in a Christian school. I appreciate so much the good, scientifically and biblically sound information I have been able to get through your magazine and website. I have used so many of your materials to aid me in my classroom teaching and in my adult Sunday School class. I am planning on visiting the museum this summer. I can’t wait-I know it will be an awesome experience. I thank God for your ministry-it brings hope that the Truth will be spoken. Thank you for standing on the truths of God’s Word right from the beginning!

K.P., Head of Science Dept., NDCS, B.S.(Biology & Chemistry), M.B.A. also —Creationists make great science teachers. In many cases we are former “believers in evolutionary thought” who, at some point in our lives, examined the real evidence behind the evolutionary thinking -- and found it severly lacking. Today I can see the poor science published in many supposedly prestigious research journals. The articles are filled with assumptions and false statements. In my science classes you cannot just wave a magic wand and fill in a missing gap with a guess. I ask my students to defend their answers. I thank Answers in Genesis and the many other creation scientists who publish good research articles and are not afraid to look for answers in our world created by the great I AM -- for lifting the blinders off our eyes.

J.B., Attorney at Law; J.D., Indiana University School of Law - Indianapolis; M.S.W., Indiana University School of Social Work; B.S., Liberty University —Thank you for your willingness and courage to defend truth and the Bible. Obviously the “real scientists” have something to fear: an opposing view to their entrenched dogma. (It is ironic that they claim the biblical truth found at the museum misleads children when they are all about misinformation and lies). I will be visiting the Creation Museum in the very near future with my wife and two children, ages 12 and 9 (Yes, I want my children to learn the truth, even from a young age!). We are looking forward to the experience. The information we are bound to gain will undoubtedly further our ability and effectiveness in our Christian witness.

K.B., teacher —I am so excited about this museum. I am tired of public schools and liberal university educators pushing their theory as truth. I teach at the elementary level and stress to my students that Evolution is a theory. I teach what the Bible says about Creation, and in every subject encourage my students to seek out the truth. I am weary of liberal scientists using unproven, inconsistent methods of testing to “prove” evolution. I am so encouraged by this museum and am glad there are still Christians who are willing to stand up and actually use our rights. If we continue to lay back in silence, our rights as Christians will soon be taken away from us. Thank you for this museum. I can’t wait to visit it this summer.

P.G., Masters degree in Biology from Miss. State Univ. —I teach community college science courses and labs and wholeheartedly believe in the accuracy of the Bible in every respect. Evolution has no bearing on my student’s ability to grasp the topics covered in Biology or Anatomy. No concept in science requires a belief in evolution (except, maybe, those fields dedicated to proving it!). As a believer, I love science because it reveals the awesomeness and power of God. I am constantly amazed at what I discover in my field (genetics). The more I discover the more I realize that evolution does not have the answers for what I see, but God does.

K.L., foot and ankle surgeon, DPM, BS, BA —I recently became a contributor as a founder of the museum. I became a believer 27 years ago due to the overwhelming arguments against evolution and in favor of the creation account, most especially the flood account as an explanation for the current physical make-up of the world. Moreover, the flood as an explanation for fossils, coal, gas and oil is far more credible than any other explanation. The work of men such as Morrises, Gish, Ham and so many others puts nails in the coffin of evolution. Only willful anti-scientific support can uphold the fantasy of evolution. Moreover, the work of creation scientists defeats the anathema of theistic evolution. Christ, the Creator, stated that the earth is young and demonstrated that He was capable of instantaneous creation of things with built-in age. There is no question that belief in young earth and a recent world-wide flood is an assay of one’s salvation. No one indwelt with God the Holy Spirit would mock the Word.

W.H., Mathematics Teacher, BA and MS —I am thrilled that the museum has finally opened. It is time that the world is able to see the truth of creation. The Bible is true in its account of the six days that God the world and all that is in it. Praise God for your faith in this project.

W.A., teacher, BA. majors in education, history, and English—I am an elementary school teacher in California. I am also a South African of Indian descent. I was raised in a Christian family that deplored the racist regime that foistered their warped scientific views upon all blacks through their system of Apartheid. Blacks were considered lesser human beings, no doubt influenced by Darwinism. Indians and people of mixed parentage, the so-called Colored, were viewed as slightly higher on the human development chart. My church played a large role in fighting Apartheid. I was beaten once while protesting the government’s attempt at further dividing the people by allowing an Indian government that would exist independently from the white Apartheid ruling party. I was jailed once on my university campus while waiting for Winnie Mandela to speak to an all- student audience. I was shot at once by people who were running for office in the tricameral government which would consist of Whites, Indians, and so-called Coloreds. Now, if my position is not far-left, politically speaking, according to the racist government who called any group communist just to blind-side the rest of the world concerning the plight of the South African people of color, then I don’t know what is. Now, when I read of a group called DEFCON calling me “the religious right” just because of my beliefs, then I begin to worry. This smacks of intolerance in a democracy that proudly heralds free speech. The Apartheid government put us in a box, telling us we wouldn’t amount to anything just because of our pigmentation. And when we tried to defy them, they attacked us, jailed us, silenced us, killed us. Now DEFCON shoves all christians into the “religious right” box just because of our beliefs. If that’s the case, then Bible believing South Africans like Desmond Tutu, who fought all his life against the evil race-hierachy of Apartheid, would gladly fit into that same “religious right” box.

G.D., B.A., M.D—After years of examining both sides, I can say that Creationist teachers and scientists are not simply acting on faith alone, but are among the most clear-minded of science professionals.


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