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I’m constantly amazed at how the Lord continues to use Answers in Genesis to touch the hearts and lives of people. I hope this inspires you.

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I’m constantly amazed at how the Lord continues to use Answers in Genesis to touch the hearts and lives of people—in ways we could never envision. I think you’ll find the accounts to be quite inspiring.

In 2010, a great friend and colleague passed from this life to his eternal home with his Savior and Lord. His name was Professor John Rendle-Short (“Prof.” as we affectionately knew him). Prof. was the founding chairman of the creation ministry that began in our home in Australia over 30 years ago.

You probably have never heard of his name—but almost everyone will know something about a neurological disorder he helped diagnose (and for which he was honored by the Queen of Great Britain).

Here is an excerpt from the Sunshine Coast Daily newspaper of Australia on Prof’s death:

“His pioneering research into the importance of early childhood autism diagnosis was ‘remarkable’ and praised around the world. Renowned Professor John Rendle-Short, who retired to Buderim in the late 80s, improved the lives of thousands of families with his passionate dedication to understanding the neuro-biological disorder.”

He was given the great honor of being made a member of the Order of Australia by the Queen because of his autism research. He was a professor in child health at the University of Queensland in Australia for 24 years.

And this brilliant man was a six-literal-day, young-earth creationist!

I wanted to give you this background because it’s such a blessing to find that the AiG ministry is being used to minister to children with autism. I’ve heard many testimonies from people whose children have varying degrees of autistic problems yet rejoice how the Lord has mightily used AiG to minister to their child.

I remember one family who told me they couldn't get their autistic child to learn the alphabet, but after the child fell in love with our book A is for Adam, he learned his ABCs. I believe God specially blesses those books that honor Him and His Word.

In addition, I have also heard parents tell me their autistic child really responded positively to the songs of AiG’s Buddy Davis.

My wife Mally and I have two nephews who are autistic (one with Asperger’s), so we do love to hear such testimonies of how AiG resources have helped these children.

Making “Leaps and Bounds”

As an encouragement to you, and to offer a small representation of how your support of Answers in Genesis is having an impact, I want you to read excerpts of a few testimonies I received recently on my Facebook page.

  1. “Today at the Creation Museum we had the pleasure of seeing Buddy Davis!!! The last time we saw him was when you and Buddy came to Bible Baptist Church in Newark, OH. My oldest has Asperger’s syndrome and for a long while would not sing. He began to listen to Buddy’s music and [now] not only does he sing, but he plays the piano. His favorite song is ‘The Woodpecker Song’ :).

    “Andrew has made leaps and bounds [in] progress in the last couple of years. He loves all things AiG and Buddy Davis. For Christmas he got the Buddy Davis songbook, so now he can play ‘The Woodpecker Song’ on the piano . . . !" (—L.P., 17 Feb. 2012)

  2. “My son with Asperger’s loves Answers in Genesis magazine and looks forward to every issue! These kids are often riddled with obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), and so using subjects, these children are ‘obsessed’ with, we can get these special kids to read! I love the Creation Museum’s bookstore! My son has donated books he has outgrown to our local library so other kids who’ve never had access to the creation view can read all about it! Thank you for your specialized ministry, Ken Ham!” (—P.R., 18 Feb. 2012)
  3. “My teen son has Asperger’s and he loves the Answers magazine and is so looking forward to when we can go to the Creation Museum. Science is not his favorite subject, but this way science is easy and he loves the Lord so it works out perfectly . . . !” (—J.R., 18 Feb. 2012)
  4. My son is also autistic and he loves all the books AiG puts out. [He] is the one who always takes my Answers [magazine] as soon as we get it in the mail . . . .” (—P.C., 18 Feb. 2012)
  5. I have a daughter with autism, now 13, and a son with Asperger’s, now 16, as well as a 15-year-old daughter. I grew up believing in millions of years and ‘old-earth’ creation. It was the usual story—I learned it in public school, the church never refuted it, and neither did the Christian college I attended (I earned a double BA and an MA there, but never heard evolution refuted). When my children were small and we decided to home educate, I met intelligent, educated home schooling moms who believed in a young earth and 6-day creation. I began to be aware of God working on my heart to show me that I would be accountable to Him for teaching my children truth, so I had better figure it out! I knew I needed to know more.

    “Through a friend, I was introduced to AiG and borrowed—and later owned—the first 6 DVD Ken Ham lecture set. We eventually obtained A is for Adam, Creation Adventure Team DVDs, and a variety of other AiG materials. It was all incredibly eye-opening. Spectrum children tend to be very exact and need the truth the FIRST time around. You can’t tell them something incorrect and easily change it later! I am so glad I did not originally teach them evolution before I discovered the truth about Genesis 1–11!

    “By the time our youngest daughter, who has autism, was 6, she had regained enough language to easily correct my mom on days of creation when my mom made an error while discussing what was created on which day!

    “My daughter also had difficulty sleeping as a child . . . so I would often let her fall asleep on the sofa to a non-juvenile DVD of her choice. Two of her favorite choices were Where Did God Come From? and The Bible Explains Dinosaurs . . . .

    “All of my children are creationists who are learning that the Lord will provide answers through His Word to every question they ask.” (—K.K., 18 Feb. 2012)

Reaching a Sin-Cursed World

I’m sure you, like me, are excited to read the above testimonies. And I’m sure that my friend, the late Prof. Rendle-Short, would be so thrilled to know that autistic children, who came to have a special place in his life’s work, are being reached by a ministry that he was an integral part of pioneering.

I just thank the Lord that He blesses AiG resources to help these children who have this serious problem in our sin-cursed world. What a blessing to know such young people are being reached with the message of God’s Word and the gospel through AiG.

I am reminded that the AiG ministry, and its many outreaches through the Creation Museum and faith-building resources, is reaching out around the world to touch hearts and lives for the Lord.

Your prayers and financial support enable AiG and its many ministries to reach millions for the Lord in this increasingly secularized world.

Thank you for being a part of this vital ministry of our day.


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