Planned Giving

Planned giving helps you meet your personal, financial, and estate planning goals by making a lifetime or testamentary charitable gift.

Learn more about your gift options and how to create your plan:

  • Gift Options: Stocks and bonds, land/real estate, retirement assets, cash, etc.
  • Create Your Plan: Explore a variety of planned giving strategies—including wills, trusts, and annuities—to meet your personal planning needs and your stewardship goals.
  • Donor Stories: Learn how others have made an impact through their acts of giving to our organization and others.
  • Genesis Legacy Society: Become a member of our legacy society by making a planned gift to the ministry.
  • News: Keep up with the latest tax and finance developments in Washington.
  • eNewsletter: Sign up for free up-to-date gift and estate planning information by email.

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