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Mix and match content, dragons, finding feeds, and more!

Mix and Match Content

A couple months ago here on InSite, we highlighted the wealth of content we produce on this website. Daily articles, blogs, weekly features, videos—we’ve got something for everyone.

And now we want to make sure you don’t miss what you enjoy the most. For years, we’ve offered a number of RSS feeds for our most popular content. If you’re not familiar with the term, RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) allows website publishers to syndicate content. In other words, when we publish content on our site, it can be sent through a feed right to your favorite RSS reader (e.g., Google Reader). The content comes to you. (You can find out more about RSS and RSS readers on our Get Connected page.)

Because there’s so much great content to choose from, we decided to tweak our RSS “engine” a bit to allow greater customization for you. Take a look at our newest feeds:

New RSS Feeds
All Speakers’ BlogsFollow all of our speakers as they travel the country, discuss research, or share behind-the-scenes stories.
News to NoteDon’t miss our popular weekly column that examines the news from a biblical perspective.
Feedback ArticlesNearly every Friday, we address a reader-submitted question on a variety of topics.
Ken Ham’s ArticlesIf you’re interested in keeping up with AiG president and founder Ken Ham, here’s the feed for you.

On our Get Connected page, you’ll find other feeds for our podcasts, videos, Answers Research Journal, and more. So, follow your favorites and let us send you exactly what you want to read.

If you prefer your content to come through Twitter or Facebook, we can “meet” you there as well. We’ve got social media accounts for many of our popular websites.

Of course, many people simply have as their web browser’s homepage so that they don’t miss an article. We certainly wouldn’t discourage that—and we’ll even show you how.

In Store: There Be Dragons

Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs

Filled with colorful images, fold-out pages, creative doors, panels, and maps, Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs is sure to fascinate your children—and you. You’ll peel away the dragon myth to expose the truth.

Dragons have fascinated, frightened, and fired the imaginations of people around the world throughout the ages. From the mesmerizing tales of ancient bards to fearfully whispered warnings not to wander into the pitiless darkness beyond the village, these creatures were at the heart of a realm of mystery, wonder, and a challenge to the fortitude and faith of saints, nobles, knights, kings, and commoners.

What truth lies beneath this mystifying history? Where are the clues found in fragmented tales of hidden caves, lost treasures, and wondrous secrets veiled by the mists of time? Is there an answer to the question of these fabled creatures?

From the farthest corners of the globe, we can find dragons towering within the legends and lore of cultures from China to Australia, India to Europe, and Persia to the kingdoms of the fiercest Norse warriors. And now you can explore those legends—through the lens of biblical history.

Join Bodie Hodge and Laura Welch in Dragons: Legends and Lore of Dinosaurs as they dive into ancient tales of fantastic beasts. Uncover artwork from all over the globe that reveals how humans and dinosaurs once lived together. Examine what the Bible has to say about these enigmatic creatures.

Filled with colorful images, fold-out pages, creative doors, panels, and maps, this high-quality book is sure to fascinate your children—and you. From Job to Marco Polo to newspaper accounts, peel away the dragon myth to expose the truth.

Question of the Month

Could you add a specific RSS feed for my favorite content?

As we mentioned above, we’ve expanded the number of RSS feeds we offer to help you lock in on the content you enjoy the most. Some of our more technically inclined readers also use our feeds to generate automatic links to our site from their blog. Whatever your needs, we hope you can find what you’re looking for.

But perhaps there’s an article or media series that hasn’t yet made the cut. If so, there’s something you can do: ask us.

Some of our best website ideas over the years have been submitted by our readers. So, if there’s something you’d like to see—whether RSS-related or not—just let us know. We love to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

(Have a question for InSite? Let us know! Be sure to mention that your question is intended for InSite.)

Did You Know?

Did you know that King David still knows how to make a splash? The year’s still young, but one new article about this reknowned king has generated quite an impression. Over 9,000 of you have already read David: Little Guy or Mighty Man of War?—perhaps someone you know should read it as well.

And as a bonus, did you know that InSite has been bringing you the scoop on the Answers in Genesis family of websites for three years? The series kicked off in March 2008 as a way to update readers on what our sites have to offer and what’s new. Take a look back at how far we’ve come.

About InSite

InSite is a monthly feature of Answers in Genesis that covers new features and content—as well as other useful tools and resources—on Written by the web team itself, InSite offers a bit of insight into the web philosophy and projects of the Answers in Genesis Internet Outreach department. Have a suggestion or other feedback about how our website works? Let us know! Miss out on last month’s edition of InSite? Take a look now!


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