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Our “new” New Year’s resolution, no small witness, brimming with ideas, and more

Our “New” New Year’s Resolution

Welcome to 2011 . . . and potentially a new diet, a new Bible reading plan, a new exercise routine, or something else you’re committed to for the new year.

Like you, we’ve made our own resolution. While this resolution isn’t technically new (we make it every year), it does mean something new for you—and much more often than once per year. What is it? New quality content—both articles and media—to keep you informed, encouraged, and equipped.

So, what’s new for you? Plenty:

Daily Updates

  • Featured articles: Each day we feature at least one fresh article on the front page of the site. You’ll find news items, ministry updates, science insights, web-only series, book chapters, free magazine and journal articles, and more. To make sure you don’t miss any, sign up for our Answers Weekly newsletter or subscribe to our RSS feeds.
  • Blog posts: For years on his blog, Ken Ham has been churning out daily doses of behind-the-scenes stories, feedback, poignant responses, and his characteristic (read: Aussie) humor. And now he’s not alone—many of our other speakers have gotten into the blogging mood (click on a speaker’s image to follow along).
  • Biblical Authority Devotional: If one of your resolutions this year involves spending more time studying God’s Word, we’ve got a weekday refresher to help. Each Monday through Friday, join a member of the AiG staff in digging into Scripture and seeing what God has revealed. (And if you need something for Saturday and Sunday, we’ve got around 175 in the archives that are sure to help you out.)
  • Answers radio: Although over 600 radio stations carry our Answers radio program in the United States, sometimes it’s easier to listen on your own schedule (especially if you’re not near one of those stations or outside the U.S.). Check out the weekday broadcasts from our website (on the front page in the left-hand column) to hear these salient 90-second audio updates on biblical authority issues. You can also search through our past episodes for more.

Weekly Updates

  • Video on Demand: Thanks to the rise of high-speed Internet, streaming video over the web is no longer a click-and-wait experience. In fact, we love the format for personal edification, small group discussion, and family study—so much so that we post a new video segment each week on the front page. If you miss one, don’t worry. All our Video on Demand posts are archived in our media section. (If you start now, you could probably finish them this year—maybe. We’ve got loads of great material.)
  • After Eden: Over the years, Dan Lietha’s After Eden cartoon has picked up quite a following. That’s no surprise, since each one-panel comic features a relevant and funny look at the intersection of biblical history and modern culture. Each week on the front page of the site, you’ll find either a new cartoon or an enduring classic from our archive.

And More

  • Ark Encounter: We’re working on some exciting content about the Ark and global Flood at our innovative Ark Encounter website. Expect regular article updates in the coming months (not to mention the informative Ark Encounter blog).
  • Creation Museum news: Our friends at the Creation Museum blog have been busy producing some quality posts over the years—and there’s much more to come.
  • Kids Answers: We certainly don’t want to leave anyone out, which is why you can expect regular updates for the younger ones in your house.

In Store: No Small Witness

Creation vs. Evolution

Creation vs. Evolution: Irrefutable Proof is a super-condensed version of Dr. Lisle’s layman-friendly treatise on biblical logic, The Ultimate Proof of Creation and is a great way to share with friends and family that the Bible is true.

It’s so big that we made it small.

Many excited people have told us how much of an impact Dr. Jason Lisle’s book The Ultimate Proof of Creation has had on them, and most couldn’t wait to share it with friends and family. So, we wanted to make that easy.

Now you can share this powerful defense of creation with everyone through our new Creation vs. Evolution: Irrefutable Proof witnessing booklet. These 99-cent booklets boil down the basics of Dr. Lisle’s game-changing book for those who need to hear that the Bible is irrefutably true.

Grab a bundle of these witnessing tools and place them in your office, hand them out on the street to interested passersby, display them at your church, include them with meals you take to those in need, or keep one handy to defend your faith.

Creation vs. Evolution is just the latest addition to our wide range of witnessing resources. We’ve got several booklets that cover a variety of common and hot-button issues, including 7 Reasons Why We Should Not Accept Millions of Years and Are ETs & UFOs Real?. You’ll also find handy pocket guides to help you provide answers. There’s also an entire small-group curriculum—called Answers for Life—that you could watch and discuss with your neighbors or coworkers. We can even help you get started with a table-top witnessing display.

We pray these tools (and the many others we offer) will help you tear down barriers, answer questions, and reach those around you with the truth of the gospel.

Question of the Month

I have an idea/article/fossil I’d like Answers in Genesis to review. Where can I send it?

If there’s one thing we know about our supporters, it’s that they love to research, study the Bible, and write. How do we know? Because hundreds of you send in thought-provoking ideas and articles each year.

Many of you ask us to review your articles, research ideas, projects, product suggestions, and in-the-field discoveries. And we’re certainly grateful that you turn to us for guidance.

As you can imagine given the number sent in, we cannot personally respond to each of these—but that doesn’t stop us from trying. From time to time, in fact, these personal requests and ideas have been published on the site and in our blogs. Other suggestions have gladly led to changes in our products and informed the questions we’ve answered.

So, what should you do with your own great articles or ideas? Keep ‘em coming.

If you’d like us to take a look at an idea you have or an article you’ve written or even a fossil you’ve found, you can send us an inquiry through our online form. We read each submission, and we’ll do our best to respond. Many times, we’ve likely dealt with the idea in our expansive archive of articles (try a site search to find it faster).

For article ideas, you may want to submit your ideas or papers to Answers magazine or Answers Research Journal. Both publications are always on the lookout for quality, well-researched submissions.

(Have a question for InSite? Let us know! Be sure to mention that your question is intended for InSite.)

Did You Know?

Did you know that Ken Ham’s Facebook page has already reached nearly 4,000 followers? Follow his journeys, and help him grow to 5,000 (and beyond) by clicking the “Like” button (at the top) and sharing the page with your friends. (Note: Facebook features user-submitted content. Parents, please browse with your children.)

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