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As we provide resources through books, DVDs, radio programs, the Internet, and the Creation Museum, we are digging new wells so the water of the Word will flow freely around the world.

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I wonder if you had the chance to read the New York Times editorial “The Cons of Creationism” on June 7. The very first line was, “When it comes to science, creationists tend to struggle with reality.”1 The editorial went on to describe belief in a Creator as “nonsense” and to claim that teaching about God belongs only in “church and social studies courses” and to falsely define “science” as “naturalism.”

Remember back in Genesis 26:18, when Isaac re-dug Abraham’s wells (the ones stopped up by the Philistines) and then went on to dig new wells? I couldn’t help thinking of this passage as I read this Times editorial. You know how often Scripture uses water to symbolize the grace of the Spirit of God. The author of the editorial is clogging up the well of the Word of God, denying our children access to life-giving truth by banning the biblical God from the public school system where their thinking and worldview is formed.

It is important to understand that those who blast creation, as this New York Times editorial does, are not just against people believing in a literal Genesis account of origins. They are against the very first verse of the Bible, and if that verse is not true, none of the Bible is true. If “In the beginning God created the Heavens and the earth” is false—so is the Christian faith.

That’s why we’ve kept the Creation Museum open longer hours and increased the staff during these busy summer months. Our summer ministry comes with a price tag of $300,000 for July and August, but at all costs we have to clear the debris being thrown in our wells by modern-day Philistines and restore biblical authority to our schools, churches, and homes.

At AiG, we challenge Christians concerning compromise and challenge churches to get back to the authority of God’s Word—re-digging wells. As we provide resources through books, DVDs, radio programs, the Internet, and the Creation Museum, we are digging new wells so the water of the Word will flow freely through the nation and around the world. You’re a vital part of that process every time you pray and give!

Now, I encourage you to re-dig wells and dig new ones of your own. We each need to work in our own homes and churches. If we’re honest with ourselves, the “Philistines” have invaded here, too. The wells have been stopped up. Many church leaders, Christian colleges, and seminary professors have compromised with evolution/the age of the earth, thus undermining the authority of the Word. Parents are neglecting the call to teach their children to stand on the authority of the Word and equip them to defend their faith in today’s world. And, as you consider your family’s education, think about how you can ensure they will experience that cleansing water of the Word and be equipped to stand firm in the spiritual battle for children and teens.

My mother and father gave me the most tremendous possible gift—an abiding love for God and belief in the authority of His Word. This “well” that my parents dug and kept clean still flows freely today. I pray that will be true of your family as well. This summer, please help with your most generous gift yet as we set to work, clearing out old wells and digging new ones. I know $300,000 is a lot of money, but whatever amount you can send today will help us equip parents, teachers, and church leaders to keep God’s truth flowing freely.


  1. New York Times, “The Cons of Creationism,” June 7, 2008.


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