Joint Effort

Creation on Display

on October 1, 2015
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Joint Effort

Try this experiment. Pour a drink from a pitcher into a glass and then bring the glass to your lips, all without moving more than one arm joint. You get to choose only one—your shoulder, elbow, or wrist. Can you do it? The fact is, you need all three joints for your arm to work right. It’s an ingenious arrangement that lets you maneuver your hand to any point within reach, and every creature that has arms or forelimbs uses the same setup.

Even after years of technological development, every robotic arm has essentially this same arrangement of three mechanical joints—a universal joint, a hinge joint, and a rotational joint. You’ll find them in everything from assembly line welders to robotic arms used in space.

When God created animals and humans, He gave them the best design for mobility. No engineer has ever improved on that arrangement. Or to put it another way, every engineer honors the Creator when he designs a mechanical arm that merely imitates God’s original design.

Arm Joints

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