Book Teaches Anatomy and Physiology from a Creationist Viewpoint


When we first examine the human body, complexity and diversity overwhelms the mind.

When we first examine the human body, complexity and diversity overwhelms the mind. Continuous study and patient research reveal repeating physiological patterns in the eleven body systems. This book describes these patterns and discusses their meaning. It will help the teacher or serious student of biology appreciate the Creator’s design principles and plan for human body. The various body systems are discussed, such as the circulatory system, in the context of these design themes. It teaches about the biological basis for blood clotting, the immune response, recent research on spilt-brain studies, the physiology of flight, the body’s adaptation to high altitudes and much more. The book is built around the basic universal patterns and themes in human biology that include:

  1. the relationship of structure to function;
  2. homeostasis, or steady state of metabolism;
  3. the interdependence among body parts;
  4. short-term physiological adaptation;
  5. maintenance of boundaries; and
  6. the triple scheme of order, organization, and integration.

Most popular books on the human body, as well as most anatomy and physiology texts, assume an evolutionary origin of man. This book is unusual in that it is built around the widely accepted physiological themes, but provides a distinct, creationist approach to the human body. It challenges the reader to evaluate whether the creation or evolution model makes more sense. the subject chapters presented within this book are:

  1. Design Principles of the Human Body
  2. Two Views of Origins and Perspectives on Human Body Plans
  3. Human Cells and Development
  4. Structure and Function: A Planned Relationship
  5. Homeostasis: The Body in Balance
  6. Multifaceted Systems in the Human Body
  7. Clotting Cascades
  8. “All or None” Systems in the Human Body
  9. The Wonder of Adaptation
  10. Understanding Man’s Uniqueness
  11. Maintaining Boundaries
  12. Order, Organization, and Integration
  13. Patterns in Physiology
  14. The Unseen Hand

The book was edited by Dr. George F. Howe, Associate Editor, CRS. The forward was written by Dr. David Kaufman, Secretary, CRS. The monograph is recommended for the senior high to adult audience.


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