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Where’s the best evidence for the Creator? You don’t have to look far! In this new 16-part video series, Dr. David Menton, former anatomy teacher and professor of the year, gives you an insider’s look at the wonders of the human body.

You don’t have to look far to find the best evidence for the Creator. In fact, your eyes are a good starting point. Or go a little deeper and check out your heart, lungs, digestive system, bones, blood, and more. With a microscope, you’ll find a billion more powerful evidences that patrol your blood every day—your feisty white blood cells, which could only be the handiwork of a Master Designer.

Body of Evidence, a new 16-episode, 8-DVD series on anatomy and physiology, explores the wonders of the human body. Your expert guide is Dr. David Menton, loved worldwide for his humorous and insightful talks that leave audiences in hushed awe at the Creator’s wisdom.

An award-winning retired Professor Emeritus who served 34 years at the Washington University School of Medicine, Dr. Menton is joined by two high schoolers and employs an amazing collection of anatomical props, models, and microscopic images to teach them (and us) about God’s amazing designs for life.

Geared for teens and adults, Body of Evidence is an excellent resource for homeschool families, Christian school anatomy supplementation, or anyone who wants to show his skeptical friends some of the most amazing designs that point unmistakably to our Creator.

You’ll be astounded as you move from organs that you thought were familiar—like the kidney—to electron-microscope views of various complex structures, such as the glomerulus. These bizarre-looking cell structures filter your blood and remove salts, metabolic by-products, and other substances far more efficiently than any filter made by human engineers.

Discover how they accomplish this vital mission in concert with an array of blood vessels, hormones, “salt sinks,” and other ingeniously designed cells and processes.

As Dr. Menton often says, “The Lord thinks of everything.”

Learn how God designed your respiratory system so that air could be heated and filtered before entering your lungs. Somehow unwanted air particles must be trapped and removed. So God designed goblet cells in the upper respiratory tract to produce mucus, which traps particles.

God also designed millions of hair-like structures, called cilia, that line the tract and push the mucus up and out. But if the sticky mucus came into direct contact with the cilia, it would gunk up the cilia. So the wise Creator added a water-like substance to protect the cilia, maintaining just the right fluid level so that the mucus can float on top of the liquid.

Over 6.9 billion “bodies of evidence” are walking the earth right now, but many of them shut their eyes to any evidence for the Creator. Dr. Menton answers their frequent demand, “What’s the best evidence for the Creator?” with, “Whatever I’m currently looking at.”

The helpful images and engaging teaching in this unique new DVD series are sure to inspire awe, leaving no doubt about the origin of these wonders.

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