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on February 28, 2011

The opening of the season for nationwide homeschool conventions is fast approaching, and Answers in Genesis is excited to have representation at more than thirty locations this year! Many of these events featuring AiG speakers and/or exhibits now draw several thousand people.

In recent years, AiG has been steadily building our presence at homeschool conventions, and 2011 will be our biggest year yet. We will cover at least 21 states in the U.S. and two provinces in Canada. Several volunteers have taken extra time to train for helping at the conventions.

Ken Ham, president of Answers in Genesis, is scheduled to keynote seven conventions this season. He is one of the featured speakers in the four “Great Homeschool Conventions” (, which includes a convention in our “backyard” of Cincinnati as well as Memphis (March 3–5), Greenville, and Philadelphia. At other homeschool conventions, Ken will also be the keynote speaker in Atlanta, Georgia; Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; and Naperville (Chicago), Illinois.

We are also announcing that Adam Brown, a youth speaker with Answers in Genesis, will present the value of a Biblical Worldview and the Relevance of Genesis in the teen tracks in Chicago, Atlanta, Farmington Hills (Detroit, Michigan), and Montgomery (Alabama). He will also be speaking on the theme Dinosaurs and the Bible in the children’s programs in Houston, Nashville, Chattanooga (Tennessee), and Evansville (Indiana).

In addition to offering excellent Bible-upholding talks at these homeschool meetings, we will make our most popular curricula available for attendees to thumb through, along with many of our new DVDs, children’s books, and other apologetics resources. AiG is looking forward to providing homeschooling families with meaningful, valuable, and faith-building materials in order to equip the next generation to defend their faith with excellence!

AiG’s Educational Resources development team is continually providing valuable new curricula resources. Here is a short list of some of the items we will have on hand for homeschooling families to review and to consider implementing in their home education.

  • One of our most popular apologetics (Bible-defending) resources for children is the Answers for Kids Bible Curriculum. This course was designed for second to fifth grade students to establish a biblical foundation for their faith. Thirty lessons explain biblical history and give answers to some of the common questions Christians face.
  • Also available is the ever-popular Demolishing Strongholds resource. This DVD-based study challenges teens to engage their peers by confronting our secularly saturated culture with the truths of Scripture. By examining biblical authority and defining a biblical worldview, students are inspired to be God’s players in the “game called life,” as it’s sometimes phrased. Teens are also provided answers to potentially difficult questions about Christianity and the Bible.
  • Of course, we also recommend our full-color God’s Design for Science curriculum for a complete elementary science program based on the authority of God’s Word. God’s Design incorporates reading with hands-on activities, and it covers life chemistry and ecology, science, earth science, and physical science. This award-winner can be used with children of multiple ages. This curriculum is an unmatched best-seller at conventions with overwhelmingly positive testimonies from homeschooling moms.
  • We will also be carrying the one-of-a-kind History Revealed by Diana Waring for teaching middle and high school students to recognize God’s hand through the ages as He works out His plan through nations and individuals. By combining reading, listening, hands-on projects, timelines, and geography, world history comes alive for all students, no matter what their learning style. This study can be done with the whole family for a more meaningful understanding of our world history that begins at the beginning—Genesis 1:1.
  • Answers in Genesis also carries Answers for Preschoolers and several children’s books that can be used with younger children to build a solid foundation in biblical truths.
  • We offer an inductive Bible study of Genesis 1–11, It All Begins with Genesis, which is excellent for introducing a biblical worldview to your 10–13 year old.
  • Answers Academy uses operational science in biology, astronomy, and geology to reinforce biblical authority to high school age students. It includes a set of DVDs, including some by Ken Ham.
  • The Pilgrim’s Progress curriculum is a unique study with annotated Scripture references, character analyses, and unit study activities, which provide greater comprehension for all ages of Bunyan’s classic allegory.
  • And of course, we’ll have our most popular DVDs, books, and Answers magazine (with special offers available).

You can see all of these resources and many more at the thirty-plus homeschool conventions where Answers in Genesis will be present. Of course, you can also click on the links in the list above to order resources through our webstore. We look forward to meeting and encouraging homeschoolers around the U.S. and in Canada this season!


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