Getting Closer to Down Under


The good-natured rivalry between Aussies and Kiwis saw the two sides drawing closer last year—at least geographically. An earthquake in New Zealand—the country’s most powerful in 78 years—moved the south island 14 inches (35 cm) closer to Australia.*

Normally, continental plates move only about one inch or so per year, but this movement took place in mere seconds. Yet this rapid pace pales in comparison to the unstable conditions during the violent global Flood, when the earth’s plates moved at a rate of meters per second, according to models developed by creation geologists.


Answers Magazine

January – March 2010

Fossils are filled with mystery. They are commonly used to attack the biblical worldview, but in reality the Bible gives us the keys to help us solve these mysteries. How could recently discovered dinosaur tissue have survived until today? Why is the first fossil layer filled with such an astonishing variety of life (“the Cambrian Explosion”)? Read this issue to understand these and other mysteries of our world!

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