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“Evolution gene” proves evolution … or does it?


A new study, reported by ABC News in the US, says that evolution theory has been bolstered by a recent genetic discovery. ABC reports that mutations in “Hox genes” have been shown to stop the development of limbs, thus explaining radical changes in some animal bodies (including the alleged evolution of six-legged insects from multi-limbed crustaceans).

On the contrary, this study actually supports the creation model and the Curse of Genesis 3, for it shows how mutations can cause a loss of information (the opposite of “molecules-to-man” evolution). New, more complex creatures have not appeared!

It should be noted that AiG is no stranger to evolutionists claiming all sorts of magic for Hox genes. The recent PBS/SBS Evolution series claimed that Hox genes explained many problems in evolution. Dr David DeWitt’s full creationist response to the most recent evolutionary claim is coming soon! Dr DeWitt was mentioned in this ABC report.


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