Feces Give Clues to Confirm the origins of Native American Inhabitants


BBC News: “[Feces] hint at first Americans” Coprolites found in a cave in Oregon may confirm that all the original inhabitants of the Americas came from East Asia.

Writing in the journal Science, researchers describe coprolites—fossilized feces—that allegedly originate from just before the time of the Clovis culture. Many scientists believe the Clovis culture was the first culture in the Americas, yet many believe other cultures predated them. Will the dung settle the dispute?

The researchers have dated this to just over 14,000 years ago, just before dates for the Clovis culture.

Found near other signs of “ancient human occupation,” the coprolites contain a small amount of mitochondrial DNA (non-nuclear DNA almost always transmitted maternally). The researchers have dated this to just over 14,000 years ago, just before dates for the Clovis culture.

The mtDNA study also connected the cave’s residents to ethnic groups from Siberia and East Asia, adding to evidence that the Americas were settled through Siberia. That’s what’s most interesting to creationists, as it further buttresses the post-Babel model of all language/people groups dispersing from the Middle East, with some eventually making their way to Siberia, across a land bridge to the Americas, and spreading throughout the continents. We would dispute the dating, however, since these dates are based on presuppositions about DNA mutation rates, the origin of humankind, and archeological layers were Clovis culture artifacts have been found.

Of course, what’s most important is to recognize that the original inhabitants of the Americas, just like the original inhabitants of all the post-Flood continents, were descendants of Noah, dispersed from Babel, inheritors of sin and in need of a Savior—just like everyone reading this paragraph (and everyone who isn’t!).

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