Barbie Takes on a New Gender

on January 1, 2020
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The days of Barbie and Ken getting married and moving into their bright pink mansion are now a thing of the past. Last September, toy giant Mattel launched a line of gender-inclusive dolls.


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Toy manufacturer Mattel’s line of gender-inclusive dolls is yet another attempt to normalize the LGBT lifestyle.

The new line is called Creatable World. Each kit includes one doll and comes with clothing options, accessories, and wigs. The overarching idea is to allow children to style the doll with short hair or long hair, and dress it in a skirt, pants, or both. In short, children can choose to make the doll male or female.

“We absolutely fundamentally believed it was time to launch a doll line free of labels and free of rules for kids.”

“We see this line as an opportunity for us to open up that dialogue around what dolls are for and who dolls are for,” said Kim Culmone, senior vice president of Mattel Fashion Doll Design. “And also as the world begins to celebrate the positive impact of inclusivity, we absolutely fundamentally believed it was time to launch a doll line free of labels and free of rules for kids.”

Mattel consulted with pediatricians and other experts to ensure the doll was truly gender inclusive.

Culmone added “Through research, we heard that kids don’t want their toys dictated by gender norms. This line allows all kids to express themselves freely which is why it resonates so strongly with them.”

This is just another attempt by members of the LGBT community to make their lifestyles seem normal.

When we reject God’s Word as the ultimate authority to guide us, we’re left with no absolute standard, and moral chaos ensues as everyone does what’s right in his or her own eyes (Judges 21:25).

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