Ravens Are Evolving Into . . . Ravens

by Ken Ham
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As we’ve reported numerous times on our site, scientists have observed lizards evolving into lizards, salmon evolving into salmon, moths into moths, mice into mice, bedbugs into bedbugs; and more lizards into lizards! I must admit, the evidence that organisms evolve into organisms like themselves is pretty overwhelming! Of course, I say that tongue-in-cheek, but examples of adaptation, speciation, and natural selection are used over and over again as evidence for molecules-to-man evolution—but they’re not!

What they really show are examples of what God’s Word teaches—everything reproduces according to their kinds. Lizards produce lizards, salmon produce salmon, moths produce moths, mice produce mice, and bedbugs produce bedbugs! And, according to a new study, ravens produce—you guessed it—ravens!

What scientists have observed in the ravens is “speciation reversal” or what’s called “reticulate evolution” (which has been observed in other species as well). Based on DNA samples collected for two decades, scientists observe that North American common ravens are split into three genetically distinct groups, but two of these groups are melding back into one due to interbreeding between two of the lineages.

Organisms within a kind can reproduce with one another so it’s not surprising to see these raven species interbreeding and “messing up” the lineages within just a few decades.

Studies like this show that what makes a “species” (a modern, man-made term) is not clear-cut. One researcher says, “It gets at just how hard it is to answer seemingly simple questions like ‘What is a species?’”

But raven populations and lineages interbreeding are not surprising to biblical creationists. All three raven lineages belong to the same created kind. According to research, the biblical kind is usually (though not always) at the level of family in our modern taxonomic classification system. Organisms within a kind can reproduce with one another so it’s not surprising to see these raven species interbreeding and “messing up” the lineages within just a few decades. (Incidentally, due to numerous factors such as mutations, geography, preference, and so on, some members of a kind will not interbreed).

If you’d like to learn more about biblical kinds and what genetics teaches us about creation, including testable scientific predictions regarding genetics and speciation, I encourage you to read the new book Replacing Darwin by Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson (who has a PhD from Harvard). Replacing Darwin is available from our online store.

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This item was written with the assistance of AiG’s research team.

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