My favourite Evidence for Creation!

Kurt Wise, Ph.D. (United States)

The evidence from Scripture is by far the best evidence for creation.

Kurt Wise, PhD., Assistant Professor of Science, Department of Mathematics and Natural Science, Bryan College, Dayton, Tennessee.

The evidence from Scripture is by far the best evidence for creation. No better evidence can be imagined than that provided from Him who is not only the only eyewitness observer, but who also is the embodiment of all truth. All Christians should be content in His claims for creation. There are those, however, who reject the authority of the Scriptures.

I believe that the best extra-biblical evidence for creation would come from the design of organisms past and present. The schizochroal compound eye of the trilobite (a horseshoe crab-like organism of the past), for example, contains the only known lens in the biological world which corrects for focusing problems that result from using non-flexible lenses. The designs of the schizochroal lenses, in fact, are the very same designs that man himself has developed to correct for the same problems. Furthermore, the design of the schizochroal eye combines this optimum focusing capability with the optimum sensitivity to motion provided by the compound eye as well as the stereoscopic (3-D) vision provided by closely spaced eyes.

The design of the schizochroal eye makes it unique among eyes; perhaps even to the point of being the best optical system known in the biological world. This design, in fact, seems to far exceed the needs of the trilobite. The origin of the design of the schizochroal eye is not understood by means of any known natural cause. Rather, it is best understood as being due to an intelligent (design-creating) cause, through a process involving remarkably high manipulative ability. Among available hypotheses, creation by God is the most reasonable hypothesis for the origin of the complexity of the trilobite’s schizochroal eye.

Dr. Wise’s doctoral degree in palaeontology was completed at Harvard under Professor Stephen Jay Gould. See also his Interview in Creation magazine.)

“My favourite evidence for creation!”, Creation Ex Nihilo, Sept.-Nov. 1989, Vol. 11 No. 4, p. 29


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