Human-Only Genes: "Speedy" Evolution?


According to a study published in Nature, scientists believe they have found a gene sequence (HAR1, for those of you taking notes) whose evolution resulted in a tripling of the brain capacity of humans, thus distinguishing our mental abilities from chimpanzees.

For evolutionists, this is exciting news. For instance, the AP report on the find quotes Andrew Clark, a molecular biologist from Cornell University, as commenting that the news is “terrifically exciting”-although, interestingly enough, Clark “has a hard time believing it” because the gene has evolved (supposedly) so quickly relative to what evolutionists expect, based on commonly accepted rates of mutations. How quickly? Seventy times faster than all of our other genes, according to evolutionists.

Evolutionists must increasingly accommodate their theories to the contrary evidence

A few important notes on this bit of news. First, the entire method by which scientists determine that these genes have “evolved” is based on circular reasoning. Basically, scientists compare the genetic code of humans with other mammals. Differences are then chalked up to evolution, period; the only “evidence” to show that these genes actually evolved is just the presupposition that our genetic code came from chimps. Second, the differences line up with what we would expect-God created our torsos and limbs to be fairly simliar to those of chimpanzees, whereas our minds were created to be less similar.

Finally, this is yet another find that upsets the traditional view of evolution-that slow, gradual changes produced all of life's diversity. Evolutionists must increasingly accommodate their theories to the contrary evidence, which is what originally led to Darwinism replacements, such as punctuated equilibria and neo-Darwinism.

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