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on ; last featured March 25, 2017

It’s incredible to stop and think that the Creator of the universe, who has infinite power and resources, has chosen to use us to spread His message across the world. It truly is an immense privilege to be part of what God is doing. At Answers in Genesis, we get to be a part of His mission to strengthen the church with solid answers to the skeptical questions of our time. We also participate in the Great Commission (Matthew 28) as we share the life-changing message of the gospel with people around the world.

And you can be part of the ministry of Answers in Genesis by partnering with us. There are many different ways you can give, such as by praying, volunteering, or making a one-time donation. But another way is through planned giving. Here’s just one of many different planned giving options for US supporters of AiG: a bargain sale.

If you have 1) a property you would like to sell and 2) would like an income tax deduction, this is a great giving option. Here’s how it works according to the government: you sell your property—home, farm, cottage, empty acreage, and so on—to Answers in Genesis for less than the fair market value of the land. You receive cash from the sale as well as a charitable deduction for the difference between what you sold it for and the market value. The charitable deduction will offset some or all of the taxes owing on the sale. You can then use the cash from the sale to invest, save for retirement, buy another property, or anything else. Best of all, you will have invested in God’s mission to strengthen the church and spread the gospel message.

If you would like to join with us financially in serving the Lord, visit


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