Establish a Legacy That Will Live on in Changed Hearts

on ; last featured June 17, 2017

Many Christians desire to leave a legacy so that, through their gift, future generations can learn of the Lord and what He has done for us. This is one way of thanking God for His blessing and goodness to us our whole lives.

One way that our supporters can leave a lasting legacy, and even save on taxes, is by giving a home (your principal residence, second home, or vacation home), farm, or other residential property to Answers in Genesis. There are two different ways you can do this in the United States.

  1. Transfer your home to AiG now. This option is called a “life estate agreement,” and is especially helpful if you are facing a burdensome income tax this year. By transferring the home to AiG, you will save on income tax, likely for several years, and you will be able to continue using your home for life.
  2. Give proceeds of property sales to AiG. This option is ideal if you are downsizing. If your current home has appreciated in value (beyond the principal residence exclusion from taxation), when you sell you may face a heavy tax burden. However if you gift some of the proceeds to Answers in Genesis, you will substantially reduce your income tax liability. Alternatively, you can achieve a similar tax-saving result by gifting an undivided interest in the property to AiG, prior to selling the home.

Planned giving ideas like these are creative ways to support the Lord’s work with a portion of what He has given to us. By making such a gift, you will be establishing a legacy that will live on in hearts that have been touched and changed by the power of the gospel and the message of biblical authority.

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